Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Surprise Of The Month, The Nerf Hammershot!

Wow am I gassed at this one,  The Hammershot.  Why exactly?  Because I got one to shoot 90 flat with Elites, at one point at least.  It is a Very easy blaster to mod and only needs 3 things to get there.

1. A Pre-Compression spacer for the spring.
2. A Spacer in front of the 5 Shot cylinder to push it against the Plunger Tube
3. To glue back the AR, but don't take it out or else you lose 10' flat.

So lets get down to it....

 First off, you need a buffer to push it against the plunger tube, a Retaliator sized O-Ring can work or putting in 1/4 inch of junked Elite dart which makes better compression for our next step...

Take a Pair of plyers, file off 1mm of the AR tooth, turn it iin 90 degrees and glue it back with superglue. after that..
 Get yourself .55 inches of 1/2 inch brass/cpvc, nylon and make a spacer, but be careful, that spring is hard to put back in.
Here it is at full compression!

Now here is the mystery, the more you do with this blaster, the worse it gets!  At this point with Zombie Strike Dart I had 90ish flat, however when I tried again i could only get it to 75 at most.  As soon as you teflon tape the Plunger head, take out the AR, you loose speed.  Also, my main one is backed off right now because this is very hard to prime, even for a big guy like me.  So right now I am pulling 60-70 with a 3/8ths Nylon spacer, and I am fine with that.

But one more surprise!

The holes in the accessory rail make my favorite scope a simple,drop in accessory, a 1x30mm B-style red dot sight, is that tacticool or what.!

 My favorite Nerf revolver EVER!

Until then remember...it's stronger than it looks!


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