Sunday, November 30, 2014

As if a 3-7x power 20mm scope wasn't enough....

I added a 1 power red dot, just look.

And check out the big spring on Brad, you're a smart motherfucker, that's right ;)

Yeppers, that complex.

More later


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bird of Prey, Type-R Bowcaster

I have been working on this blaster for a few months, getting it just right and Yes,  I have been reluctant to post this, why?  Because the build components just yells Blaster suicide.

25-32 Kg's of spring force.

A cutdown Longshot PT and PH fixed to a Star Shot Plunger rod.


4Kg's of trigger catch spring.

12 inches of Brass Barrel and a 9/16 coupler.  A first for a Cartaya Mod Works Blaster.

Seriously, I believed I pushed the Star Shot to it's limits with the Type M (Magnus tubed Bird Of Prey)....I was wrong.  I still didn't want to post it one week and then find the next it cannot work more than a week.

But here it is!

It can shoot darts as far as 200' flat, but dialed down to 160'-180' it is menacingly accurate!  More so than it's power, is it's accuracy really sets this blaster off.

Here is the first longshot Plunger tubed BoP, the Type-L with a 7 inch barrel and 24 Kg's and 55 cc's of plunger volume.  I am well beyond this now with 28Kg's 66cc's and 12" of barrel.

The other thing is, it's hella light, just over a pound with a 3-7x20 scope, it fits in a notebook computer bag with the barrel and stock removed and the last battle I played, nobody could even land a dart on me when I was using it.

More on this beast to come.  Until next time, Uzi Suicide time!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cyclone Shock Mod Advice.

So we all saw Rob's and Drac's mods for the Cyclone Shock which will be out soon. 

So since I specialize in pistol modding, let me give you my take on it.

1: You are limited in barrel length.

There is no way around it, it's a revolver and like any Nerf revolver, it has a front crane limiting the 6 chambers overall barrel length.  I have seen attempts to make the cylinder mounted at 1 point but I often see issues with air pressure at the chambers.  So no more than 4" of barrel, which should be fine unless you are fighting me.  However the barrel length limits the potential this blaster has and as it moves more air, it needs a longer barrel to make the best use of it at higher yields.

Max prediction for speed looks to be around 130-140 FPS with most pulling off 100-110 FPS if they mod it, which is hells better than a JT Spat!  X Darts highly recommended.  Which is decent, but my Studies are going well beyond that.
2: No more than 14-16Kg's, for several reasons.

First off, this trigger catch is very similar to a Magnus.  I'm sure you saw what happened when I twin sprigged a Magnus with half a Centurion spring.  Snap!  The catch came apart.  Now this one does look like the catch is made from strong Derlin plastic rather than ABS, but it still has a small contact point.

According to the Pictures from The SBNC, The other issue is that Telescoping Plunger rod, on the Predator buzz bee, it is the weak point, I suspect the same here, one bad hard pull and SNAP!  You are going to have a bad day.  However the plastic looks much stronger and better, only testing will truly tell.

3.  Make those Barrels straight and true, as well as rear loaded.

No reason why you cant do this.  I don't know how I am going to glue these barrels in yet, but I am centering them with guides for the love of God and all that is not Richard Nixon!

This will be much like My Messenger From hell, with 6 barrels.  I see it as a great decent range blaster in its potential, especially slam mode 6 shots over 120' flat, maybe 130' but IMO, a Magnus has more potential.

Here is my theory:

My experience building the Scaramagna Firestrike and the Bird of prey Type-M,  Both had Magnus PT's and only 2.125" of plunger length, they got over 160' flat and the type M got over 170 FPS.  However that required a 7" barrel, a "sealed" 7" barrel straight to the PH without dead space with no leaks.

Even the Ultra Match Firestrike @ 18 Kg's requires a 5.5 inch barrel just to convert that power to speed in the dart.  If left at 4 inches, it was no better than a 12Kg Firestrike.

Verdict:  A Cyclone Shock needs longer barrels to live up to it's potential, a singular mounted cylinder turret that hugs the PT seal nicely is my advice.  I already see several weak points that I have pointed out and also lest not forget.....

"It's a Revolver"

It's going to have trouble with high pressure air leakage at higher yields because it will always have a gap between the PT and the cylinder.  But I'll get one and see what I can do.

Well Until next time, I'll see you in Disneyland.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stay Human My Friends!

Ok lets get this page back up to code.  First off, Humans Vs. Zombies.  Hopefully Southern California will have one this year.  So what should you do?  Put in mind I have been tagged in practice HvZ's but not officially large scale ones making my advice somewhat valuable.

1.  Mod limits.

Yes be mindful of them, I hate them absolutely never have I injured a person in battle with an Ultra Match or a Modded Reatliator, and I am 39, but still stuck like everyone else, under the umbrella of around 90 flat or under 100 FPS and that is only on a good day, the admins may bitch and make you go lower.  Be ready and willing to change that 12 Kg Retaliator into a 5 KG one on the spot.

The New XD Elites, if they can truly pull 60 flat as I hear sound good right out of the box for backup blasters, but not great, typically I consider any match under 80 flat to be "ha, nice driving to Camarillo for nothing" and find a nice bar so the trip is not a total loss.

