Sunday, December 29, 2013

We Are Not Entertained!

Well I have been bored lately, the lack of momentum is killing us nerfers to the point that we are all going mad, making us come up with weird conspiracies about Bitcoin.....

Giving us harsh realizations that our fathers had more fun than we did...

And downright forsaking Christmas like everyone else did this year.  But here is a light of hope! A review Video of the Mega Magnus compared to the awesome power of 2 of my standard loadout blasters, Yay!!

So what do I think? day 3 owning one all I gotta say is...I have to take it to a meet to find out!



Friday, December 6, 2013

Life Is A Bitch, Then You Crossfire!

Lack of money, family being "family" making no place for me to seriously mod, death of family and friends, procrastination of Orange Mod Works Stage 2/3 kit (although I love the stage 2) and lack of Nerf events between friends cause my lack of posts.  But thank you for still seriously reading anyways, you guys are great!

So lets Start here, what am I curious about right now?

This one.....

Woke me out of coma, why?
Well you always get scoops here that go beyond new products and trendy looks and you bet this is a good one for modders.

If it is a Firestrike Plant, meaning uses a Firestrike piston and a Firestrike/Pink Crush plunger tube then quite possibly you could kill with this think since I have the springwork and plunger system worked out already to pull serious above 120 flat range with a Firestrike, just look.
Next, picture the repeater system on a Triad, I know from experience I can brass those barrels, like as seen here....

Now take this green crossbow beast and throw 4 17/32nds barrels, and you have a Mega Springger Hyper-gun possibly capable of a 120-130 feet PTG average with peaks in 140-150 land.  Wow how exciting!!  If the internals are nice, maybe more than even one of these....

But if built like a Roughcut...Not a chance in hell, exciting ain't it?  

Oh and BTW, I told you all so  about Bitcoin, yay for MtGox, Greenspan and China for dropping it $650 as of this writing :)  


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

R-Spec Retaliator Production Notes.

With the upcomming Stage 2 kits and other sealed breach blaster kits (maybe your own) coming out.  This Mod formula might be useful to get the most out of it.  What you have to understand is that blasters like the Longshot have larger Plunger Tubes.  This means if it is airtight, it will have more resistance because the o ring has more surface area to slow down the piston and go slower.  The upshot, of course is that a larger diameter piston moves more air, exponentially more air.

With a Retaliator, you do not have that luxury, the diameter is small and you have to make the most of it.  In Retaliator terms roughly

10Kg's Longshot = 16Kg's Retaliator with the same mods.

Or, given a stock bolt assembily...

(More air, Less pressure/Time"a" = Force "a") = (Less air, More pressure/Time"a"= Force "a")

Or in a sealed breach system...

More air, Less pressure/Longer barrel  = Force "a" = Less Air, More pressure/Shorter barrel

Now I have never made a 16 Kg Retaliator, so mine more like...

10Kg Longshot = 14Kg Retaliator, why?

In a couple of words, if your into that whole brievety thing, craftsmanship and details. If not, that piston needs to be airtight yet not so much it is pushing on the plunger tube.  But because smaller o ring means smaller drag footprint, this is possible and this is the concept of the R-Spec Lineup.   These blasters work on the concept of less piston volume but more force.  The downside is a harder cocking effort, the upside, small blasters that make people fucking run away and a fun challenge.

So here are the production notes as I wrote in Facebook to a friend that wanted to know how to build one.

  1. *Stage 2 OMW kit has a plunger, I haven't used it or tested it but it can probably take as much stress as an Xplorer replacemet piston which I use.

    * Take the stage 1 trigger catch, file both sides down 1/2 a mm, but not the inside that touches the trigger.

    * Use a OMW trigger catch spring on the trigger catch spring and a metal trigger catch from ...OMW.

    *Make sure you have an airtight plunger by wrapping the plunger 2-3 times with Teflon tape, 8-10 if using explorer piston and use lithium grease, it might take a number of firings to break it in, but it is worth it. The goal is airtight but free flowing with little resistance.

    * Wrap the o-ring 3 times under and then 3 times over on the bolt, this does 2 things, airtight bolt assembly and keeps the o-ring from popping off in battle.

    *If ever found loose, remove the o ring on the piston and put 2 more windings of Teflon tape over it and replace the o ring with some new lithium grease.

    *Take out the mid prime lock on the bolt sled OR ELSE and put a OMW trigger catch spring on the trigger lock cam. If you don't want a trigger lock, break off the finger on the trigger going to it.

    * Use an XTM racing 107x1.7 mm spring, yellow is easier, recommended, but if you get black and trim off 1 coil, you have 14 Kg's but it's a little hard to break in.. File the I.D. of the retaliator on both sides to fit the spring. I believe it is 11/16ths, but I could be wrong.

    * If you Chaff the composite piston catchface, and you will, take a fine flat file (I bought mine at sears) and file it at the face where the trigger catch meets. You will do this quite a bit but it repairs a catch nicely.  This trick does not work with ABS and proves why a $20 Xplorer Plunger is worth the dough.

    * The blaster tends to dive with a normal Nerf Retaliator bolt, but aimed flat as the dart flies 90-100 is average peaking around 110-115, but you gotta play with it a bit to get there. It is intended without a barrel attachment.

    Difficulty: 9.2 out of 10, can you tell me why?  Comments, comments....


Monday, October 14, 2013

Stage 2/3 Retaliator Kits Delayed Again....But Pics Help? I......Think?

Ahh man, my dreams of Retaliator bliss smashed again temporary when I went on  facebook today and woke up to this on the Orange Mod Works forum.  Much to the appeasement of some of my friends who take over parks and have big wars that think some of my blasters are too powerful for their wars already.

