Thursday, November 29, 2012

So You Wanna Be A Nerf Sniper?

  • ...Like me?   A sniper is in a team member of Nerf Battle all by in itself, You can Attack, Intercept and Defend with a High Powered Nerf gun. Usually, a Sniper, will do all 3 given a day of Nerf Gun Battle.

    Snipers are not campers, a proper Sniper is a surport gunman that just shoots at a higher distance so that other Nerf teams cannot hit him, A good sniper is always moving with his team to surport Them, keeping a safe distance from the enemy droping foam and demise at them, while they cannot at you.

    Or even better, The fact that a snipers Long Gun has better balistics makes him a much better attacker at times. One of the best attacks a sniper can do is a tactic known as "Strafing". To Strafe is to run sideways around the enemy taking advantage of the higher Velocity to place a leading shot at the enemy. Skeet shooting uses the same tactics with a 12 gauge, putting the shot where the Clay Pigeon is going to be before it hits, this is known as "Leading". Because The enemy with a stampede, Pyragon, Raider or Hail Fire, has a higher rate of fire, but lower Range, typically a Pro will have 50-65 feet Maximum effective. These Guns are going around 70-80 feet per second. One of my guns, the "Super Velocee' Retaliator" Clocks in at around 160 Feet per second, More than twice as fast at 120-130 feet of maximum effective.


    ...Have Strong Arms-- faster guns use heavier springs, requires the sniper to be strong.

    ...Be a good Modder-- know how to configure and fix your setup fast, fast FAST!

    ...Have an extensive background with Archery, Target Firearm shooting and overall understand ballistics Well, The farter you shoot, the less margin of error you have, better be good!

    ...Know gunsmithing-- Don't leave seams on those trigger catches and cams FILE THEM SMOOTH but level!! 

    ...Carry a lot of ammo-- Maybe it's spray and pray at 110-120 feet, but it's still spray and pray and that is the best a Nerf Gun can do is to land the dart in the general area and leave the rest to luck. You will go though at least 3- 18 round mags per battle.

    ...Know Cover and Concealment-- The less that they can see of you, the less likely they can hit you, always better, it's only sometimes that distance is your cover.

    ...Know how to shoot in close quarters-- Indoors no matter how fast your gun shoots, you will always have targets within 30 feet. If you can't box in this range, what are you doing with a Nerf Gun anyways?

    ...Carry a Backup gun with the same dart/clip system-- You find more snipers failing by a Jam and someone charging in, or running out of ammo, carry another good piece like a Retaliator, Rayven, Styfe or Stampede. Typical Sniper Weapons are more prone to Jams, they are also typically Modded so more prone to failure as well. So you better have another piece!


    ...CAMP!! -- As soon as someone gets the jump on you, you are a sitting duck usually pinned in a corner. Plus there are a ton of attack scenario's where a high power gun is a great asset to an attacking team! You are also putting your team a disadvantage by not suppoting them on the line of battle with superior range and firepower!

    ....Be dependent on range-- As soon as the enemies courage is up and he charges you within his maximum effective range, the jig is up, The advantage of a sniper is only that the darts go faster and shoot flatter at close range, but he will probably have a better rate of fire. Be good with a Rapid fire piece too!

    Your Friend in Space...

    --Chris Cartaya

The Nerf Rough Cut.

This Dude, pSykSG, made an excellent, complete and helpful video on the Nerf Roughcut, I take back everything I said possible about the Roughcut because it looks really solid.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nerf Stryfe Dart Sensor Fix (The Right Way).

Yesterday I rolled out with a quick fix on how to fix a problem on the Nerf Stryfe which is the Dart Sensor which makes it so the gun will not release the plunger without a dart in the magazine.  Unfortunately, it was doing it with a dart in there as well soooo...  Me and Basic Nerf Came up with this.

Personally however, this fix is for Jabronies, and I decided to go deeper from the request of quite a few Nerf Fans. Here are some pics and a Detailed 15 minute video, look at the 2nd one too as just taking out the finger is not the best idea.


Blaster Taken Apart...  Inspired by the brilliant SG Nerf, and how he shows takedown pictures.

With Defective part....

...And without Defective part, it just pops out of there with ease.  No longer Blocks the Dart Pusher.

Very easy to do, just follow the rules I say in the second video in this post.



I found this to work best, pinning the Finger up with winding 3/32nd of an inch duck tape around it and trimming the top of it.