Seriously, the ones who fall first are the ones who have all N strike, Maverick's, Recons, Deploys, ect.

2. Backup blasters are a must, plural intended.
I usually have at least 2 other blaster holster accessible. 

Triads, V1 Black Tactical Retaliator springs, excellent backup blasters, especially a pair in your pockets, I go as far as use quick draw holsters on Storgarms, Firestrikes, Magazines and a backup Recons/Retaliators.

The wonders that can be done with duct tape.....


Yes they are that involved.

The OMW 7 Kg Strongarm available Fully assembled from OMW is excellent, as is their Stage 2  Retaliator kit with a BT Version 2 Retaliator spring and that also can be had fully assembled.

Magnus blaster are great, but only if they are shield busters, modding them is simple, calculate the solid height of the outer part of the plunger (3/4ths) and put in a 7/8ths ID or so spring, major performance boost.  Here is one that had Half a Centurion spring minus1/2 coil added.

Hammer shots are also great, only if you keep them stock otherwise one hand prime is impossible, want power in a revolver, a 7 KG Strongarm is your answer.

3. Forget CB's Unless they are HAM radio's
If everyone else can access channel 7 so can the ZEDS, go VHF or better, I have seen so many people try to coordinate teams with radio's and get lured into a trap. 

4. Carry lots of ammo, Cheap ebay ammo. 
Remember HvZ has no dart sweep, you shoot it, you lose it, everyone else picks it up.

Koosh darts are good, I found some red ones on ebay NIC Legend Bob O' Bob swears by, found that are normal headed, I'm buying 500 of them.  Buy at least 400, if not 600 darts, you can always sell them to others at 100% markup at the meet.

5. Stay with your group.

Cover each other, don't be a hero, the more people get tagged the more enemies you and your human friends have.  I remember nearly going out of my head every HvZ because I am usually one of the last 8-10 left, always insane firing off 70% of my darts in the last round.  That happens no matter what, but would you like only the last 10 minutes of 215 heartrate insanity, or 2 hours.  The choice is yours and collectively all the other players.

6.  Know your Primary blaster inside out.

Can you reload it this fast?

How fast can you unjam it?  How about fix it on the run, can you?  Do you know it's failure points?  If so how are you avoiding failure?  If flywheel do you have an extra set of LI-Ion batteries on you?

Do you? DO YOU!!!???

Take it easy....for now....


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pistol Primary Guidelines.

One can fare in battle with only pistols,  I do it all the time.  For the last year I have been using single shot pistols as my primaries in Nerf battle.  The Catch...They are Ultra Match pistols.   However if you want to wield pistols in battle one must understand where they have a place in battle in order to win.

Advantages of pistols as primaries:

1.  You don't have to reload a magazine, as long as you use the right ammo (not standard streamlines in Triads for example) you can just pick up ammo off the ground and keep firing what they are firing at you.  Virtually no chance of running out of ammo completely.

2. Simpler operation makes for lesser likelihood of jamming.

3. Reserves your clipfed and hopper based blasters for more intense close range battles while your enemies throw away ammo like candy all the time.


1.  Lower Rate of Fire.

2.  Lesser likelihood of a follow up shot.

3.  Typically lesser ranges, unless your me ;)


1.  MUST have a clipfed as a backup, Preferably a backup primary as well, especially when you are taking that long learning curve on how to shoot Old'e school again.  My recommendations are the Stryfe and the Retaliator on a holster type rig like I carry.  If you need the clipfed every battle, your still learning in my book.

2.  Pistol Primary, if single should shoot at least 120 fps in Modded stock with elite darts and at least 150 fps in a NIC war with domed stefans.  Most people who try using a pistol as a primary don't try it with a decent enough pistol to be a primary, which is why most who try quit.  Doing this gives you a pistol to pick people off with at and above 100' or a fast piston nobody can dodge under 100' giving welts as souvenirs ;)

3. Pistol Primaries, if dual Wielded should shoot at least 90-100fps and repeater.  Your best platforms I have seen in battle are dual Strongarms, dual Stryfes, dual Magnus's and dual Triad's, dual Triad's being my favorite, but dual Magnus's looks fascinating to me.  Typically these are close range assault players.

4.  Your ammo must be great! You get to bring less of it to a meet, I usualy bring about 40-50 darts to a war but I have shown up with 20 pieces of ammo once and did just fine, but it better be good like Xplorer darts, Sllia domes.  Trying to use Elites at long range is like trying to hit a barb wire fence with an airsoft from 120'.  you shoot less so you need to make your shots count more.

5.  Your blasters better be solid, no play in the barrel, no catch issues, no air leakage, no shitty darts and a way to tell yours apart from everyone elses quickly in battle (e.g. Shorter domed darts looking different than Elites).

6. Be willing to throw your blaster to the ground and quickly grab something else, if you can't, don't bother going old school.

Remember it can be done, but you really need to play around to get it right for you.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Ted Nugent Called, He Wants His Blasters Back ;)"

No you are not in the 80's or the 60's for that matter. Take a look at Mattels New Blaster Lineup for the Summer of 2014.  In particular, this blaster seems to be the big talk of the lineup.

I think they are ugly, but some people dig the looks for is "Cosplay evil villain looks" and with their most expensive blaster being...

