Sunday, October 13, 2013

Magnus Not A Single Shot? You Gotta Be Kidding!

There is no way this can be a 3 shot internal mag pistol, no way.

Not to mention, it looks too much like this pistol, and we all know it has no internal mags, the Sidestrike.

Also earlier I saw this on the Facebook forum, it would seem just enough room for 2 extra darts, good point but.....
Think about this?

A.  If it was mag fed, why not just use a 6 round clip instead, make it interchangable and...

B.  This would indicate no room for spring slack or for the spring plate which a Nerf Elite mag needs 2 inches of space which I do not see room for.

Yea I think it's "Comes with 3 Darts" Just like the Firestrike instead of "3 dart magazine," the Hasbro Rumor machine at it agian

Never have I heard such courageous speculation on a given Nerf blaster line than the Mega Elite series and I do not think it is anyone's fault but Hasbro.  They aren't "that" great, I totally believe the first we heard from My Last Dart, who otherwise has excellent scoops and a much more professional blog than me was intended to be a plant from Hasbro P.R.  Get everyone talking about the Centurion, break out pre release demos, without the slits in the pistons, generate some hype.  And we were hyped, then let down, who pays for it?  We the blogger, we the consumer, we the modders.

In this case, it is to promote their items, what are they are doing instead? demoting the credibility of the Mega Elite line.

I do the same thing inadvertently sometimes, anyone remember the Hammershot, busy with Research and Designing 2, 16 Kg Ultra Match pistols before sending them to the Owner of Xplorer, I took a break and Modded a Hammershot. Got mad range with the brand new darts, first shot flew, measuring where it landed after the fact.  I could do so because I remember well because it landed on an oil stain in the street, 91 feet, 2 inches, but it doesn't matter, it was not sustainable.  So I said "oh great" put it away and figured that was that.

Well I posted it where it sat and got hell for it in the NIC because after 25 shots in one day I made that the published range....without any more tests, stupid.  And because it wasn't sustainable and they knew it, they were right.  Totally irresponsible of me, consistently it can pull 70-80 flat, awesome still, keep the mods that make it do 90 feet, spring takes a set and shoots 70's.

Time to start a new plan of attack Hasbro as I have about blasters I do not commonly battle test day in, day out, rumor control and honesty when a mistake or assumption is made rather than saying "It's all good."  

Remember this haughting quote that taught me the limits of corporate, marketing, there are none!

"Build it anyways, Those fucking kids, they'll buy anything!"  Micheal Eisner, July 1986, boardroom staff meeting.

The quote is believed to be about merchandising at the future Euro Disney.  Frank Wells argued that France would not approve of the same merchandise made for theme parks in America and Japan, He was right!


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