Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stay Human My Friends!

Ok lets get this page back up to code.  First off, Humans Vs. Zombies.  Hopefully Southern California will have one this year.  So what should you do?  Put in mind I have been tagged in practice HvZ's but not officially large scale ones making my advice somewhat valuable.

1.  Mod limits.

Yes be mindful of them, I hate them absolutely never have I injured a person in battle with an Ultra Match or a Modded Reatliator, and I am 39, but still stuck like everyone else, under the umbrella of around 90 flat or under 100 FPS and that is only on a good day, the admins may bitch and make you go lower.  Be ready and willing to change that 12 Kg Retaliator into a 5 KG one on the spot.

The New XD Elites, if they can truly pull 60 flat as I hear sound good right out of the box for backup blasters, but not great, typically I consider any match under 80 flat to be "ha, nice driving to Camarillo for nothing" and find a nice bar so the trip is not a total loss.

Seriously, the ones who fall first are the ones who have all N strike, Maverick's, Recons, Deploys, ect.

2. Backup blasters are a must, plural intended.
I usually have at least 2 other blaster holster accessible. 

Triads, V1 Black Tactical Retaliator springs, excellent backup blasters, especially a pair in your pockets, I go as far as use quick draw holsters on Storgarms, Firestrikes, Magazines and a backup Recons/Retaliators.

The wonders that can be done with duct tape.....


Yes they are that involved.

The OMW 7 Kg Strongarm available Fully assembled from OMW is excellent, as is their Stage 2  Retaliator kit with a BT Version 2 Retaliator spring and that also can be had fully assembled.

Magnus blaster are great, but only if they are shield busters, modding them is simple, calculate the solid height of the outer part of the plunger (3/4ths) and put in a 7/8ths ID or so spring, major performance boost.  Here is one that had Half a Centurion spring minus1/2 coil added.

Hammer shots are also great, only if you keep them stock otherwise one hand prime is impossible, want power in a revolver, a 7 KG Strongarm is your answer.

3. Forget CB's Unless they are HAM radio's
If everyone else can access channel 7 so can the ZEDS, go VHF or better, I have seen so many people try to coordinate teams with radio's and get lured into a trap. 

4. Carry lots of ammo, Cheap ebay ammo. 
Remember HvZ has no dart sweep, you shoot it, you lose it, everyone else picks it up.

Koosh darts are good, I found some red ones on ebay NIC Legend Bob O' Bob swears by, found that are normal headed, I'm buying 500 of them.  Buy at least 400, if not 600 darts, you can always sell them to others at 100% markup at the meet.

5. Stay with your group.

Cover each other, don't be a hero, the more people get tagged the more enemies you and your human friends have.  I remember nearly going out of my head every HvZ because I am usually one of the last 8-10 left, always insane firing off 70% of my darts in the last round.  That happens no matter what, but would you like only the last 10 minutes of 215 heartrate insanity, or 2 hours.  The choice is yours and collectively all the other players.

6.  Know your Primary blaster inside out.

Can you reload it this fast?

How fast can you unjam it?  How about fix it on the run, can you?  Do you know it's failure points?  If so how are you avoiding failure?  If flywheel do you have an extra set of LI-Ion batteries on you?

Do you? DO YOU!!!???

Take it easy....for now....