*Air powered.
*Selective Fire (semi or full auto, switchable)
*Store replaceable magazines unlike the AS-10 Magstrike which was a major drag!
*Darts with Grooves that possibly can take 9/16ths O rings, (time to make a 9/16th bore Ultra Match).

It could outdo the Magstrike and maybe even...I dare say it...A Rapidstrike!

But it all depends, there are many things to consider.

A new dart system:

Do you really want to switch darts? It was hard enough for me to switch to Stefans, and I am still not quite there for my main battle blasters myself.  Since it is full auto, you better have at least 300 darts and 5 magazines to use it as a primary.  Also if nobody else is using it, picking up darts in battle is hard and if it is not a common battle platform, could be tough.


How tough are they?  For example if the Retaliators were not tough, I could have never gotten a 14 Kg spring in the blaster, or 21 Kg's in a Star Shot may be even a better example.  These look a little weak and remember, these are the first Mattel is making, first of anything always has the most problems.


What is the tank on this thing?  big? small? solid? could I just plug the overpressure regulator? does it even have one? and where is it, the pump? the tank?  Can I get it up to 100 flat in Full auto?

Do you just have to have it?:

Congrats, most people like you end up in rehab or hoarding something dumb like collecting vintage tampons.

Can the clipfire be Ultra Matched to achieve "Magnum Force?:

Possible, all depends on the plunger rod material, plunger head and trigger catch.  I like that it can fold and be concealed (My mom just notions to me, "Crap, trouble at Knotts Berry Farm, please not again Chris!")

See You In Disneyland.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Coming Soon To Kickstarter, The Ultra Match Mod Kit.

The Ultra Match Series, powerful, accurate, expensive to make, difficult to build, this wiki points out just how difficult, and the one shown is not even a ZDS version.

And this...

That does this...

This blaster should be an entry level stefan blaster to get people into better performing blasters, capable of being bought Turnkey minus for $40 and above.  If I had a practical way to offer this as injected molded parts with control of the materials used, It can be done.  Right now they are hand built, hand machined modded blasters that even the springs because I am not buying them in bulk cost $22.50 on an 18 Kg Pink Crush alone.

They are a work of art, but even if I had 100 orders, they just ain't doing me, my customers and myself justice trying to do it this way.

So I will seek the advice of the manufactures I know and find a way to start a startup company to build and sell these.

Current prices:

Ultra Match ZDS Firestrike 18Kg: $99, Pink Crush Version: $89
Bird of Prey: $119, with scope: $149

Compared to what is possible:

Ultra Match Firestrike 18 Kg's Kit: $30
Star Shot Ultra Match Kit: $40
And maybe even cheaper, to achieve...Magnum Force!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Slingfire.

What can we do with the Slingfire?  First and foremost argument is that...."It's geared, oh no!"  yes it is geared and according to Awesomely Nerf's excellent photo's the weak spot is here...

Himm..a touque limiter assembly?  Why the hell do we need that?  Oh wait? to limit the weight springs we use on modding our blasters, no thanks.   The Grey plastic, that is what we need to know about, is it weak ABS or maybe stronger like  HDPE?  if it's HDPE or High Density Polyethylene or even better Delrin, we could be looking at as much as 12 Kg's of modding potential.  My guess is that it is the plastic they use one the Firestrike grips, and that stuff is decently strong.

I think stronger and why?  This pic says it all.  

Notice the weaker ABS bolt sled, obviously they needed a stronger plastic for the gearing, I guessing you fix the Torque limiter problem, you are in business.

Now the rest of it, mod it like an SV Retaliator and you are in luck, maybe I can even put an Xplorer kit in it or my very own version of the Orange Mod works Stage 1+2+3 kit.  A friend of mine Trix1204  Thought that it looks complicated, nahh it ain't that bad, a Stampede is much more a mess and I wouldn't lose the rear grip.  It is however nice it is modular.

Final Verdict:  

Modability: 8.4 
Better than an EAT but not as good as a Retaliator (9.1) or a Old Longshot (9.8)  depending highly on the durability of the grey plastic and the need of that torque limited. 

Rate of fire: 9

It's a lever gun, duh.  I predict nice reloading built for better sustained fire than a Rapidstrike and more stable than a Rampage.

Size: 7

This I give a lower score because the stock removal does not keep the grip by default, the blaster is too big to be a pistol, too small to be a rifle.  It's meant to be a carbine only really, sawing off the rear stock would serve nothing but a personal preference.  I see no use to minimizing it and quite frankly, I think it would look dumb if you did.

I say buy it when it comes out.

I'll see you in Disneyland.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cartaya's Minimized RapidStrike Duct Tape Holster And Vids On How To Make Them, Finally.

So, how do you make one of Cartaya's neato duct tape holsters, everyone seen em, you know.....on the batbelt?

Well Today I made a new addition, since lately I am mainly picking people off with long range pistols, I decided I needed a 1 handed firing backup weapon to use.  I hardly ever need one, I am usually covered by people like who made this Minimized RapidStrike, Kyle Pettigrew, but you never know.  So here is a pic.

It works so good too, the vids how to make em are long, sorry, but this is no rush job, labor intensive and detail oriented.  Here is part 1, enjoy.  I will post part 2 when the upload completes.

Here is part 2, Draw and firing test at the end.

