Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hasbro (Nerf) is Officially On My Shitlist.

Yep, it's official now, since I am unbiased and I am a Modder, I did not get shipped a Nerf Centurion unlike countless friends who have blogs, youtube, lobby groups, dicksuckers who rally around Nerf.  Do you remember when I called bullshit on certian forums, bullshit that we worked out?  Well that's me unbiased, brutally honest.  How about the time my friend felt jiped by Xplorer, I helped him, they refunded and even changed the design after our encounter, helped make great parts greater, even if it is for a Longstrike first.

Well corporate America just doesn't understand I guess.  I have proposed theme parks, Shook Micheal Eisner's hand when  I subcontracted  for Disney's show and ride division.  And yes, not everyone should have a new Centurion before it ships, I agree. However is Nerf, division of Hasbro just trying to buy the Nerf press off by giving it to people they feel will agree with them and avoiding who wont?  One has to ask!

Now I know a lot of the players who got one, do you guys remember the Hail-Fire?  Hyped to the sky, sure it was a unique idea, a decent blaster and I know some who swear by it.  But from those who were bought off, I tell ya you could have sworn it was the next best thing since the fucking light bulb from what they said.

Now my friend, Basic Nerf, who by the way has nothing to do with this post or my attitude, this is my perspective from what is going on around me, told it how it was lately, proud of you kid!

"So I hosted an indoor Nerf War yesterday, and only managed to bring out the Centurion once to attempt to use. I don't want to spoil anything, but my first, and so far only, in game experience with it left me a bit sour towards it.

Also, the Elite Alpha Trooper, with it's design and new ranges is still solid after all these years. The Masterkey is still my favorite blaster to use.

I'll have more on all this, and game video, as the days go by."

Property of Basic Nerf, one of the best friends one can have : )  Have fun in NY.

I was at that war, and let me tell you, out of the box the thing is junk, it needs work.  An experienced modder can give it what we think it needs but otherwise, it jams, it messes up darts and I had no desire to try it in a war.

Do you see how Nerf is selective to who represents their product?  Well I am gonna get one and tell you how it is and help all those poor souls who felt compelled to buy one.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HvZ Weapons Mod Guide.

So what to bring to HvZ in camarillo, CA this July 13th and July 23rd?  Well first off, bad news out, No Rapidstrike, no Zombiestrike, No Centrurion (more on that later).  These guns that would have been epically useful are not out yet, just wait for winter HvZ.

The good news:  This proves to be the best armed HvZ ever, Triads, Stryfes and Elite Rayven's, Strongarms and some of the best Longshot and Retaliator kits and mods I have ever seen.  But still, i see a lot of people held to tradition "Oh i brought this recon the last 4 HvZ's I can't mod it."  Terrible attitude, if you are modding shoot for at or below 95 flat, no brass barrels, bring nice tac gear and flat mags.

But on a more complete gun to gun note:

Firestrike: Use a 8Kg or 6Kg Swarmfire spring and bond the piston with Epoxy, you can also use the Orange Mod Works 7Kg Strongarm spring

Triad: Use a 6Kg OMW Vulcan spring, want 8 Kg?  well thats a trade secret, 6 will do just fine at 80-85 flat.

Recon: Orange Mod works Massacre kit or or unleashed 1+2 kits, some filing metalwork required.

Strongarm:  Keep it stock, really not worth the trouble.

Roughcut:  Master key of choice, other than that, keep it stock.

Longsthot:  OMW immortal kit, use the 5 Kg Spring only, teflon tape on seals a must.  Leave your K26 ed longshot at home, they do you credit,, but they are sure to get you disqualified.

Longstrike: What?  I have seen too many lose with this gun, two thumbs down.

Retaliator:  Black Tactical V2 spring, OMW trigger catch spring.  Also using a OMW Unleashed stage 1 kit and a Xplorer Composite piston really a good choice.  Taking out the AR optional, it will add 5-10 feet flat if you do. Teflon tape on seals a must.

Stampede:  4-3.7 volt 14500TR unprotected trustfire batteries, 6 Kg OMW spring, bore out the AR.   The Black tactical Stampede kit also good, be sure to seal the tiny hole in the piston or you will be disappointed.

Stryfe:  2-3.7 volt 14500TR unprotected trustfire batteries un rewired, now if it is rewired without the silly capacitor by the battery tray-3, 4 is very questionable  but if your insides tell ya, load up for and smell the motors fry to a crisp.

Elite Rayven, same as stryfe, stryfe does better because it is not a buildup design.

Elite Alpha trooper: easy on the bolt, not too much teflon tape or it will auto slam even when you are not holding down the trigger,  a 5 Kg OMW retaliator spring and the OMW trigger catch spring is really all you need.  8.5 Kg is nice but not as stable.

Disk guns:  Extra mags a must, bring 20's and 10's.

Did i miss any? Also, here's a LONG video on the pro's and Cons of certain guns for the use of HvZ game play.

Here is a vid about my primary if you wanna cut to the chase.

See You In Zombieland,I do have some parts if you need them, give me a Holla at if you need em!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lamborghini Miura SV Owner (Aledged) Takes Exception To Super Veloce' Designation.

