Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The skinny on the 2014-2015 brand new pistols.

Lots of great surprises, lots of real disappointments.

1.  Sharpfire, $15 Target.

This pistol is a marksmans dream in the right hand, sure the plunger volume is only 34cc's but the blaster easily can take 18 Kg's  the barrel interlocks into the frame, the frame to the slide, the slide to the plunger tube and with my new kit coming out on the 15th, a brass barrel too.  It is possible to get nuts on accuracy.  

The range is decent  120' flat is easy to hit with some 130's, 75' to 85' with #6 slugs, not Bird of Prey ranges but better than most sealed breech retaliators and longshots I have seen out there (save Xplorers, those are the best).

Every blaster has a limiting factor, this one is the priming handle, if you go past 18kg's you need to glue the slide to the barrel with crazy glue or it will snap off. My personal one is 21 Kg's.

Bigshock, $8 target.

A little harder to get up to code.  Limited to 1" of solid space so you need a spring set like the Ultra Match Firestrike, which I put on there, 19 Kg's but it needs something else....

The Geniuses at Nerf decided to put 2 channels limiting the plungers ability to draw air past 1".  If filled like I filled it (Krazy Glue, bondo or epoxy recommended)  than it will have as much Volume as a 3.5 inch draw nitefinder.  They also riveted the plunger, but nothing a # 8 flathead and a #6 washer can't fix ;)

My brass barrel was easy, 9/16ths coupler holding a 17/32nds barrel, the more it breaks in, the more powerful it is.

It's worth the trouble, this one is stashable, if you remove the barrel, it fits perfectly in the cargo pants and is 20-30 feet more powerful than a troublemaker triad.

Cycloneshock, $20 Target:  70 cc's and a nice revolver action, lots have modded them, Drac, Rob at SBNC, go troll at their vids, I hate revolver blasters.

The others are just DAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

4 victory, flipfury, not enough yield potential

mini mischief, one way hook would break past 11Kg's, but I might try it.

Sharp fire, see Lord Drac's vid
Double Down, like the doublestrike, no rubber sealed AR's and it's just fugly!

White Triads, leakage.

Secret shot, not enough yield potential, brass barrels would obstruct purse mode.

Knock out gallery set, typical Jolt mods, but nicer grip.