See You In Disneyland.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

When Zeee' Germans Lose, Look What Happens!

Murphy Ranch, back in the late 30's the Murphy Ranch was built by the Silver Legion (silver shirts) to wait for the Nazi's to take over Los Angeles.  They poured 4 million bucks of post Depression dollars to build a compound 1 mile from what is now Will Rogers Park.  The secret camp, was found not so secret because the day after pearl harbor, the mad men building this compound were taken away.  Spy's were all over this from day 1 as it would seem.  What was left was used by Hartford university for a time, later that grant was revoked and the rest burned down in 1978.  So me, Basic Nerf, our mutual friend Fujio (who scored me a Hydro Cannon and a UMB, to be seen later) Decided to see if it would be appropriate for an HvZ game.  Here is the video hosted by Basic Nerf's channel.

We had some fun, went down and back up several hundred stairs and had a battle to be seen in Part 2.

So what do I think of this place...

#1.  If you can't hike, you ain't tough, distance will weed out all the non hackers, I played HvZ 3 hours and 22 minutes with a Dislocated ankle for fuck sakes.  Part of the challenge in my opinion and possibly a great element of endurance for an HvZ game.

#2.  We can volunteer to clean some of the junk the week before to sweeten the deal with the Park Service.

#3. We can bring camping toilets.

#4. The place has a SERIOUS potential for a great "The Hills Have Eyes" kind of story to use in HvZ gameplay.

#5.  Some places will have to be called out of bounds or "no zombie zones" so people don't run in dangerous areas, e.g. the stairs straight up the mountain.

#6. We can also make a deal with the camp up the road, in return maybe they can help with a better place to get down the mountain and or supplies like toilets and heavy stuff like tables.

Did I regret only taking single shots and a brassed Retaliator (which wasn't used in battle)?  You will just have to see part 2.  Generally I like the Venue, but it needs to be fleshed out with a practice HvZ game or 2.

And...I didn't bring any booze to the hike, despite having a flask of Jack Daniels in the trunk, damnit!

I'll See You In Disneyland.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Blaster Configuration, Is It Time?

So I have been to myself a lot lately, not much has there been to report till now, except the new trends in modded stock and homemade blasters.  The one annoying trend I see in modded stock, Flywheel Rapid Fire. Yesterday I was in Fullerton playing with the SCUN group, even there I saw a Stryfe a backup blaster nicely used in it's role. Same as I intend to use a Minimized RapidStrike.  However most of the blasters fire came from Airguns and blasters that use hoppers.  I quickly found that after the wind picked up, Elite darts just couldn't cut though the wind.  Yes the Elite blasters were excellent for cover fire, but the heavier #6 washer felt tip slugs and my Soft Poly MHA domes were what got the kills.

"MY" trend lately has been, as you know, use a mean single shot Firestrike as a primary and leave  the Retaliator as backup.  It has been working my last 3 or 4 meets.  Yesturday even without a hopper, I faired well (covered by 2 very good teammates with Hopper blasters of course).  My point is that it is the Fidelity of the shot, skill of the shooter and abilities of your blaster that is going to get you to clip someone after yelling...

"Say Hello To My Little Friend!"

Fire, and win the round, rather than that winning dart, dancing all over the air and losing the round.

Fishtailing has been an issue as blasters become more and more powerful, the darts get wilder and wilder.  I find on mine, domes have worked best.  Recently in depth threads in Nerf Modders Welcome on facebook basically lead to the idea that compression of the dart as it flies out of the barrel make the surface jagged and thus, fishtail.  The faster you shoot it, the more air pressure it took to get it there, makes sense.

So you have to ask yourself, Is it time for a new blaster loadout?   You know, one where you don't just give up and pack some Trustfire Batteries, a Rapidstrike, 12-18 round magazines and just throw away ammo saying the hell with it?

I say that is dumb, work on stability of your shooting platform, your aim, why do you "need" to throw away 200 rounds of ammo when Cartaya can bag just as many fools with 15 rounds and an Ultra Match.  You don't "Need" to have that much firepower.   However, the RS and Stryfes are great blasters and some people I know, "Want" to and are great at it.

My friend Kyle Pettigrew, my favorite player because he is serious and damn good at Military Navy Seal type tactics.  He makes a great teammate for a guy like me who likes to pick people off from +100.  So there is a place, if you're good like Kyle with a FA or a Stryfe, go for it.

My problem, everyone thinks that's their place lately.  I have seen rounds where over 2000 darts are fired most hitting nothing but air.  I mean even Kyle owns an Ultra Match and can appreciate it, once made an awesome singled Longshot, had one for awhile now.  Wouldn't you know it, Singled Longshots are just now starting to be trending in NIC forums again.

See You In Disneyland.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Ultra Match 2" In Prototype Stages, With Possible Ven om Kit Versions "Cartaya Veno-Strike" and "Magna Veno-Strike" In The Works.

The Mega Magnus plunger tube, with it's surperior 1.25 Diuameter and 1.24 Cubic inches per running inch of volume and a inner counter sealed barrel that can possibly be used to make a clipfed version later barely, with modification of the tube and the Firestrike shell.

The result is lots of air 2.6 cubic inches rather than 2.1 compatible with the same plunger with a new O-ring.  But there is more to this falls new versions of Firestrike insanity, let me explain.

