Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This Is Why I Mod Mainly Pistols

I have been modding Recons, Retaliators, Firestrikes, Triads, Reflexes, and anything thrown my way since 2008.  In an novice sense, since i was 10, that would be 1985.  Much has happened, blasters got clipfed, Larami's Super Soaker line being bought out, I dare say it, the "Second best" revolution Nerf ever saw and the departure from huge darts (that they had to be) to more tactical micro darts and later streamlines being the mainstay.

The third best revolution was clipfed...

The first being the proliferation of modding and how professional it has become.  Not just companies, but individuals like me and many others.

So the question always looms, every week at least one person asks it, "Why not a modded longshot Cartaya."   Everyone knows I "Can" mod one, it's in my abilities, but I mod weapons I use and test in battle,  and to be honest, I just don't need one. Years of pistol use, firearms training and personal tactical gear development make me more acustom to pistols and less evasive designs of Nerf blasters.

I have trained myself to be a more resourceful player, not dependent on a high rate of fire, electric blasters. Endorsing the use of easy, quick and ample supply of backups and spare magazines full of ammo.   Above average ranges, some call outrageous, others confirm in reviews and others still, victims. But not power over usability.

And then I thought it out, THAT'S IT!,  My real purpose of Modding,  Battle supremacy!

* I find too many clumsy stickings with players fucking around with the bolts of the Longshot and Longstrikes, who jam the magazines and fail to prime them when the time is right.  I have yet to play with a really great Magfed Longshot player who truely had so much better range he could beat me or had the jump on me.  I am sure an Xplorer longshot would be different, but then again Basic Nerf would ban that from his wars like customs ban Cuban Cigars.

*I Hear the roar of spinup motors and get the jump on players dependent of batteries, unless I am cornered, surprised, or all my team is dead, a full auto victory against Cartaya is Scarce.  Even people with Rapidstrikes run from my, hehe....Firestrikes : )

Yeah, I got some hot Firestrikes, but a Longshot that could do as long of ranges and clipfeds are better.  Yeah, a Retaliator that has done 110 flat is nice, a good longshot can do 120- 160 flat, but a smaller package I have found is worth the sacrifice in range.  Not to mention, always catches them by surprise when they think it is nothing more than a "Shit-Taliator."

Does anyone understand that I am not after the longest range, I am after the best configuration?

Range is a Byproduct, I have great ranges for what I mod but I think for example.....

....A Super Veloce Retaliator is the most Genius mod I ever came up with. Simple, to the point 90 ish flat average range and only requires 3 new parts that cost $14, very effective weapon in battle that makes Zombies run away and I have nailed people with it from 160 feet away!.  Just today someone mentioned it on a post on Facebook, it made my day, seriously.

Well gotta go to bed, peace.


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