  1. Retaliator Stage 2:

    Breech has been modified and reinforced. We had a delay in receiving the new fixed breech but it tested nicely. Boltsled, Plunger Rod and Triggers are all good to go.

    We now move into Assembly & Packaging, shipping will start as early as next week.

    Strongarm Final Stage:
    Slam Fire Catch has been modified and reinforced. Plunger Rod and Trigger Catch are good to go. Although we did what we could with the Slam Fire Catch, it will still be difficult to slam fire due to higher spring tension. The new modified catch improved durability and smooth the operation a bit but it will still be difficult to execute.

    We are currently polishing the trigger, which will be delayed until 11/18. Therefore, we have decided to ship all pre-orders first without it and ship triggers separately when they are done.

    Retaliator Stage 3:

    This kit was flawless until we decided to mess around with the breech (doh!). Now we have to modify the sealed breech chamber so that it will properly work with the new breech design.

    This kit will be delayed until 11/8.

    So here is what the shipping schedule will look like:

    10/23~10/30: Retaliator Stage 2 & Strongarm Final Stage
    11/11~11/13: Retaliator Stage 3
    11/18: All Strongarm Triggers"

    But look at it, the breach (not the barrel) looks alot like...himm someone elses....

    Now put in mind, this is a make or break kit for Orange Mod Works.  A commercially available sealed breach kit with the low price of $50-60 more coupled with a more powerful spring would not only potentially bring the Retaliator to another level of above most modders can do without a mod kit, it would also be a good alternative to a Longshot, well most anyhow.  

    And since they don't make longshots anymore since 2009, Remedy Metals bit the dust and any great Longshot kit costs upwards of $200-400 USD, this has "Nerf product of the year" potential. 

    I don't have one yet, I can't quote exact numbers, I can only say a flat range in theory what is possible. But an R-Spec Retaliator wastes most of it's energy because the dart is only pushed tightly by the last half inch of the bolt, the rest is around 17/32nds I.D. and loose.  Even with a 14 Kg spring, it will ONLY pull an average of 95-100 feet peaking at 110-115 with new darts.  100 Flat is common with this blaster which took much of the year developing it into a reliable holstered sidearm.

    Now with a sealed breach, if properly done, the same blaster could concievably go Ultra Match Firestrike Ranges, but as a repeater.  Xplorer's kits already do that and do that well, but I never had one to try it.  This is epic, but will is be as professional as Xplorer's kits?

    Well they are trying to make the "kits" professional Orange Mod Works is anyways, their office...I can only imagine.  Low morale, long hours, complaints everywhere about the delays. Trying not to go the way of Pak-D in an industry that is hard to work in, convince people what you have is great, kids that don't understand that a good product costs money and so does quality labor and commissions.  And then you have smart asses like me making jokes like this......

    All in good taste guys, but my entire Nerf season since after HvZ in July has been a buzzkill wishing and hoping and praying I will get these kits!  Even with the Insane Firestrike's I make, not that motivated to play knowing the heat is on it's way....someday...someday....opps, we need another 2 weeks : (

    Pouty again campers, but we will overcome!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Magnus Not A Single Shot? You Gotta Be Kidding!

There is no way this can be a 3 shot internal mag pistol, no way.

Not to mention, it looks too much like this pistol, and we all know it has no internal mags, the Sidestrike.

Also earlier I saw this on the Facebook forum, it would seem just enough room for 2 extra darts, good point but.....
Think about this?

A.  If it was mag fed, why not just use a 6 round clip instead, make it interchangable and...

B.  This would indicate no room for spring slack or for the spring plate which a Nerf Elite mag needs 2 inches of space which I do not see room for.

Yea I think it's "Comes with 3 Darts" Just like the Firestrike instead of "3 dart magazine," the Hasbro Rumor machine at it agian

Never have I heard such courageous speculation on a given Nerf blaster line than the Mega Elite series and I do not think it is anyone's fault but Hasbro.  They aren't "that" great, I totally believe the first we heard from My Last Dart, who otherwise has excellent scoops and a much more professional blog than me was intended to be a plant from Hasbro P.R.  Get everyone talking about the Centurion, break out pre release demos, without the slits in the pistons, generate some hype.  And we were hyped, then let down, who pays for it?  We the blogger, we the consumer, we the modders.

In this case, it is to promote their items, what are they are doing instead? demoting the credibility of the Mega Elite line.

I do the same thing inadvertently sometimes, anyone remember the Hammershot, busy with Research and Designing 2, 16 Kg Ultra Match pistols before sending them to the Owner of Xplorer, I took a break and Modded a Hammershot. Got mad range with the brand new darts, first shot flew, measuring where it landed after the fact.  I could do so because I remember well because it landed on an oil stain in the street, 91 feet, 2 inches, but it doesn't matter, it was not sustainable.  So I said "oh great" put it away and figured that was that.

Well I posted it where it sat and got hell for it in the NIC because after 25 shots in one day I made that the published range....without any more tests, stupid.  And because it wasn't sustainable and they knew it, they were right.  Totally irresponsible of me, consistently it can pull 70-80 flat, awesome still, keep the mods that make it do 90 feet, spring takes a set and shoots 70's.

Time to start a new plan of attack Hasbro as I have about blasters I do not commonly battle test day in, day out, rumor control and honesty when a mistake or assumption is made rather than saying "It's all good."  

Remember this haughting quote that taught me the limits of corporate, marketing, there are none!

"Build it anyways, Those fucking kids, they'll buy anything!"  Micheal Eisner, July 1986, boardroom staff meeting.

The quote is believed to be about merchandising at the future Euro Disney.  Frank Wells argued that France would not approve of the same merchandise made for theme parks in America and Japan, He was right!


Friday, October 11, 2013

My Mean Battle Loadout (Batbelt Array 3.0)

Yes, sorta pouty looking, best friends Dad is dying, slowly, sorry.