First off, this prototype is using a brass coupler prototype for use with thinner grey darts, the new version will use a 9/16th brass barrel all the way to the Plunger tube but allow a 17/32nds coupler to be used for rear loading as this video shows.

These can even be pre/loaded as shotshells with me playing with the idea on the Bird of Prey.

It pulled about 80 flat each dart, not bad, but that's not all campers.

I am currently in talks with Master NIC Modder Ven om to help make the ultimate Firestrike yet.  3 types, the standard Veno-Strike which is his kit as he originally intended, The Cartaya Veno-Strike which uses the Ven om kits and possibly higher yields with an Ultra Match Firestrike and a new custom version which uses the largest plunger length a Magnus tube can be used in a Firestrike called the "Cartaya Magna Veno-Strike."  I am giving him proper credit and fair share part of the commission if it becomes a reality that they are to be sold as finished units.

But speaking of that, now were talking expensive, springs, taking apart a Mega Magnus Blaster, Ven om's commision and mine.  But think of it, no longer stuck to 1 yield of springs once installed, possibly more power (21 kg's or better) and a HELL of a lot more range with a system that is more user friendly and holds up better over time.

Until then, build more darts.

Your Friend In Space


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Future Issues Of Nerf, Part 1.

Park Legality:

At what point are the blasters going to meet opposition and why playing in public parks.  What I have seen so far is in general not opposition to Nerf blasters, but the commotion such an event with almost 100 people battling with them can make. One such scenario has been the ban of Humans Vs. Zombies from Mission Oaks park in Camarillo, CA.  This park is a nature area between housing tracts, perfect for an HvZ game.  Residence around the park got alarmed at people running around with technicolor blasters and getting too close to their fences trying to avoid Zombie tags.  It is a park, it is a public place, we don't get mad at softball games that can draw 100's of fans, do we?

I have seen people get upset at other problems they include but not limited to:

*Bullhorns, to rally the event.
*Dart's left over from battle left out in the park.
*Shooting of bystanders.

Without the ability of public play, why play Nerf?

Portability of Modded Blasters.

 As single shot pistols reach in the future much easier to attain 100 foot ranges, we could see more controversy.

It used to be, before the Air Zone Panther came out, the smaller the blaster, the less potential it has for power.  Well the Panther, made all blasters, at one point, that came originally as stock, equal, Small or large. This of course included ones kids can pack in their lunch boxes.  It was the cheap, small, easy to mod 100+ blaster of it's day.  Efforts were made to make the tanks smaller, but so many of them were made already.

This didn't seem to ban small blasters, or put ridiculous limits on them but one has to wonder, if they ever will.  Remember the origins of Nerf blasters were originally single shot pistols, there is nothing more challenging and fun than fighting a war with a single shot that can do above 130 flat.  Even if we don't want to terrorize the teachers, students, Disney employees, movie theater patrons, ect. With the advancement of Nerf modding techniques, we could see more trouble on the horizon.

Mod Limits:

Blasters get more and more powerful the more meets I go to, mine do, but so does everyone elses.  Trustfire batteries are all over benches, Few Retaliators and Rampages have stock springs anymore and the color of white PVC and gold Brass appear more common every meet I go to.  Seldom to I see an injury, or someone bitching at me that the blasters I have are too painful, but is it on it's way?

Why do I mod?  to have better tactical advantage in a stock or modded stock war.  Obviously, if mod limits get tighter, less modding is done.  This could lead to a lack of development in Nerf mod technology.  What this could do, is make Airsoft and Paintball more feasable and Nerf to become unpopular.  This is why I dislike Mod limits, even in a HvZ game.

Underselling Modded Nerf Blasters:

I hear it every day "hey, the Firestrike is only a $10 blaster, why do you charge $89.99 for a 16 Kg Ultra Match".  I see many cave in, with great ideas and products sell for too cheap or barely enough to pay the shipping.  This is a move to keep things reasonable, cheap. The problem is if you do that, the modder making the great blaster, isn't supported to keep doing his work and make a career out of it.  What usually happens is that they guy who could have made blaster parts with a CnC for much cheaper, keeps having to do it by hand, it isn't as good as it should be and eventually it doesn't go anywhere.

The idea needs to not just be development, but also reward.  For another type of market does exist that is not accessible to the everyday consumer unless they are members of Nerf Haven or various Facebook forums.  My goal is to make these available on Big 5 and Wal-Mart shelves, the only way to do that, mass production.  A mod company must make a fair margin to stay in business, or else.

Blaster Legality of Modded Nerf Products:

When does a blaster stop being a toy? Start being an action sport weapon purely?  An extremely grey area.  One that comes up with my firends, family and fellow Nerfers every day.  But no body has the answer.  For now, the Ulltra Match according to Manhattan Beach PD is a Toy, misuse and bored housewives may change that one day.  And how much of that would be the Modders fault, or the people taking shots at lifeguards with em :)  (All full of ideas today ain't I :) )

See You in Disneyland.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fire Sale?

Holy snikes!

A star shot for $10!  Retaliator $12! A sweet revenge for less than 10 bux!  One has to ask, what the hell is going on!  There is a catch, this is not the store price, making me think that the warehouse there are lots of these.  You have to buy it online, and all in the week before I get paid for the month, Pouty!

