Monday, October 14, 2013

Stage 2/3 Retaliator Kits Delayed Again....But Pics Help? I......Think?

Ahh man, my dreams of Retaliator bliss smashed again temporary when I went on  facebook today and woke up to this on the Orange Mod Works forum.  Much to the appeasement of some of my friends who take over parks and have big wars that think some of my blasters are too powerful for their wars already.

  1. Retaliator Stage 2:

    Breech has been modified and reinforced. We had a delay in receiving the new fixed breech but it tested nicely. Boltsled, Plunger Rod and Triggers are all good to go.

    We now move into Assembly & Packaging, shipping will start as early as next week.

    Strongarm Final Stage:
    Slam Fire Catch has been modified and reinforced. Plunger Rod and Trigger Catch are good to go. Although we did what we could with the Slam Fire Catch, it will still be difficult to slam fire due to higher spring tension. The new modified catch improved durability and smooth the operation a bit but it will still be difficult to execute.

    We are currently polishing the trigger, which will be delayed until 11/18. Therefore, we have decided to ship all pre-orders first without it and ship triggers separately when they are done.

    Retaliator Stage 3:

    This kit was flawless until we decided to mess around with the breech (doh!). Now we have to modify the sealed breech chamber so that it will properly work with the new breech design.

    This kit will be delayed until 11/8.

    So here is what the shipping schedule will look like:

    10/23~10/30: Retaliator Stage 2 & Strongarm Final Stage
    11/11~11/13: Retaliator Stage 3
    11/18: All Strongarm Triggers"

    But look at it, the breach (not the barrel) looks alot like...himm someone elses....

    Now put in mind, this is a make or break kit for Orange Mod Works.  A commercially available sealed breach kit with the low price of $50-60 more coupled with a more powerful spring would not only potentially bring the Retaliator to another level of above most modders can do without a mod kit, it would also be a good alternative to a Longshot, well most anyhow.  

    And since they don't make longshots anymore since 2009, Remedy Metals bit the dust and any great Longshot kit costs upwards of $200-400 USD, this has "Nerf product of the year" potential. 

    I don't have one yet, I can't quote exact numbers, I can only say a flat range in theory what is possible. But an R-Spec Retaliator wastes most of it's energy because the dart is only pushed tightly by the last half inch of the bolt, the rest is around 17/32nds I.D. and loose.  Even with a 14 Kg spring, it will ONLY pull an average of 95-100 feet peaking at 110-115 with new darts.  100 Flat is common with this blaster which took much of the year developing it into a reliable holstered sidearm.

    Now with a sealed breach, if properly done, the same blaster could concievably go Ultra Match Firestrike Ranges, but as a repeater.  Xplorer's kits already do that and do that well, but I never had one to try it.  This is epic, but will is be as professional as Xplorer's kits?

    Well they are trying to make the "kits" professional Orange Mod Works is anyways, their office...I can only imagine.  Low morale, long hours, complaints everywhere about the delays. Trying not to go the way of Pak-D in an industry that is hard to work in, convince people what you have is great, kids that don't understand that a good product costs money and so does quality labor and commissions.  And then you have smart asses like me making jokes like this......

    All in good taste guys, but my entire Nerf season since after HvZ in July has been a buzzkill wishing and hoping and praying I will get these kits!  Even with the Insane Firestrike's I make, not that motivated to play knowing the heat is on it's way....someday...someday....opps, we need another 2 weeks : (

    Pouty again campers, but we will overcome!


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