Friday, October 11, 2013

My Mean Battle Loadout (Batbelt Array 3.0)

Yes, sorta pouty looking, best friends Dad is dying, slowly, sorry.

The belt rig is the Batbelt Version 3.0 by of course, Cartaya Mod Works.  So is this pistol it clasps in with Neodymium Magnets.
The Belt is made for instant access to all Nerf gear required for battle.

It is non-restrictive at arms reach and easy to use, I like it much better than a vest as it promotes freer use of the body during battle.  I do wish a company would pick up my idea and manufacture it, maybe pay me a small royalty and let me help them design other things.

The other thing I would like to point out is...

My pistols, able to deal out foam as far as 120-130 average Flat feet with a peak as high as 150.  Now are they as stable as lets say an Xplorer Xarrett?  No, but in pistol range you don't need it.   I would also love it if a company would help me with a parts kit and only pay me a small royalty for designing them, my first choice is of course Xplorer, love that company.  Dninja Heng, who owns explorer has such a positive and inventive spirit.  I don't want to work with crooks or matchstick men.  He bought a couple a couple months back, but maybe it is not his cup of tea.  The draw is hard, the higher yields are higher maintenance, but I finally made a single spring model, the last one on the right.  

They are from left to right.

Stage 1 12 Kg, R-Spec Ultra Match $59.99

Stage 2 R-Spec Ultra Match ZDS 18 Kg $99.99, 16Kg Version  $89.99

Rebelle Yell ZDS 16 Kg, $59.99

And the R-Spec ZDS, just finished today, 11 Kg, $34.99 

Tomorrow I will show you the New R-Spec Tagger, 75-85 flat and the bruises it leaves, OUCH!


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