The belt rig is the Batbelt Version 3.0 by of course, Cartaya Mod Works.  So is this pistol it clasps in with Neodymium Magnets.
The Belt is made for instant access to all Nerf gear required for battle.

It is non-restrictive at arms reach and easy to use, I like it much better than a vest as it promotes freer use of the body during battle.  I do wish a company would pick up my idea and manufacture it, maybe pay me a small royalty and let me help them design other things.

The other thing I would like to point out is...

My pistols, able to deal out foam as far as 120-130 average Flat feet with a peak as high as 150.  Now are they as stable as lets say an Xplorer Xarrett?  No, but in pistol range you don't need it.   I would also love it if a company would help me with a parts kit and only pay me a small royalty for designing them, my first choice is of course Xplorer, love that company.  Dninja Heng, who owns explorer has such a positive and inventive spirit.  I don't want to work with crooks or matchstick men.  He bought a couple a couple months back, but maybe it is not his cup of tea.  The draw is hard, the higher yields are higher maintenance, but I finally made a single spring model, the last one on the right.  

They are from left to right.

Stage 1 12 Kg, R-Spec Ultra Match $59.99

Stage 2 R-Spec Ultra Match ZDS 18 Kg $99.99, 16Kg Version  $89.99

Rebelle Yell ZDS 16 Kg, $59.99

And the R-Spec ZDS, just finished today, 11 Kg, $34.99 

Tomorrow I will show you the New R-Spec Tagger, 75-85 flat and the bruises it leaves, OUCH!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This Is Why I Mod Mainly Pistols

I have been modding Recons, Retaliators, Firestrikes, Triads, Reflexes, and anything thrown my way since 2008.  In an novice sense, since i was 10, that would be 1985.  Much has happened, blasters got clipfed, Larami's Super Soaker line being bought out, I dare say it, the "Second best" revolution Nerf ever saw and the departure from huge darts (that they had to be) to more tactical micro darts and later streamlines being the mainstay.

The third best revolution was clipfed...

The first being the proliferation of modding and how professional it has become.  Not just companies, but individuals like me and many others.

So the question always looms, every week at least one person asks it, "Why not a modded longshot Cartaya."   Everyone knows I "Can" mod one, it's in my abilities, but I mod weapons I use and test in battle,  and to be honest, I just don't need one. Years of pistol use, firearms training and personal tactical gear development make me more acustom to pistols and less evasive designs of Nerf blasters.

I have trained myself to be a more resourceful player, not dependent on a high rate of fire, electric blasters. Endorsing the use of easy, quick and ample supply of backups and spare magazines full of ammo.   Above average ranges, some call outrageous, others confirm in reviews and others still, victims. But not power over usability.

And then I thought it out, THAT'S IT!,  My real purpose of Modding,  Battle supremacy!

* I find too many clumsy stickings with players fucking around with the bolts of the Longshot and Longstrikes, who jam the magazines and fail to prime them when the time is right.  I have yet to play with a really great Magfed Longshot player who truely had so much better range he could beat me or had the jump on me.  I am sure an Xplorer longshot would be different, but then again Basic Nerf would ban that from his wars like customs ban Cuban Cigars.

*I Hear the roar of spinup motors and get the jump on players dependent of batteries, unless I am cornered, surprised, or all my team is dead, a full auto victory against Cartaya is Scarce.  Even people with Rapidstrikes run from my, hehe....Firestrikes : )

Yeah, I got some hot Firestrikes, but a Longshot that could do as long of ranges and clipfeds are better.  Yeah, a Retaliator that has done 110 flat is nice, a good longshot can do 120- 160 flat, but a smaller package I have found is worth the sacrifice in range.  Not to mention, always catches them by surprise when they think it is nothing more than a "Shit-Taliator."

Does anyone understand that I am not after the longest range, I am after the best configuration?

Range is a Byproduct, I have great ranges for what I mod but I think for example.....

....A Super Veloce Retaliator is the most Genius mod I ever came up with. Simple, to the point 90 ish flat average range and only requires 3 new parts that cost $14, very effective weapon in battle that makes Zombies run away and I have nailed people with it from 160 feet away!.  Just today someone mentioned it on a post on Facebook, it made my day, seriously.

Well gotta go to bed, peace.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Natives Are Restless.

Life Begins October 14th! Should have a review by the 25th  14Kg R-Spec Plant, 7 inches of sealed breach, Cartaya is modding it, which automatically means LOOK OUT!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No More Monetized Vids And a Few Business Changes.

Not worth it man, I was running that for awhile just to see what kinda money I can make on the side and it's not worth the trouble.  I mean I am a struggling Nerf modder, on a fixed income, I want to give my audience the best I have, right?  Then why monetize vids, ads are annoying, Esecially people who just see my vids for the first time where the quality imagewise is ok, but the content is good.  So I am going though em, losing the ads and a few more things about doing business with me.

* To pay for a blaster, deposit up front (price of blaster) and shipping calculated and you pay that too, you must pay both to get the blaster.

* In person it will be cash up front, no exceptions, too many people owe me money and I hate having to ask people if they have money they owe me.

*Friend Discount is 10%, no more, no less, unless it's a used blaster, then I will deal.

*I....DO.....NOT....PAINT.....BLASTERS! It's actually a belief that I have not to, But feel free to if you want to.

*If you own one of my blasters you can mod it further to suit, just don't blame me if you fuck it up.

*The Price you pay is the price I get after paypal, not what you pay paypal.

*Some blasters do not have a how to vid.  Reasons possible is A. Confidentiality reasons such as selling the idea to another company.  B. Prototype and uncertianty about sustained performance and durability (e.g. Hammershot article).  C. Dangerous.

