Sunday, November 30, 2014

As if a 3-7x power 20mm scope wasn't enough....

I added a 1 power red dot, just look.

And check out the big spring on Brad, you're a smart motherfucker, that's right ;)

Yeppers, that complex.

More later


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bird of Prey, Type-R Bowcaster

I have been working on this blaster for a few months, getting it just right and Yes,  I have been reluctant to post this, why?  Because the build components just yells Blaster suicide.

25-32 Kg's of spring force.

A cutdown Longshot PT and PH fixed to a Star Shot Plunger rod.


4Kg's of trigger catch spring.

12 inches of Brass Barrel and a 9/16 coupler.  A first for a Cartaya Mod Works Blaster.

Seriously, I believed I pushed the Star Shot to it's limits with the Type M (Magnus tubed Bird Of Prey)....I was wrong.  I still didn't want to post it one week and then find the next it cannot work more than a week.

But here it is!

It can shoot darts as far as 200' flat, but dialed down to 160'-180' it is menacingly accurate!  More so than it's power, is it's accuracy really sets this blaster off.

Here is the first longshot Plunger tubed BoP, the Type-L with a 7 inch barrel and 24 Kg's and 55 cc's of plunger volume.  I am well beyond this now with 28Kg's 66cc's and 12" of barrel.

The other thing is, it's hella light, just over a pound with a 3-7x20 scope, it fits in a notebook computer bag with the barrel and stock removed and the last battle I played, nobody could even land a dart on me when I was using it.

More on this beast to come.  Until next time, Uzi Suicide time!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cyclone Shock Mod Advice.

So we all saw Rob's and Drac's mods for the Cyclone Shock which will be out soon. 

So since I specialize in pistol modding, let me give you my take on it.

1: You are limited in barrel length.

There is no way around it, it's a revolver and like any Nerf revolver, it has a front crane limiting the 6 chambers overall barrel length.  I have seen attempts to make the cylinder mounted at 1 point but I often see issues with air pressure at the chambers.  So no more than 4" of barrel, which should be fine unless you are fighting me.  However the barrel length limits the potential this blaster has and as it moves more air, it needs a longer barrel to make the best use of it at higher yields.

Max prediction for speed looks to be around 130-140 FPS with most pulling off 100-110 FPS if they mod it, which is hells better than a JT Spat!  X Darts highly recommended.  Which is decent, but my Studies are going well beyond that.
2: No more than 14-16Kg's, for several reasons.

First off, this trigger catch is very similar to a Magnus.  I'm sure you saw what happened when I twin sprigged a Magnus with half a Centurion spring.  Snap!  The catch came apart.  Now this one does look like the catch is made from strong Derlin plastic rather than ABS, but it still has a small contact point.

According to the Pictures from The SBNC, The other issue is that Telescoping Plunger rod, on the Predator buzz bee, it is the weak point, I suspect the same here, one bad hard pull and SNAP!  You are going to have a bad day.  However the plastic looks much stronger and better, only testing will truly tell.

3.  Make those Barrels straight and true, as well as rear loaded.

No reason why you cant do this.  I don't know how I am going to glue these barrels in yet, but I am centering them with guides for the love of God and all that is not Richard Nixon!

This will be much like My Messenger From hell, with 6 barrels.  I see it as a great decent range blaster in its potential, especially slam mode 6 shots over 120' flat, maybe 130' but IMO, a Magnus has more potential.

Here is my theory:

My experience building the Scaramagna Firestrike and the Bird of prey Type-M,  Both had Magnus PT's and only 2.125" of plunger length, they got over 160' flat and the type M got over 170 FPS.  However that required a 7" barrel, a "sealed" 7" barrel straight to the PH without dead space with no leaks.

Even the Ultra Match Firestrike @ 18 Kg's requires a 5.5 inch barrel just to convert that power to speed in the dart.  If left at 4 inches, it was no better than a 12Kg Firestrike.

Verdict:  A Cyclone Shock needs longer barrels to live up to it's potential, a singular mounted cylinder turret that hugs the PT seal nicely is my advice.  I already see several weak points that I have pointed out and also lest not forget.....

"It's a Revolver"

It's going to have trouble with high pressure air leakage at higher yields because it will always have a gap between the PT and the cylinder.  But I'll get one and see what I can do.

Well Until next time, I'll see you in Disneyland.