Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Dart Dillema.

So as you know, some of my blasters are Nazi. And as you can imagine, they do better with stephan type darts however, I have never stocked them for a simple reason, they are not backwardly compatible with stock Nerf blasters.  Now why is that an issue? Well if you play with leagues and many are counting on you to bring darts for many to play, changing your standard dart system is a rather complicated issue because it is not just about what you bring to battle, it's what they do as well.

This is the first I have brought this up to anyone, I have my firestrikes, all are Brassed, I have a Stage 2 Triad that used 12kg springs and if i am lucky, the new Stage 2/3 Reatliator kits might work with stephans.  Since I mainly battle  with a Triad/Firestrike/Retaliator setup with VERY few exceptions, 1000 or so PAK-D Stephans might be a good choice while keeping around a couple hundred Elites for backward compatibility.  It seems logical right?  And I am sure the Performance will be more consistent and better.  But what do you suggest?  PAK-D's  Superdomes?  I mean what?

Will people bitch? Stay Tuned? I have always been one to try to raise the bar, but will be going too far?



  1. You could try full length stefans with Pak-D/Xplorer domes
    ie foam the length of a normal dart with the stefan tip
    I don't think they perform as well as half length stefans, but they sure as hell perform better than Elites or Streamlines, as well as being sturdier. Additionally because they're full length darts they fit in all normal Nerf blasters.

  2. Sturdey yes, but I want stephan's the reason was last night's range test of the Ultra match, I highly suspect that I just got the darts perfect when I got 150 Flat in the same parking garage as the last vid I posted.

  3. Pak-D's kinda dead though, never got the clips I ordered and PayPal refunded me in the end.