But I have dealt with bad timing all my life.  Could it be next years stuff is that good?  Or is it some purchasing agent at Targets early retirement party for overbuying and we are also celebrating?!

So go clean house folks, there's like 11 items on sale.

I'll See You In Disneyland


Saturday, March 15, 2014

...When a company actually starts making Stefan length darts and mags for the people.

It's about time, nobody really offers Stefans darts fully assembled. Many in the NIC make them, but consistency always suffers.  The advantages of Orange Mod Works making these is consistency of a Stefan made by a machine.  I made my new domes, doesn't really count as a stefan from scratch, they work great but lets face it, if made in longer runs by machine, they would be better.  Even the Xplorer X-Darts need to be assembled with silicone glue, but I have heard great things.

I don't know why Hasbro didn't do this from day one with the Elite line.  Less dart, smaller packaging, less foam, same price, maybe they aren't that greedy....Maybe.

Meanwhile, they are having a koosh dart fire sale, Have you heard of this?  Check that link and look at the mad fucking price, holy shit!   We're drinking Glenlivet this month.  Now not only is this a scoop, but is it a sign to come fellow campers? If the darts aren't good this may happen, especially the indoors one.  Advice OMW?  If we are going to shoot indoors, we will just drop down to stock blasters because this...

...may...suffer...the...same...FATE!  So if the koosh darts are a hint, AND I WOULD TAKE IT OMW DESIGNERS!  Lose this design^^^^

It's like no matter what, a blaster like this, hurts, no getting around it.

Now that^^^! that is crazy^^^, what kind of Psycho mods a stage 3 kit? umm.....a discerning one....ME! 

And this is Crazy me shooting it....

...and the darts are crazy.  I have to shoot elites, but have no fear this is what OMW is coming out with also!

Give me a HELL YEAH!  possibly the best thing they came up with yet!  With a genius double stack system this will sell.  But if your solid Stefans suck, man don't bother.  If you don't have a steady flow of darts for this, you will have sales, but not as great as they can be.

Good Luck OMW, wish you would let me R&D some stuff for you, like I did with the Stage 3 Barrel on my own curiosity and my friend's suggestion and help.  Offer still stands to make you one if you ship me a kit.

See You In Disneyland.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Dart Development.

130's-150-s in the wind, and really accurate out of the wind, that's right campers I finally started playing around with darts. My NIC friend Castiel Angel traded me some stefans of all colors, INCLUDING that bitching HMA foam. They were all felt head darts but they game me ideas about a better dart to use with the Ultra Match type pistols. But honestly, I am looking for a shooting system, dart and blaster, people have stated to think that I believe I am playing the Nerf version of Death Race 2000.

 I am no Frankenstein, but it is all for the betterment of the sport of Nerf and my upperhand while I send Via airmail a package my opponent's will never forget. On thing I thought was wouldn't these suction cup darts work better if they had domes on them?

So I went to Home depot and got some 3/8th domes and went to work.  I then aquired 12 suction cup elite darts and it was off with their heads, made a flat surface with them, glued the dome on and presto, the future is murder!

Yes the music, a little loud but you get the drift of it, crazy domed darts.  But that wasn't enough, I had to test the fuckers outside in the heavy sea wind on a day that stock elites got knocked right out of the sky, did I dare? did I? DID I?  Hell yeah I did.

Wow! look at the power! indoors it's just over 18 parking spaces with an 8 foot clearance.

You may just want them, just may....


Friday, February 14, 2014

Pistol Packing Madman! The Price Of Success.

So I have been working Hard on my Single shot pistols lately, much to some people's terror, Jealousy, bafflement why they cost so much and just plain dumb human fear. Now I can understand stock blaster, stock plunger tube, that much power, fits in a glove box or pocket you know what I mean, "fear"! ("Don't let johnny have that, He'll shoot his eye out!")

No i'm not touting my own horn here, sorta bringing up a notion that is putting the single shot pistol back behind everything else.  Behind the Stampedes, Rapidstrikes, Longshots, Stryfes, Retaliators and airguns like the Panther and the 3k.  Just saturate the playground with 1000 rounds of darts at once, that seems to be the direction of half the Nerf meets I go to. It's just not the way I play and pretty soon, if not more of the single shooters that are not rifles like pullbows are not better supported and easier to make pull 100+ flat typically, the Nerf battle field might see pistols diminishing soon.

Sorry guys, my nickname is indeed "Sharpshooter"  Hell my 18 Kg R-Spec Ultra Match Firestrike is in the Glove box of my car!  I am the worst offender of the no bystanders rule outside of Nerf battles at the request of game organizers. I have shot at Theme park employees, in movie theaters, former rival High School Principals, Snipe birds, raccoons and some chick who threw a sparkler rod at me 2-4th of July's ago.  Lets face facts, I am an Assassin, and a mighty single shot pistol that can clear 130 feet or better of flat ground is the key to being one and getting away unnoticed.  Even If I miss, it really makes people jump, especially when you have enough power to clear across Marina Del Rey from the slips to Chace Park and nobody knows where the dart came from!

I don't advise others to do so, teenagers, hell most teens can't even draw an 18 Kg Firestrike, my own father could barely draw the Bird Of Prey today, built in childproof, gotta love it!