Well just a quick update, that's all for now.  I should have them all unmonetized by the end of the week.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Update On The Pink Crush Mod, "Rebelle Yell - ZDS"

Flat Range - 135 peak, 110-120 average.

Arched Range @ 5 Degrees 140-150 average @ 30 degrees peak 194 feet

All measurements with Kobalt 300 foot tape measure. 5 MPH or so wind from the east shooting due south.

Average depends highly on the darts, the same darts that pull peak usually continue to do so until they wear. The Rebelle darts are exclellent for this blaster, as are the elites, but for some reason the ZombieStrike darts tend to misfire alot in long brass barrels.

See You In Disneyland.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Did The Little Womenfolk Get A Better Firestrike?

My friend made this work of art for my 38th birthday, which we then gleefully ate!

On my birthday, I had a tooth pulled, it was a root of a wisdom tooth they missed when I was 16, and I am doing, I got bored decided to make one of these and came upon a grim discovery....

It's actually better than a Firestrike!

Ok bad news first, It's still a snap ratchet plunger head that you need to epoxy to make it work and let it dry overnight. You'll also need to cut down 1 coil off an 8 Kg Swarmfire spring and a Black Tactical V1 Retaliator spring to pull it off (don't wuss and use a strongarm spring !). Not an easy feat considering that is hardened steel, and perferably facing the Plunger head because of the 3 dimensional plastic Spring catch that is not just on the top shell, but the grip too makes less space in the plunger tube for a spring.   

.....WAIT! what did I just say? let me repeat myself..... 

 "3 dimensional plastic spring catch that is not just on the top shell, but the grip too....."  Instead of a flat piece of plastic, the girls get a proper spring stop. Other things worth quotes and all caps......   

"The plunger tube is the same BUT IT CAN BE SCREWED IN LIKE AN EX-6 ELEMENT." 

"The top shell can be undone WITHOUT UNDOING ANYTHING ELSE!."  



"The Accessory rail can be removed IN ONE PIECE! keeping anything you end up having glued/mounted to it intact every time you take it apart.

Testing it out for a few days, so far I have H3 side window @ 100 feet in moderate wind and still accurate.  Ranges simular to Ultra Match Firestrike, but more accurate.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Tek Recon, Not Bad For An Upstart, But........

I was killing time at a Toys R Us before helping my best friends Dad make a Dialysis appointment and I spotted these AND AMMO, FINALLY!  A few gripes, mainly packaging, but not bad for a DAO shooting system. One hand fire without priming, no motor spinup and high capacity are the pluses.  Smaller Ammo, Harder to call hits and less range a minus, but overall the concept is bitching, time to make a snap holster for 2 of these!

This is what I think before i buy em, what will I say afterwards?  Stay tuned!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Centurion Autopsy.

I took apart the mean red blaster and found it rather odd.  It just doesn't look like Hasbro designed it, I'm sure they did but it is still weird in some ways, cool in others.

Like for example, the piston block, all glued together, but you can easily take out the AR by unscrewing 3 screws. The block itself, well it's all one solid piece, what are they trying to keep us from doing?  Kill a human?  Probably.  So here's the vids to start, long, unedited, to the grit info, there is no ego here.  And oh yes, you don't have to mess with the gear box to take it down as others have.  

Know this! That this blaster now is in working order, shoots around 70-80 drift but I perfer my Retaliators even if these Mega Darts are one hit kills rather than 3 at some wars.  Truth be told THEY ARE SLOW!!!!
Too easy to dodge.  As for feeding, yeah, folded the darts until i used Pledge on a dart, left it in the blaster overnight,!

But this takes the cake, this is what happens when people pick on me in forums, Partly my fault for running on facebook every time I got a great range without breaking out a tape measure every time. Also for assuming the Hammershot spring mod would hold it's range at 90 flat and not take a set.  But honestly they (meaning not all of them, some) would have kept bitchin about something.  The drama started with the R-Spec Retaliator, ended with the R-Spec Retaliator.   It's a crappy vid, 144p, but on my budget it's all I got.  Warning, I have a prissy attituude in this vid.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Surprise Of The Month, The Nerf Hammershot!

Wow am I gassed at this one,  The Hammershot.  Why exactly?  Because I got one to shoot 90 flat with Elites, at one point at least.  It is a Very easy blaster to mod and only needs 3 things to get there.

1. A Pre-Compression spacer for the spring.
2. A Spacer in front of the 5 Shot cylinder to push it against the Plunger Tube
3. To glue back the AR, but don't take it out or else you lose 10' flat.

So lets get down to it....

 First off, you need a buffer to push it against the plunger tube, a Retaliator sized O-Ring can work or putting in 1/4 inch of junked Elite dart which makes better compression for our next step...

Take a Pair of plyers, file off 1mm of the AR tooth, turn it iin 90 degrees and glue it back with superglue. after that..
 Get yourself .55 inches of 1/2 inch brass/cpvc, nylon and make a spacer, but be careful, that spring is hard to put back in.
Here it is at full compression!

Now here is the mystery, the more you do with this blaster, the worse it gets!  At this point with Zombie Strike Dart I had 90ish flat, however when I tried again i could only get it to 75 at most.  As soon as you teflon tape the Plunger head, take out the AR, you loose speed.  Also, my main one is backed off right now because this is very hard to prime, even for a big guy like me.  So right now I am pulling 60-70 with a 3/8ths Nylon spacer, and I am fine with that.

But one more surprise!

The holes in the accessory rail make my favorite scope a simple,drop in accessory, a 1x30mm B-style red dot sight, is that tacticool or what.!

 My favorite Nerf revolver EVER!

Until then's stronger than it looks!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Failure To Launch.

