Sunday, March 24, 2013

R-Spec Retaliator Retooling Pictures.

I figure since The R-Spec Retaliator is being brought back up in certian circles lately, I should show you some pics of me doing a rebuild.  R-Spec is the designation given to the most developed model an N-Strike Elite gun can be taken, the limit. That doesn't mean that there isn't an airgun that can shoot farther, or a stephan dart gun that can do better or that somewhere there isn't someone with a better mod.   Lets gather that concept a bit, "better mod" The R-Spec Retaliator Is likened to owning an Enzo Ferarri, Sure it's the best, but it constantly needs upkeep and is a pain in the ass, For example I Just bought an Xplorer Direct Plunger Replacement Kit, Because the Stock plunger made of ABS plastic cannot hold up to the stress of 11 Kg and was deteriorating quickly, as was the guns velocity, 185 FPS to 170 a few weeks later 165, and as you see after shipping and waiting 3 weeks for it, it is about the cost of a stock Retaliator.  When you got a gun that can best the Xplorer Xpower Retaliator with stock elite darts instead of stephans, you just gotta keep it workin man! (Hint hint, This mod needs the R-Spec power mod kit)

In all defense to Xplorer, their kit looks like an excellent one, my Version of the Xplorer Xpower one day will have this powerplant in it as the current R-Spec and i'm sure with stephans it will beat the R-Spec Retaliator I have now, probably 150+ feet flat.

So it was time to Retool the mosnster, The gun where every Performance mod, new type of dart, park and player claiming to have a better gun than me, gets tried on first.  As you can see The piston has a fatter Front lip and a nicer o-ring slot that responds better to teflon tape.

Next I tried a new idea, since this is the gun that always gets it first,  I broke outs some gunsmithing tools and countersunk a Retaliator dart bolt so that the load finger no longer drags on the dart on the way out, Shown Here on an aluminum bolt sled assembily

The result was wonderful, I did need to buffer the piston with a piece of felt and glue it i n there because it wasn't latching correctly at first, and I also filed some rough points off the piston (seam marks) and put in several layers of teflon tape. Worth the work however, this stuff is tough ass composite, most likely a strong thermoset casting resin like epoxy. Still working out some kinks, but it fires great.  Here Are some other pics.

In foam we trust, I'll see you in Disneyland.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guess The Mod Contest, It's On!

3-4 times the accuracy and more range, Something nobody has ever thought of, a big deal.  I need to do more tests before I publish, but it's serious, try to guess what it is, winner who guesses it wins a new Super Veloce Retaliator shipped to em, and this invention with it.

In Foam We Trust!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My last dart Posted Pictures of the new Elite Alpha Trooper and guess what!!!  IT USES THE SAME SPRING AS A RETALIATOR!!! YES!!!!

However, I don't think this will do 100 Flat, Main reasons.

A. The orange trigger catch I believe might be inferior to the white plastic one on the Retaliator.

B.  The wire used to connect the pump handle to the bolt sled probably would bend past 5 Kg's of spring just like a Raider, Rampage, ect.

Just look...

The other thing is, that the First batch had hairline cracks on the back of the stock holder.  Honestly, I think you are fine, I also noticed the finger joints are backwards.  That can cause it, because remember, this part is not perfectly square, it has a little taper, and therefor if you put it on backwards, it will probably crack.

5 Kg's should be fine, be sure to use a stronger trigger catch spring and mod at your own risk.

See you in disneyland.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cartaya Mod Works Is Up! First gun, Holy Triad.

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?", Where?  I make them, my friend Billy, Helps sell them.  Since he has a zany Toys and Comics store, well how fitting that they will sell Nerf Guns you can't get anywhere else. and My friends at the Norwalk Nerf Leauge borrow them and tell me what they think.   Cartaya Mod Works is unoffically up, still a lot of work to do, New Blog, Build Prototypes, make video's of their use.  I have spent the last 6 months comming up with mod Formulas and this is what is comming out.  They will come out 1 or 2 at a time on a 3 week lead time order basis and will always be available for ordering.

Holy Triad

This gun is excellent, especially 2 of them, especially as backups.  Except these have 5Kg Retaliator power and excellent range.  This one has no paint or "Holy Triad 8Kg" writing on them, but can have them by request.

You Can also see them here in battle, with yours truely behind the triggers.

R Spec Firestrike, (shown With Optional Scope (+$40))

Power to zap people flat across the street, but it will not come cheap as Modding this gun properly is very involved. What you see here is a prototype, 12 Kg, lots of power, Very nice gun to throw on a Holster.  An 8 Kg Super Veloce Firestrike will also be available for less $$$.