I'll just go out with it, His name is James and he is the owner of a 1971 Lamborghini Mirua SV which only 191 were ever made and he thinks the founder of Lamborghini would turn over in his grave.  Well not according to Lamborgini when I talked to them last year after trading phone calls thatas long as the SV designation is not a copy of their logo and as long as it does not mean "Sport Veloce'" I am fine.

Months go by, all is cool and all the sudden, some hot head from the Isle of man gives me a long distance phone call and says (to say it short) "You call your guns a name Ferruccio would turn over in his grave if you knew you were calling your "toys" that.  I said "who are you to judge"  He said  "Owner of his masterpiece, a 71' Miura."

I was shocked, I was in tears, obviously he thinks I know nothing about cars, I know this sounds dumb, but this one got to me.  I have gone to many Ferrari Club meets, driven a few nice cars and even sat in a 250 GT before (not the "California", just the GT).  Yes out of it for awhile, but I love cars, love the Miura, The Countach, somewhat the Diablo and Most Definitely the Murcealago.  I collected these cars as kids, hung posters in my room and me and Dad, Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini, who woukd win Mr Miami vice fan!

This happened last Sunday and i have been POed since.  You said you saw it on my blog, I don't know who you are but call me back, what would you name it then, the range line above "Super" and below "R-Spec" that gets the most use.  You dislike my naming convention? well here ya go, i'll hear you out!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zombieland Excitement, CATCH IT!

In about 6 weeks or so, the next HvZ in camarillo California is going to take place and I wanted you all to have some good advice....

Cartaya's 10 Top Rules Of Zombieland.
1. Cardio! 
If all else Fails, Run!!! Or have a unique goal based plan  I know I might be borowing my friends Candy apple red, 7 Liter 1969 Pontiac GTO and parking it in the upper lot, either that or another friends 1972 454 white Pontiac Trans Am (Bandits car in "Smokey And The Bandit" but white). This will be just in case I am the last man standing and so i can peel out and tire-spin in front of the charging zombies with enough Tiresmoke for them to have a "Goodyear" ; )  

Last year I had a Bottle of Jack Daniels in the trunk and if i was caught early, i was gonna be Zombie and get plastered.  Didn't happen as I survived all the way to the last half hour of HvZ.  Both are probably Illegal and Bad ideas.
 2. Stick together.
As soon as this rule is broken, you probably have lost.  If you are charged by more than one zombie, unless you have backup, there is no surety that you will hit em and also no surety that you will not soon get tagged by the hoard you don't see around you, Behind Bushes, in the hills and so on.
 3. have a dependable weapon(s) 
Emphasis on the "(s)" part meaning plural. Have a gun that does not jam or provisions if it does (e.g. master key)

This is the integration extention I built last night.  But remember, an integration needs also be dependable and solid, which I describe in this video, also talking about the upcoming HvZ.

As one can probably gather, my primary is not a gun I just threw together.   It is a product of the Super Retaliator program mentioned in my very first post even when some of these guns were not even made yet. This program spans 10 months of design, research, battle testing and lots of great kills!!  All these guns, save the Ultra Retaliator are made today, the R-Spec was originally going to be called the "Ultra Veloce Retaliator."

Also consider a Holster rig to put it all on, like the Batbelt! 
With this one can carry lots of ammo, at least 2 other backup guns and stay cool and flexible not having to wear a sweaty vest or extensively constrictive gear. 

 4. Don't be a hero. 
It goes without saying that the first time you go out on a limb, if you pull it off, you feel good.  After that, you get cocky and pretty soon, caught.   But also,  usually, you are departing from the group, violation of rule #2 and you have a higher chance of getting caught.  What you will usually find out is that Hero's stand alone, a planned assault is usually not the issue here.  One way to do this is to cover the hero with long range fire, but there are not many of me around and fireteams usually see a ignorant dipshit with a Hail-fire charging the zombies as not worth precious ammo to defend.
 5. Dress the part, make sure your boots, gear, magholders work well. 
Of all ways to get tagged, in my last HvZ it was my shoes.  Trying to throw a sock at a shield armed zombie.  But one must understand, I have a deep seated hatred for Shields.  They block some of my best well placed shots in the Norwalk Regional Nerf Leauge.  So PO'ed that the infamous Riot Shield was in play, I decided to throw a sock at it.  

I then did a "Charlie Brown" That I Fell on my ass, directly on my ass, I did not pass go, I did not collect $200!  It was then I was tagged, the very end of the 5th out of 6 rounds.  The people who were left were a bunch of jabronies, who tried to cheat a tunnel ambush by the zombies by illegally going out of bounds across Mission Oaks Bolivard.  I was honestly glad I wasn't in this round as human, fucking cheats! 

But what can get you worse than a bad gun are slick shoes, snaggy clothes and bad armament accessories that are glitchy, cumbersome or just plain out dumb.
 6, Always pick up ammo and reload. 
No body else is gonna do it for you also, there is no dart sweep after so whatever darts you lose, you lose for good.

Other good points are...
 7. Feud with Zombies! Pick your Feuds you start with zombies well like a few arched shots. 
 8. Make the zombies fear you, not you the zombie, ^^^reference rule #7.
 9.Temp not a desperate man, nor Zombie in Zombieland.
 10.Listen to your pointman and protect him at all cost, if you lose rule you lose control!

Take Care Zombiehunters, I'll See You In Disneyland.