Why won't any Nerf meets take off any more?  I started one yesterday, out of my busy days, and nobody showed.  Sure, I had no promises, I didn't feel bad, I though the lady with the cat in the baby carrage who sounded like a Man when I told her/him/it the cat was cute was facinating.  And also the guy from the city of Marina Del Rey all the sudden putting up 90 minute parking limit enforced daily signs up (free parking at the beach, hard to find) to be interesting as well since by some chance, he changed oyt the parking signs at Chace park that very day I was there trying to start a NIC war!

I am glad nobody showed, one, parking limits changed overnight and two, because the people at the park were a little...well weirder than even me!  It's a great park, nice layout, multi terrain, even a small tunnel, in the Marina where there are even docks at the park to boat slips.  I didn't mind being stuck there a few hours to wait for people.

Still however, it has become harder to start a game as of late.  I remember the good ole days where me and 3 of my punk friends would buy plastic disk blasters and play Spy Vs Spy al the while avoiding the mall cops!  It was so easy, here's the guns, lets play.  But now a days, there is always a hitch, some moron who tags a bystandard with a singled Titan, heavy rules and regulations, mod limits, and finding a good park to play in.  Let alone every one elses itinerary getting in the way trying to find a day common off to play.  And I did sorta tell everyone last minute.

Ahh well I will post my next game on here and FB next time much more ahead of time.



Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Dart Dillema.

So as you know, some of my blasters are Nazi. And as you can imagine, they do better with stephan type darts however, I have never stocked them for a simple reason, they are not backwardly compatible with stock Nerf blasters.  Now why is that an issue? Well if you play with leagues and many are counting on you to bring darts for many to play, changing your standard dart system is a rather complicated issue because it is not just about what you bring to battle, it's what they do as well.

This is the first I have brought this up to anyone, I have my firestrikes, all are Brassed, I have a Stage 2 Triad that used 12kg springs and if i am lucky, the new Stage 2/3 Reatliator kits might work with stephans.  Since I mainly battle  with a Triad/Firestrike/Retaliator setup with VERY few exceptions, 1000 or so PAK-D Stephans might be a good choice while keeping around a couple hundred Elites for backward compatibility.  It seems logical right?  And I am sure the Performance will be more consistent and better.  But what do you suggest?  PAK-D's  Superdomes?  I mean what?

Will people bitch? Stay Tuned? I have always been one to try to raise the bar, but will be going too far?


Friday, August 9, 2013

The New Shit Is In the Shiznett!!

And I couldn't be happier, going to TRU today I saw this swag!

Yes yes oh happy day, now if only OMW would move it on the kits, I would be a happy Pand-ee.

And they had it's fancier but not as easy to mega mod brother thee....Rampage!!!!

But if that is not cool enough, they have in this series....a....HAIL-FIRE!!! Now I might acutally buy this one, I sold my old Hail-fire out of discombobulation and near manic bordom, but hey, worth another shot!

And they have the New Rebelle stuff, it's pretty cool when you see it packaged and imagine a world where cute little women shoot each other with Nerf darts all day long if you think about it.  My second thought, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I WAS GROWING UP, I NEEDED A GIRLFRIEND LIKE THAT when i was 8!!!

But for now, they're Cheaper than Oakleys!

More laterz after Chris makes you rub the lotion on the skin or else you get the hose again!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Down With Big Red Part 1

So are you afraid? Having nightmares about the big red blaster shooting you with some Krazed schoolkid behind the trigger?

Well fear no more because for Fall and the rest of Summer we are gonna teach you how to beat zeee Centurion with a little crowning jewel of wisdom we like to call "Centurion Dominance"!

With all the new shit coming out like the stage 2 OMW retaliator kits and the already out R-Spec Retaliator, Firestrike and Triad.  We will beat those red ruskies!!!

With that tutorials of how to make the Enitre R-Spec Line, both stage 1 and stage 2, that will well surpass a Centurion for range.  And today I just wanna start out with this!



Sunday, August 4, 2013

Does "Rebelle" Mean "Repaint" To Hasbro?

Maybe to some people, I mean look at this Speedswarm copy, the Nerf Powerbelle, is this a sign of things to come?

And it looks like a fucking purse is included.  I like what Ferris Said in her first take on the Rebelle line, that design needs to be made for women to begin with, mag catches, the grips, the trigger pulls, everything, this is hardly it!

One thing is for sure, with these repainted darts, if I get hit, I can be sure to know I was hit by either a Girl, or a really fairy looking guy if i pick up the darts and they are these....

A real lady warrior would never fight with such crap!  I am sorry, and I think the little women who buy these are all gonna get teased!

Time to put my own head in the toilet and flush it until I puke!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where Art Thou Mega Elite Darts!

After Hasbro murderized the Nerf Centurion by having some guy in the back cut slits in the piston of each one, only one thing potentially stands good about the whole ordeal, the darts!

Imagine if you will WATHUD!!! as 1 inch of rubber tip slams into you and your ego!  I want this! Maybe some scotch 713 tape on the outside of the tip and land it into a brass barrel the same I.D, of oh...lets say..a Titan?  Panther?   Range Master, ahh hell a 650 cobra shitblaster with a big ass pipe on it!!! lets go kill!!!!

But one problem!  They are not in stores!!!  FUCK!!!  Why!

I see the Centurions...But no darts but what comes with it.  Who the hell is gonna wanna drop 50 bucks on a blaster you can't even get ammo for yet?   I mean when I shop for a blaster, I am looking for a serious shooting platform without x-tra ammo, what is the point.

But mostly I wanna take some Air engines and start JFKing my friends!  Will they still be my friends?



Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Remember....

....When I started playing Nerf and all I wanted to do was win and then...I started winning big, liked the attention from people I beat, shook the hands as a good sport when I lost because the ones who did win won by clever tactics, excellent gameplay and/or a great level of skill.

But then I started thinking...