What major company will make a better plunger rod? Other than Ve nom of the NIC? maybe nobody? The Rebelle line seems to have a pretty good plunger rod, and I never ever needed Polycarb as a trigger catch, but honestly I think many people are missing the boat at the major mod parts companies.  So I asked em, Dninja Heng of Xplorer had most of the vision, gave me the most serious of consideration of anybody, hell he bought 2 of them, more than fair, but that's where it sat after that.  Orange Mod Works tried to pass it off their forum as "Oh yeah, basic modder project."  It is far from it, let me explain why....

Even an in depth revolutionary mod project like the first open breach Retaliator that can shoot 110 flat is nowhere near as hard.  People couldn't believe it, or maybe they did but for some reason they hated it.  So many arguments online, when does anyone ever not argue with me about something? And I can't say some of them weren't my fault.  Some people are welcome and constructive, and some just have some flea in their ass.  But here in this quest, at least I had reinforced parts like the lovely Xplorer composite plunger's and metal catches made by Orange Mod Works.

But a Firestrike, much more limited? You have a Plunger cap that once it is glued in place, you can't remove it (put in your springs wrong, your catch wrong and you are fucked!).  You have a plunger rod so soft, they were made probably from old recycled JEM dolls.  You could use PVC as barrel, but I have fear of cracking and popping the barrel off during firing sending the plunger head crashing into the coupler. This is because a friend heavy in math skills said to me one day that the 16 Kg probably approaches 135 PSI and that a 18 Kg might go as high as 165.  I don't know if he was right, but since it's low air volume, all you can do is increase the pressure, so probably close.

So you have to be good with brass, really good as in no burrs, no bends, no kinks and no pipe cutters except the back of the brass tube. I protect my barrels with a 9/16th's barrel sleeve. You have to cut the damn thing with a file and then get it perfectly round the same length and get a perfect air volume of the brass tube, which increases for every increase in power I go to use the power effectively.  Oh but that's not the best part, you have to make a spring catch/separator in the back or it eats the catch on the already soft plunger rod, boy it is so fun drilling a hole and filing a perfect rectangle in that $.89 piece of thin steel that I just want to top it!

So why not make these parts premade?  My guess? These blasters are made for crazy playboys like me and widespread fears that parents will throw a trombone if their kids had it is probably the reason.  But I make them, You can buy them at my store, they are not cheap, but neither is anything else that is fun.

If I worked on what everyone else does, that wouldn't be progress would it?  Lots of people get great results, and I mean really fucking great with how/what they build, but I like to be different.  I mean a longshot for example, everyone has modded one if I went and done it, it would be nothing special, besides I think the best is already built, and I didn't build it.

Have A Day.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pre-orders Open On the Bird Of Prey 21 Kg Crossbow.

Here's a Video look at this crazy beast!

Derived from the Ultra Match Firestrikes, The Bird Of Prey carries a 21 Kg springload largely in part because of the Rebelle series blasters having a stronger plunger rod.

If you buy this blaster, I suggest you eat your wheaties.  The draw is heavy, so if you don't like blasters with an extreme draw, don't go for this one, I make blasters for a lot less money with less draw.

 The blaster shoots 130-140 average with 150's being typical with elite darts.  Strongly recommended are stephan darts made for 17/32nd inch wide brass, which is about a half inch in diameter.

The price is $119.99usd plus $10.99usd for shipping in the lower 48, International customers, inquire within.

It is important to know that I only plan on making 10 of these this year, in comparison to the Super Veloce' Retaliator which I will probably sell 50-60.  The rest of the R-Spec is still for sale and they are surprisingly great blasters and there will be a cpvc coupler version of the 16 Kg Ultra Match Firestrike soon Price TBA, but probably slightly cheaper than a standard 16kg Ultra Match.

So how does it shoot? well.......

With that kind of potential for power, how can you pass it up!  Should take about a month after pre-order is arranged to build and ship out.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Selling My Brand New In Box Blue Nerf Longshot On Ebay.

Selling my sealed brand new in box blue Nerf Longshot on Ebay.  It's rare, not cheap, but I need it to Get my projects moving.  I figure I have 2 others if I were to get an Xplorer kit one day.

Here is the Linkage.  If you buy it, I will have many more projects to come.  Or you can always .....

To help me make new machines of dart blaster terror!!!!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Who Needs A Triadstrike When You Got One Of These ;)

Yes, it is beautiful, and many amusement park patrons and cast members have felt it's wrath!

I don't bring this up to start a Triad contest of who built what first, but My Friend and member of the NIC Trent Augunas came up with the original concept of the Triadstrike as long as before I have been building Ultra Match pistols months back.  It is a twin stock spring Firestrike using epoxy to mount it to a Firestrike plunger tube. I so have been waiting for a chance to see it fire when out of the blue.

A very good modder named Andu Mijomiee's built this inline design which is all over the net.  Which is also very streamline and cool looking.

Do we see a trend here? People want the size of the firestrike with Repeat-ability of a Triad.  What should Hasbro do?  Make one thats 4 barrels and send me a promo copy for once.  Oh but we can't do that, He's Chris Cartaya :)

Peace out.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Really Guy's? Really?

The new Nerf Cam 12, what is the big deal?

