Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Failure To Launch.

Why won't any Nerf meets take off any more?  I started one yesterday, out of my busy days, and nobody showed.  Sure, I had no promises, I didn't feel bad, I though the lady with the cat in the baby carrage who sounded like a Man when I told her/him/it the cat was cute was facinating.  And also the guy from the city of Marina Del Rey all the sudden putting up 90 minute parking limit enforced daily signs up (free parking at the beach, hard to find) to be interesting as well since by some chance, he changed oyt the parking signs at Chace park that very day I was there trying to start a NIC war!

I am glad nobody showed, one, parking limits changed overnight and two, because the people at the park were a little...well weirder than even me!  It's a great park, nice layout, multi terrain, even a small tunnel, in the Marina where there are even docks at the park to boat slips.  I didn't mind being stuck there a few hours to wait for people.

Still however, it has become harder to start a game as of late.  I remember the good ole days where me and 3 of my punk friends would buy plastic disk blasters and play Spy Vs Spy al the while avoiding the mall cops!  It was so easy, here's the guns, lets play.  But now a days, there is always a hitch, some moron who tags a bystandard with a singled Titan, heavy rules and regulations, mod limits, and finding a good park to play in.  Let alone every one elses itinerary getting in the way trying to find a day common off to play.  And I did sorta tell everyone last minute.

Ahh well I will post my next game on here and FB next time much more ahead of time.



Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Dart Dillema.

So as you know, some of my blasters are Nazi. And as you can imagine, they do better with stephan type darts however, I have never stocked them for a simple reason, they are not backwardly compatible with stock Nerf blasters.  Now why is that an issue? Well if you play with leagues and many are counting on you to bring darts for many to play, changing your standard dart system is a rather complicated issue because it is not just about what you bring to battle, it's what they do as well.

This is the first I have brought this up to anyone, I have my firestrikes, all are Brassed, I have a Stage 2 Triad that used 12kg springs and if i am lucky, the new Stage 2/3 Reatliator kits might work with stephans.  Since I mainly battle  with a Triad/Firestrike/Retaliator setup with VERY few exceptions, 1000 or so PAK-D Stephans might be a good choice while keeping around a couple hundred Elites for backward compatibility.  It seems logical right?  And I am sure the Performance will be more consistent and better.  But what do you suggest?  PAK-D's  Superdomes?  I mean what?

Will people bitch? Stay Tuned? I have always been one to try to raise the bar, but will be going too far?


Friday, August 9, 2013

The New Shit Is In the Shiznett!!

And I couldn't be happier, going to TRU today I saw this swag!

Yes yes oh happy day, now if only OMW would move it on the kits, I would be a happy Pand-ee.

And they had it's fancier but not as easy to mega mod brother thee....Rampage!!!!

But if that is not cool enough, they have in this series....a....HAIL-FIRE!!! Now I might acutally buy this one, I sold my old Hail-fire out of discombobulation and near manic bordom, but hey, worth another shot!

And they have the New Rebelle stuff, it's pretty cool when you see it packaged and imagine a world where cute little women shoot each other with Nerf darts all day long if you think about it.  My second thought, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I WAS GROWING UP, I NEEDED A GIRLFRIEND LIKE THAT when i was 8!!!

But for now, they're Cheaper than Oakleys!

More laterz after Chris makes you rub the lotion on the skin or else you get the hose again!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Down With Big Red Part 1

So are you afraid? Having nightmares about the big red blaster shooting you with some Krazed schoolkid behind the trigger?

Well fear no more because for Fall and the rest of Summer we are gonna teach you how to beat zeee Centurion with a little crowning jewel of wisdom we like to call "Centurion Dominance"!

With all the new shit coming out like the stage 2 OMW retaliator kits and the already out R-Spec Retaliator, Firestrike and Triad.  We will beat those red ruskies!!!

With that tutorials of how to make the Enitre R-Spec Line, both stage 1 and stage 2, that will well surpass a Centurion for range.  And today I just wanna start out with this!



Sunday, August 4, 2013

Does "Rebelle" Mean "Repaint" To Hasbro?

Maybe to some people, I mean look at this Speedswarm copy, the Nerf Powerbelle, is this a sign of things to come?

And it looks like a fucking purse is included.  I like what Ferris Said in her first take on the Rebelle line, that design needs to be made for women to begin with, mag catches, the grips, the trigger pulls, everything, this is hardly it!

One thing is for sure, with these repainted darts, if I get hit, I can be sure to know I was hit by either a Girl, or a really fairy looking guy if i pick up the darts and they are these....

A real lady warrior would never fight with such crap!  I am sorry, and I think the little women who buy these are all gonna get teased!

Time to put my own head in the toilet and flush it until I puke!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where Art Thou Mega Elite Darts!

After Hasbro murderized the Nerf Centurion by having some guy in the back cut slits in the piston of each one, only one thing potentially stands good about the whole ordeal, the darts!

Imagine if you will WATHUD!!! as 1 inch of rubber tip slams into you and your ego!  I want this! Maybe some scotch 713 tape on the outside of the tip and land it into a brass barrel the same I.D, of oh...lets say..a Titan?  Panther?   Range Master, ahh hell a 650 cobra shitblaster with a big ass pipe on it!!! lets go kill!!!!

But one problem!  They are not in stores!!!  FUCK!!!  Why!

I see the Centurions...But no darts but what comes with it.  Who the hell is gonna wanna drop 50 bucks on a blaster you can't even get ammo for yet?   I mean when I shop for a blaster, I am looking for a serious shooting platform without x-tra ammo, what is the point.

But mostly I wanna take some Air engines and start JFKing my friends!  Will they still be my friends?