Me winning big means I am not doing enough for others because as a good tactical player, I want that for others too.  When I can't get others up to my level, I start feeling like I am not spending enough time with them, teaching them the ropes.  This is not true with the Norwalk leauge, well actually, maybe it is to a degree.  Anthony started selling his blasters, his great blasters, my favorite modder, because he does not have room, why didn't he just ask me to store them!  I would have!  But no, I am a fucking lacky!  Another favorite modder, Kyle, closer friend, hasn't seen me in 2 or so weeks since my life is so crazy and there it is, all those hard feelings, self pity, starts adding up!

Even harder when I go to a meet and win every round but the last round, Gunslinger heaven.  Yes I won all 3, but the last round I was like "WHAT! DID I WIN AGAIN, FUCK!" (goddamn me to hell, fuck I need to do better).  No not me do better, I didn't give a shit that I won, I menat "me" do better teaching these kids to ace other opponents!

What I am saying is that it is not all about winning, it's about making our fair sport better and please sign this, Hasbro needs to go down a few pegs!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I made it though 2013 HvZ untagged and with my 3x5 card intact.   I waited for this moment, that came sooner than I thought, walking out of an HvZ game unscaved.  I thought it would take years! No it came at my 2nd game, but it didn't feel as great as I had hoped.

Since the admins were "sneaky sneaky sir" we all died.  I was like "to hell if we lose or win, I will help the humans win, but i just want the satisfaction of the zeds could not get me."  So you can imagine, I was like "ok, nobody tagged me, but we lost."  I felt better when I got 39 kills in one game.  Definitely progress, but still....

I used to hate this game, and now all the sudden I am wraped up in it like "The Dark Side Of The Rainbow" which is just something I thought Gary Busey talked about when he was so short on pot he smoked the resin out of his pipe to get high and drank Vodka and GHB together to get "properly crossfaded."

After 3 days of being happy, I felt as useless as a croissant being used as a Dildo,

it's serious now ; )

...So if the organizers wanna change stipulations during the match to unconditionally kill the humans, I feel the drug culture should be represented as well. So next time this winter, I am showing up in a 1969 Pontiac GTO, with a case of every drug known to man in the trunk, a gang of Wild Turkey 101, a quart of Rum and 3 dozen amyls.  With enough stinkbombs, Cherry Bombs, firecrackers and 161 DB loudhorns and if things get real ugly I'll pull out a fire hose and start a protest, even if only just imagined in my head and not really happening.

At this point, fried on drugs I would be like "who won, maybe nobody" and then I would jet to Vegas, drunk, stoned, Ripped, twisted!  Go to lake Mead, rent a cigarette boat frying on LSD-25 and curse the bastard who put the Hover Dam there!

Ok ok, so maybe not, But I know I am making the GTO, triple barreled Rapidstrike powered on enough lithium batteries to start a semi-truck and fire so fast, there will be so many darts flying, they won't even be able to tell who shot them!

All in good humor!


Monday, July 8, 2013

A Must Read From An HvZ Leader.

Without further adue, I turn my blog over to the champ, lovely lady, little fighter and good friend Ferris McIntyre, who will be fighting with me at Camarillo HvZ this Saturday and 9 am and the 21st at 9 am @ Mission Verde Park (also known as Mission Oaks Park), see you there!

4 Leadership and Just Survival Tips for Summer HVZ

1 Stay mobile
     Above all I try to stay mobile during a game. If you don't keep moving zombies are more likely to find you or discover a weak point in your defense. While staying in motion, a player is more likely to find other players, and create a harder target for zombies. Also more often than not, darts and other random supplies can be found on the ground.
      The only requirements for this tip is to be physically fit and prepared for a long HVZ game. Although it is also a good idea to travel light during the game so you can keep up your stamina. For someone as slow a runner as I am, I know to train yourself beforehand and to stay focused on your breathing while running are some of the best ways to prepare for that aspect of the game.
     Another aspect to keep in mind is that you are only as fast as your team. If someone goes ahead, they are more likely to get separated and numbers really save the humans in the end. Teams that stay together in a formation know their weak points, and have all the jobs covered by someone. It is the job of the team leader to make sure their team has the right amount of distance for the right situation. Even though it is not some set amount because the game is always changing, but more on that later.

2 Stay alert and Focused
     Throughout the game, there may be points of boredom or at least a pause from the action. Do not let this fool you. I repeat. DO NOT LET THIS FOOL YOU. On multiple occasions I have let my guard down while just walking around only to be caught with my gun dropped and no socks in sight. If this does ever happen to you, my best advise is to run like hell and warn your buddies (who were smartly farther back) so they can cover you. Staying alert while focused on your goal will make you the unofficial "team leader" most of the time, simply because you are calling out ideas to people who need some direction or warning others of things they haven't seen that could be helpful. Calls like this earn you attention, and hopefully it is positive for your side. Whether they are good ideas or not makes your unassigned "team leader" chances or breaks them. I know I ran my team into trouble on more than one occasion and am sorry for that, even if we made it out mostly alive. There is no perfect way to play the game but by staying focused on your goal, and finding the smartest way to stay alive, you will be a much tougher player.

3 Be Versatile
     The hardest part of HVZ is the constant change. There are surprises, there are accidents, there are major screw ups, and yes there are random malfunctions that could get you killed. The back up plans fail, and you must adapt to survive; thinking quick on your feet is a must. Leaders have to think even faster because orders must be called out in time to save their squad. There are no preparations, just a gut feeling you have with a small prayer for good luck followed by a war cry. Besides the make or break calls, team leaders have to know their players, and be open to new ones. Most HVZ squads mix up into random groups and some players run around the whole day bouncing from group to group. But I find if you are leading, (and are not getting everyone killed) people will follow.
     Another good way to stay on your toes is to listen to their ideas. In a moment of down time try to get as many ideas from your teammates as possible, so you can help each other. The more minds working for the same thing the better.

