Friday, July 24, 2015

Why I didn't go to HvZ this year....

One day, I was messaged by Evan Ovadia's sincere and kind brother Jacob about coming back for HvZ.  I really wanted to, I debated all week to myself, tried to fight it, the drama by the players that off court said bad things like I have "stink dick", mod blasters "to show my mom," make fun of how old I am, stuff like that, and never to my face, just behind my back.

All week I try to shrug it off, I try, It is not Evans fault, Camarillo HvZ, with some of the best missions, play area and games I have ever seen, I just couldn't....The still there...what good would it do if I showed up anyways?

I am no stranger to drama in the NIC, I know I'm sensitive, I forgive those who got on my goat on range claims, trying to keep their Nerf Internet Community free of falsehoods and showing me the ropes.  There is a difference... These guys gladly play wars with me, accept my help and I accept theirs.

2 Years of Arguing with the NIC, off and on, I must have had the hardest start of anyone, but I stuck to it and it paid off.

But make it personal, not about modding...well.

And also, my old crew, Norwalk league, totally no collaboration.  I have no clue why?  I wanted to rally the troops and hit Cam this year, but nothing.... I would have gone for them, o'well.

So maybe this winter, we'll see what everyone's attitude is like then....