Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I made it though 2013 HvZ untagged and with my 3x5 card intact.   I waited for this moment, that came sooner than I thought, walking out of an HvZ game unscaved.  I thought it would take years! No it came at my 2nd game, but it didn't feel as great as I had hoped.

Since the admins were "sneaky sneaky sir" we all died.  I was like "to hell if we lose or win, I will help the humans win, but i just want the satisfaction of the zeds could not get me."  So you can imagine, I was like "ok, nobody tagged me, but we lost."  I felt better when I got 39 kills in one game.  Definitely progress, but still....

I used to hate this game, and now all the sudden I am wraped up in it like "The Dark Side Of The Rainbow" which is just something I thought Gary Busey talked about when he was so short on pot he smoked the resin out of his pipe to get high and drank Vodka and GHB together to get "properly crossfaded."

After 3 days of being happy, I felt as useless as a croissant being used as a Dildo,

it's serious now ; )

...So if the organizers wanna change stipulations during the match to unconditionally kill the humans, I feel the drug culture should be represented as well. So next time this winter, I am showing up in a 1969 Pontiac GTO, with a case of every drug known to man in the trunk, a gang of Wild Turkey 101, a quart of Rum and 3 dozen amyls.  With enough stinkbombs, Cherry Bombs, firecrackers and 161 DB loudhorns and if things get real ugly I'll pull out a fire hose and start a protest, even if only just imagined in my head and not really happening.

At this point, fried on drugs I would be like "who won, maybe nobody" and then I would jet to Vegas, drunk, stoned, Ripped, twisted!  Go to lake Mead, rent a cigarette boat frying on LSD-25 and curse the bastard who put the Hover Dam there!

Ok ok, so maybe not, But I know I am making the GTO, triple barreled Rapidstrike powered on enough lithium batteries to start a semi-truck and fire so fast, there will be so many darts flying, they won't even be able to tell who shot them!

All in good humor!


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