My first question? Why the trend for lower capacity magazines?  The demolisher only has a 10 round mag, Damn brady bill has finally hit our Nerf guns?  In my league right now, half the people fight with Rapidstrikes, that means they want flat 18's or better.  So do they want us to buy more 18's? Shit, they even make a Rapidstrike with 2-18 round mags.

Next off, the tiny ass screen, I don't know the native resolution of the cam on the blaster, but if it is not at LEAST 1080p, forget it, much better with a smartphone app.  Could this be too little too late?  I am sure it is cool, but is it cool enough for current markets, especially Asian markets?  I think maybe not.

And then the firing system, I noticed it may be somewhat different than the current Stryfe, Rapidstrike, Stampede systems we have come to love. So would throwing trustfires on this help, and if you up the voltage, would it mess up the cam and screen, one can only wonder.

See you in Disneyland.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Those Are Not Duracells In There!

Shooting a take down vid of the Star Shot I saw this....

GP Batteriers, made by the Gold Peak Group of Hong Kong, advertised on the box is that it is equiped with Duracell batteries, of the USA held by Proctor and Gamble, an american company, Shame shame shame!

Ahh but it gets better, marketing school at an all time low.

"Powered by Duracell" but "Demo Batteries Included" definitely not Duracell, This has major potential for an angry parent bomb.  Sure they legally covered themselves, but Duracell helped sell the blaster, and there aren't any in the damn gun!



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Bows Are Back In Town!

So here we have it, the crossbows, internally...nothing but Firestrike pistols or Rough Cut's cut in half.....

Really......?  They are not as similar as you think.

Well Lets look at what they are compared to and then you will see that just isn't the case.

First off, the Firestrike, a pistol I often mod past 12kg's and brass barrels, sure no cpvc, sure no rear reloading, there is a reason, a good one.

but that's another post take a good look, and then I will tell you what pictures don t show, here is a plunger rod of a Firestrike.

It is large, square, and soft like a barbie doll distributing the draw weight via a larger area making a definite limit of yield on a pistol, however, now take a look at the pink crush and it's catch system.

Now look at the Pink Crush, the only identical parts in size are the PT, the Plunger Head, the O ring, hell the AR housing is even made off of diffrent tooling that enabled me not to have to use a piece of twine as a dart stop in the AR housing.  

The Plunger rod is made with a smaller amount of plastic, yet tougher, making the rod in a + configuration that holds the rod more stable from twisting and down-planking.  By default the inlet of the Derlin catch is slanted, and the spring catch is much tougher held in by 4 individual quarters of the blaster.  Only drawback is that you must cut the first coil of a 8Kg swarmfire spring to fit it in.  You could just use a 7Kg strongarm spring and coil a Black Tactical Version 1 Retaliator spring inside of it, but what are you, A GAY!  (now that's just insensitive!)  (EDIT:  I can't believe nobody got the reference of that joke.) 

Now what about the Star Shot?  Probably the same, I wanted to buy one today at Target, but I couldn't bring myself to paying $20 for something a $9.99 pistol can do just as well and I would kick myself for making it just a pistol and not a full out crossbow.  But personally I like it, it looks so much nicer as a Crossbow than a Pink Crush, Even though I wish the bow was not bright cyan, it has an actual bow with a string tied to it rather than a pop off bow look device like the Pink Crush has.  I could care less about the light, but the sight in the front could probably be coupled with a 1/2 inch piece of brass in the back to line up the crossbow with on target, and the target is overkill.  I would perfer less for $15.     

Moving on, the Crossfire, looking around the internet, I found an internal pic, look at it and then I will tell you my verdict.

I have seen 3 in battle, the blaster out of the box is slow and ungainy, To level out the lower 2 barrels from being different they took the top 2 and put holes in the barrels on the top 2 (2 in the 1st barrel, 1 in the second).  Ahh great, lets just make the whole thing slow all barrels!  Makes no nevermind to me however, 4 precicely tested and fitted pieces of 17/32nds will fix that! And no gears as the Roughcut 2x4 has (a great integration blaster.)

A 7Kg Strongarm Spring according to OMW Facebook page brings the velocity up to 88 feet per second with a 10 fps spread from top to bottom.  88 fps, are you kidding? and I don't blame OMW, I blame Nerf for not giving it enough clearance to throw an 8 Kg swarfire spring in there (which by default means also at least a Black tactical Retaliator V1 spring in the center coil, first sign of bad news).

Next is the Plunger itself, a strong arm plunger, nice it is derlin plastic, as well as the catch, but it has a big block where the draw handle reaches it.  They could have put it farther back as to not limit what size springs it uses, but then this just wouldn't be a Nerf product, would it?

The plunger volume is set by the catch on the rod and on the trigger set to about 2-2.125, a firestrike is 2.5, i make em with no dead space, however lots of dead space in the front where the smart AR's are, this means, 16Kg's will be like 12 Kg's, no matter, a 12Kg Triad with even less air area can do 100-120 flat.  So mine will probably be 18 or 20 Kg's maybe 130-140 flat,  hell I have 2-20 kg spring sets already, why not?

Also look at the New Bows on My Last Darts page, as well as the new stuff at the UK toy fair, I figure he has the low down better than I could, so take a good look