4 Go for it.
     Last but most certainly not least, remember, you are there to enjoy a game. This game is only slightly more elaborate than playground tag. Don't jump too deep into it so you get mad at every mistake. Laugh it off, keep a good attitude and others will do the same around you. So, when you have a tough play at the end of the day, one of those suicide missions, smile and rally the team of the final survivors, then just go for it. Play the last mission you play simply because you love the game, win or lose.  If you don't mind what side you are on then you can have more fun and take more risks. This makes for a more exciting game and some great memories. I know every year a friend of mine always makes a huge death scene when he dies. Charging twenty zombies at once and taking out as many as he can so his team might have a better shot of making it. Other people make mad dashes around the horde for a distraction and somehow make it out alive. It's the crazy stunts like this that are the most memorable and the best part of the game.

     So to wrap it up, keep running, play smart, do what you think is right, and most importantly; if you die, come back with a vengeance! Good luck to all who play the summer 2013 camarillo game!

Thank you Ferris,


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hasbro (Nerf) is Officially On My Shitlist.

Yep, it's official now, since I am unbiased and I am a Modder, I did not get shipped a Nerf Centurion unlike countless friends who have blogs, youtube, lobby groups, dicksuckers who rally around Nerf.  Do you remember when I called bullshit on certian forums, bullshit that we worked out?  Well that's me unbiased, brutally honest.  How about the time my friend felt jiped by Xplorer, I helped him, they refunded and even changed the design after our encounter, helped make great parts greater, even if it is for a Longstrike first.

Well corporate America just doesn't understand I guess.  I have proposed theme parks, Shook Micheal Eisner's hand when  I subcontracted  for Disney's show and ride division.  And yes, not everyone should have a new Centurion before it ships, I agree. However is Nerf, division of Hasbro just trying to buy the Nerf press off by giving it to people they feel will agree with them and avoiding who wont?  One has to ask!

Now I know a lot of the players who got one, do you guys remember the Hail-Fire?  Hyped to the sky, sure it was a unique idea, a decent blaster and I know some who swear by it.  But from those who were bought off, I tell ya you could have sworn it was the next best thing since the fucking light bulb from what they said.

Now my friend, Basic Nerf, who by the way has nothing to do with this post or my attitude, this is my perspective from what is going on around me, told it how it was lately, proud of you kid!

"So I hosted an indoor Nerf War yesterday, and only managed to bring out the Centurion once to attempt to use. I don't want to spoil anything, but my first, and so far only, in game experience with it left me a bit sour towards it.

Also, the Elite Alpha Trooper, with it's design and new ranges is still solid after all these years. The Masterkey is still my favorite blaster to use.

I'll have more on all this, and game video, as the days go by."

Property of Basic Nerf, one of the best friends one can have : )  Have fun in NY.

I was at that war, and let me tell you, out of the box the thing is junk, it needs work.  An experienced modder can give it what we think it needs but otherwise, it jams, it messes up darts and I had no desire to try it in a war.

Do you see how Nerf is selective to who represents their product?  Well I am gonna get one and tell you how it is and help all those poor souls who felt compelled to buy one.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HvZ Weapons Mod Guide.

So what to bring to HvZ in camarillo, CA this July 13th and July 23rd?  Well first off, bad news out, No Rapidstrike, no Zombiestrike, No Centrurion (more on that later).  These guns that would have been epically useful are not out yet, just wait for winter HvZ.

The good news:  This proves to be the best armed HvZ ever, Triads, Stryfes and Elite Rayven's, Strongarms and some of the best Longshot and Retaliator kits and mods I have ever seen.  But still, i see a lot of people held to tradition "Oh i brought this recon the last 4 HvZ's I can't mod it."  Terrible attitude, if you are modding shoot for at or below 95 flat, no brass barrels, bring nice tac gear and flat mags.

But on a more complete gun to gun note:

Firestrike: Use a 8Kg or 6Kg Swarmfire spring and bond the piston with Epoxy, you can also use the Orange Mod Works 7Kg Strongarm spring

Triad: Use a 6Kg OMW Vulcan spring, want 8 Kg?  well thats a trade secret, 6 will do just fine at 80-85 flat.

Recon: Orange Mod works Massacre kit or or unleashed 1+2 kits, some filing metalwork required.

Strongarm:  Keep it stock, really not worth the trouble.

Roughcut:  Master key of choice, other than that, keep it stock.

Longsthot:  OMW immortal kit, use the 5 Kg Spring only, teflon tape on seals a must.  Leave your K26 ed longshot at home, they do you credit,, but they are sure to get you disqualified.

Longstrike: What?  I have seen too many lose with this gun, two thumbs down.

Retaliator:  Black Tactical V2 spring, OMW trigger catch spring.  Also using a OMW Unleashed stage 1 kit and a Xplorer Composite piston really a good choice.  Taking out the AR optional, it will add 5-10 feet flat if you do. Teflon tape on seals a must.

Stampede:  4-3.7 volt 14500TR unprotected trustfire batteries, 6 Kg OMW spring, bore out the AR.   The Black tactical Stampede kit also good, be sure to seal the tiny hole in the piston or you will be disappointed.

Stryfe:  2-3.7 volt 14500TR unprotected trustfire batteries un rewired, now if it is rewired without the silly capacitor by the battery tray-3, 4 is very questionable  but if your insides tell ya, load up for and smell the motors fry to a crisp.

Elite Rayven, same as stryfe, stryfe does better because it is not a buildup design.

Elite Alpha trooper: easy on the bolt, not too much teflon tape or it will auto slam even when you are not holding down the trigger,  a 5 Kg OMW retaliator spring and the OMW trigger catch spring is really all you need.  8.5 Kg is nice but not as stable.

