Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fun with Chronographs.

Chronographs are the way, unfortunately I have never been able to afford one, always something else to buy always something else to do.

Well, I hosted a Nerf war on the 25th of April, and a player Named Donald "The Punisher" Carey, big guy, 6'9" tall, offered to sell it to me....for $20, literally donated it.

As many know, my pistols have been of speculation since early 2013, and as many get serious into this field, if they don't have the tools to prove, people simply heckle you in the NIC.  These tools can be a troublesome pain in the ass, just try firing a Draw pistol with a camera in your hands, hard.

And even then unless you have a damn Film crew, your pretty much sunk going this route. If You claim a range, "film it", you filmed it, "get a tape measure", you measured it out, oh now it's "put a bubble level on the blaster", oh no it's not on grass, on grass the ground cannot be level and Blah blah blah blah.....

After awhile, I respectfully declined to be like some slave and appease these pain in the ass requests.

Range test honestly in hindsight, are better for testing accuracy and darts.  I tried at one point to work backwards, funny so in terms or recent events, it was the same math formula Ryan Gilles used in backwards that only works with #6 darts, yeah Mr. math who heckled me one day and got blocked from my facebook profile for being a bitch.  So this is why I basically had a fuck off Ryan attitude.

And according to that formula, my Firestrike that was "then" doing 141 flat was going 276 FPS, in actuality it was doing 141 fps at that range.  Meaning if he did his math with my blasters, he would be 60 feet short of the actual result flat, glad he only works on Bi Planes and not spy planes ;)

Velocity is velocity, no doubting that.  You can go round and round, unless you got the numbers.  And here they are......  Exactly measured on a Chronograph.

In 18 Kg's it does 150-155fps, what a difference OMW and 3Kg's make, like 40fps difference....

My brand New Spirit of Xplorer Longshot, review to come soon.....

The BoP Type-L, what a fucking monster! and yes, it is not an air blaster, it is a springer!

BoP Type-L peaking around 350 FPS, still have to figure out how to do it every time.