Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Remember....

....When I started playing Nerf and all I wanted to do was win and then...I started winning big, liked the attention from people I beat, shook the hands as a good sport when I lost because the ones who did win won by clever tactics, excellent gameplay and/or a great level of skill.

But then I started thinking...

Me winning big means I am not doing enough for others because as a good tactical player, I want that for others too.  When I can't get others up to my level, I start feeling like I am not spending enough time with them, teaching them the ropes.  This is not true with the Norwalk leauge, well actually, maybe it is to a degree.  Anthony started selling his blasters, his great blasters, my favorite modder, because he does not have room, why didn't he just ask me to store them!  I would have!  But no, I am a fucking lacky!  Another favorite modder, Kyle, closer friend, hasn't seen me in 2 or so weeks since my life is so crazy and there it is, all those hard feelings, self pity, starts adding up!

Even harder when I go to a meet and win every round but the last round, Gunslinger heaven.  Yes I won all 3, but the last round I was like "WHAT! DID I WIN AGAIN, FUCK!" (goddamn me to hell, fuck I need to do better).  No not me do better, I didn't give a shit that I won, I menat "me" do better teaching these kids to ace other opponents!

What I am saying is that it is not all about winning, it's about making our fair sport better and please sign this, Hasbro needs to go down a few pegs!


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