Disk guns:  Extra mags a must, bring 20's and 10's.

Did i miss any? Also, here's a LONG video on the pro's and Cons of certain guns for the use of HvZ game play.

Here is a vid about my primary if you wanna cut to the chase.

See You In Zombieland,I do have some parts if you need them, give me a Holla at if you need em!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lamborghini Miura SV Owner (Aledged) Takes Exception To Super Veloce' Designation.

I'll just go out with it, His name is James and he is the owner of a 1971 Lamborghini Mirua SV which only 191 were ever made and he thinks the founder of Lamborghini would turn over in his grave.  Well not according to Lamborgini when I talked to them last year after trading phone calls thatas long as the SV designation is not a copy of their logo and as long as it does not mean "Sport Veloce'" I am fine.

Months go by, all is cool and all the sudden, some hot head from the Isle of man gives me a long distance phone call and says (to say it short) "You call your guns a name Ferruccio would turn over in his grave if you knew you were calling your "toys" that.  I said "who are you to judge"  He said  "Owner of his masterpiece, a 71' Miura."

I was shocked, I was in tears, obviously he thinks I know nothing about cars, I know this sounds dumb, but this one got to me.  I have gone to many Ferrari Club meets, driven a few nice cars and even sat in a 250 GT before (not the "California", just the GT).  Yes out of it for awhile, but I love cars, love the Miura, The Countach, somewhat the Diablo and Most Definitely the Murcealago.  I collected these cars as kids, hung posters in my room and me and Dad, Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini, who woukd win Mr Miami vice fan!

This happened last Sunday and i have been POed since.  You said you saw it on my blog, I don't know who you are but call me back, what would you name it then, the range line above "Super" and below "R-Spec" that gets the most use.  You dislike my naming convention? well here ya go, i'll hear you out!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zombieland Excitement, CATCH IT!

In about 6 weeks or so, the next HvZ in camarillo California is going to take place and I wanted you all to have some good advice....

Cartaya's 10 Top Rules Of Zombieland.
1. Cardio! 
If all else Fails, Run!!! Or have a unique goal based plan  I know I might be borowing my friends Candy apple red, 7 Liter 1969 Pontiac GTO and parking it in the upper lot, either that or another friends 1972 454 white Pontiac Trans Am (Bandits car in "Smokey And The Bandit" but white). This will be just in case I am the last man standing and so i can peel out and tire-spin in front of the charging zombies with enough Tiresmoke for them to have a "Goodyear" ; )  

Last year I had a Bottle of Jack Daniels in the trunk and if i was caught early, i was gonna be Zombie and get plastered.  Didn't happen as I survived all the way to the last half hour of HvZ.  Both are probably Illegal and Bad ideas.
 2. Stick together.
As soon as this rule is broken, you probably have lost.  If you are charged by more than one zombie, unless you have backup, there is no surety that you will hit em and also no surety that you will not soon get tagged by the hoard you don't see around you, Behind Bushes, in the hills and so on.
 3. have a dependable weapon(s) 
Emphasis on the "(s)" part meaning plural. Have a gun that does not jam or provisions if it does (e.g. master key)

This is the integration extention I built last night.  But remember, an integration needs also be dependable and solid, which I describe in this video, also talking about the upcoming HvZ.

As one can probably gather, my primary is not a gun I just threw together.   It is a product of the Super Retaliator program mentioned in my very first post even when some of these guns were not even made yet. This program spans 10 months of design, research, battle testing and lots of great kills!!  All these guns, save the Ultra Retaliator are made today, the R-Spec was originally going to be called the "Ultra Veloce Retaliator."

Also consider a Holster rig to put it all on, like the Batbelt! 
With this one can carry lots of ammo, at least 2 other backup guns and stay cool and flexible not having to wear a sweaty vest or extensively constrictive gear. 

 4. Don't be a hero. 
It goes without saying that the first time you go out on a limb, if you pull it off, you feel good.  After that, you get cocky and pretty soon, caught.   But also,  usually, you are departing from the group, violation of rule #2 and you have a higher chance of getting caught.  What you will usually find out is that Hero's stand alone, a planned assault is usually not the issue here.  One way to do this is to cover the hero with long range fire, but there are not many of me around and fireteams usually see a ignorant dipshit with a Hail-fire charging the zombies as not worth precious ammo to defend.
 5. Dress the part, make sure your boots, gear, magholders work well. 
Of all ways to get tagged, in my last HvZ it was my shoes.  Trying to throw a sock at a shield armed zombie.  But one must understand, I have a deep seated hatred for Shields.  They block some of my best well placed shots in the Norwalk Regional Nerf Leauge.  So PO'ed that the infamous Riot Shield was in play, I decided to throw a sock at it.  

I then did a "Charlie Brown" That I Fell on my ass, directly on my ass, I did not pass go, I did not collect $200!  It was then I was tagged, the very end of the 5th out of 6 rounds.  The people who were left were a bunch of jabronies, who tried to cheat a tunnel ambush by the zombies by illegally going out of bounds across Mission Oaks Bolivard.  I was honestly glad I wasn't in this round as human, fucking cheats! 

But what can get you worse than a bad gun are slick shoes, snaggy clothes and bad armament accessories that are glitchy, cumbersome or just plain out dumb.
 6, Always pick up ammo and reload. 
No body else is gonna do it for you also, there is no dart sweep after so whatever darts you lose, you lose for good.

Other good points are...
 7. Feud with Zombies! Pick your Feuds you start with zombies well like a few arched shots. 
 8. Make the zombies fear you, not you the zombie, ^^^reference rule #7.
 9.Temp not a desperate man, nor Zombie in Zombieland.
 10.Listen to your pointman and protect him at all cost, if you lose rule you lose control!

Take Care Zombiehunters, I'll See You In Disneyland.