Super Retaliator:  5 Kg of spring, quick reload, about 80 flat 135-140 ATG with brand new darts, Optional Retaliator Unleashed kit (+$10) Gives it more reinforcement and a metal trigger catch.

Super Veloce (SV) Retaliaror,  8.5 Kg of spring, 90-95 flat 150-160 ATG with brand new darts, darts hiss as they fly, available with such options as an Xplorer Piston and plunger kit (+$35), OMW Retaliator Unleashed kit (+$10), Red Dot sights and Lazer kits.   My favorite gun to battle with.  

Holy Rampage: 5 Kg of spring with the kick of a Super Retaliator.

Alpha Trooper Packages:  

Cartaya Mod Works Plans to take this one to the limit,  5 Kg Springs, Red Dot Sights, Green Lazer sights, Paint jobs, possible reinforced handle rods to take this gun to 160 ATG! @ 8.5 Kg.

Stay Tuned


Xplorer Builds Model 82 Barrett Prototype.

Here it is and of course, it is very dramatic!  I think it might be just a personal prototype or what we modders call guns like the R-Spec Retaliator "personal use" or "Not for sale".  But honestly, think twice man, I can think of a ton of .50 Cal hopefuls that would love toget their hands on one and snipers like me, that even if I had to pay $400 or $500 for one of these, Would do it.  I left a comment stating just that, Ask Ronnie Barrett to sell them as replicas, hell could you imagine If Barrett sold these?

But bottom line, power, If it had enough power, say 200 flat, people would shell out the money, not only to do 200 flat, but to have a sniper gun that looks like a barret and not some stupid recon mod made to look like one.

Recently me, I have been working on a sniper pistol called the R-Spec Firestrike and a company made to make my line of modded guns called Cartaya Mod Works.  Check out the Firetrike, Not even stephans, bad ass.

See You in Disneyland


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cartaya Makes Maniac Firestrike To Terrorize The World!!!

I'm sure you hear of the R-Spec Firestrike, before it had brass, any one could only imagine now.  As always it has twin springs, An 8Kg and A 4Kg spring. But it ended up to be too much for nerf darts and nerf barrel.

So now comes the Brass Barreled Firestrike, using a Crowned and machined 17/32nds Barrel and a 1x30 red dot sight.  The power in phenominal, able to drive an Elite dart some 200 feet ATG and 120 PTG, wow.  This is at leauge with modded airguns except....It only needs one pull of the mainspring.

So out of curiosity, I went to a nearby park, quickly to run into some fella that thought his brass Barreled Range Master was better.  So we had a 5 falls match, I won me 5, him 2.  And he showed me how to make a Range Master.   I was impresed, we even played another 3 falls match me boworing his gun, him mine.  He beat me 3 to 2.  

Obviously 1 pull rather than 8 pumps makes a difference, not only that but the R-Spec not only outranged his, it outranged  mine that I made later.  I do see some advantage however with the RM.

1.  It's a Rifle, Firestrike is a pistol and with the firestrike it is not as steady of a shooter at extreme long range.

2.  The trigger pull on an RM is much lighter, the R-Spec Firestrike has a Trigger pull heavier than the Double action of a Beretta 9mm, takes some practice.

3.  The R-Spec requires an all at once pull to prime it, the RM divides the effort with several pumps.

So with that said, the RM is a great gun modded, why doesn't Buzz Bee just make it that way to begin with?

See You In Disneyland


Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Sometimes it is good, really good, to wait and see what happens, what materializes, what transpires, before reporting a story.  Maybe this makes me slow sometimes, don't hear all the hot rumors you do everywhere else, go there if that's what you want.  But this makes this blog a little different, not just reporting, but a professional opinion from a professional modder.

Look what happened with the Centurion for example.

Great source from a Great blog, but the info he had to work with (in my opinion), seemed iffy and it was a mistake.  It does show to keep your eyes open, or you might not hear about it as it will be taken down once the mistake from Hasbro's PR is found, yes that's true, Keep your eyes glued to this one, he's a good source.  

But the quality of information once the blog community got wind of it, ACKKK, 

"100 flat" 
"electronic trigger must mean full auto."   

Once the little bit of information was out, it was like posting that Lions were loose on the streets of New York, mad speculation.   What am I happy about?  This is great! If mega ammo is 1" Diameter we have a one shot kill weapon in the form of a rifle, not a rocket launcher with 10 pumps, not a zing bow, not a big bad bow, A GUN FINALLY!

If it's not 100 flat, I will make it 100 flat, hell Already have More than one of those, and it is getting the Xplorer direct plunger replacement and plunger tube which I already ordered, probably in a few weeks.  But remember, that still takes 3 hits!

I sorta explain it here.  

See You In Disneyland