Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Centurion Autopsy.

I took apart the mean red blaster and found it rather odd.  It just doesn't look like Hasbro designed it, I'm sure they did but it is still weird in some ways, cool in others.

Like for example, the piston block, all glued together, but you can easily take out the AR by unscrewing 3 screws. The block itself, well it's all one solid piece, what are they trying to keep us from doing?  Kill a human?  Probably.  So here's the vids to start, long, unedited, to the grit info, there is no ego here.  And oh yes, you don't have to mess with the gear box to take it down as others have.  

Know this! That this blaster now is in working order, shoots around 70-80 drift but I perfer my Retaliators even if these Mega Darts are one hit kills rather than 3 at some wars.  Truth be told THEY ARE SLOW!!!!
Too easy to dodge.  As for feeding, yeah, folded the darts until i used Pledge on a dart, left it in the blaster overnight,!

But this takes the cake, this is what happens when people pick on me in forums, Partly my fault for running on facebook every time I got a great range without breaking out a tape measure every time. Also for assuming the Hammershot spring mod would hold it's range at 90 flat and not take a set.  But honestly they (meaning not all of them, some) would have kept bitchin about something.  The drama started with the R-Spec Retaliator, ended with the R-Spec Retaliator.   It's a crappy vid, 144p, but on my budget it's all I got.  Warning, I have a prissy attituude in this vid.


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