Your Friend In Space...


Video of the Madman! (AKA Your's Truely)

So you have checked out talking all about blasters, new blasters, modded blasters, me and Basic Nerf are all over the Stryfe as if Hasbro is gonna go the way of the Twinkies, but what about playing with them?  Sure I "Talk" about shooting a Long-Gun, but how about footage of me using em.  Well You are in luck because Basic Nerf uses a GoPro camera and films his wars and there are some I am in, so i'll Just show you some of those.

3 Way Pyragon Battle, first Vid of his I was ever in, wait till you see where the winner should start in the next one...

....So then we got the time Basic Nerf took the slip litterally, this is me with the first Super Velocee' Prototype (SV a1).  And my team won the match.

...And the time I nailed  a guy with a shield from 60-70 feet away with the wind howeling with a Super Retaliator!  That's me you see there!

Well I am gonna wake up, time to get some coffee, laterz.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Nerf Stryfe Dart Sensor Fix.

This is a temporary fix, the blasters do act better this way. Take Apart fix coming soon, probably tomorrow.
Good Luck.


Public Enemy #1

.....If indeed we do cross paths...It's nothing personal.

The Holsters are done, Both Right and Left hand models, This is a MUST for using a Stryfe as a backup rig!

Stryfe Fever, Catch It!!!

That's right, I did it! I am working on the left handed side now!

From Yours Truely... Dual Nerf Stryfe Rapid Fire Test.

So many uses for this gun, here is some video I shot, Basic Nerf, is making a video much more informative about range.  He breaks out the tape measure and all.  This is with 4 AA Battteries each, stock Voltage, no Li-Ions.

Your Friend In Space


Sunday, November 25, 2012

The New Nerf Stryfe, in living Color!

After some bad noise and help from Basic Nerf, I got 2 of them for $40.76

The New Strife, here it is with an 18 round mag and retaliator Foregrip, stock and Barrel assembily.

Range same as a Hailfire, here's how it comes out of the box...

I have 2 of these, I am off to have fun and hail Darts on all my neighbors cars, and maybe my neighbors too, seeya..


Do not shop at Toys R' Us

And most certianly do not shop at this store.

They tried to cheat me out of the buy 1 blaster get the other %50 off and charge me the normal price of $24.99 A piece for 2 Nerf Stryfes.  When I told them about the problem, the manager "Jessica" stonewalled me insisted that for the sale to apply, it had to say "Blaster" somewhere on the box.  Such Neolithic incompetence shouldn't have a job, and i was there currently to supply Basic Nerf with pictures of the new "Blaster".


New Nerf Elite Guns, Next years envy?

Basic Nerf,  Has the goods on next years Nerf Elite Arsenal.  And here are my opinions on them.  First off..

Nerf Roughcut.

This gun looks cool but I Have a bad feeling about this one, sorry guys but have any of you owned a AS-6 Hornet?  This one I suspect from inspecting Photo's of internals that this goes by 2 mainspring housings and an indexing mechanism to switch it to another set of barrel assemblies every time you shoot.  Any gun I have ever seen  use this kinda barrel switching however, were prone to leakage to different barrels at different times, making the reliability of the weapon useless.  There is no way all 8 barrel will shoot the same, aim the same or fire the same, even if it was flawless because the distance from mainsprings to barrel all shorter towards the top and farther from the bottom, a concern even though this should be considered a close in weapon.  

This gun however is pretty badass in theory, One could run around and tag people twice (in a 3 fall game, that leaves only 1 hit left) and have 3 more tries to do so each shot. My solution is to take the 2.5 KG springs and make it so it can shoot with 10Kg springs and fire all 8 at once. This would require some heavy duty aluminum parts to do that however and when you use that for more serious long range shooters, like my Super Velocee' Retaliator why bother.

Nerf Diatron
This one however, i am buying this the day it comes out in the USA.  More promising because it uses leaf spring grabing the discs and throwing them directly rather than some Half Massed air diversion circuit.  Also, it is not a front loading device where darts tend to fall out in battle.  Overall with such solid guns and the Vilgilon  and the Pyragon, I have much more faith in the Vortex line to produce a multi-shooter since it's firing mechanism is more simple.

Nerf Stryfe

This one falls into wait and see, not only because i know lots who will have them, but because my Rayvens (that's right folks, plural) are about to get some 3.7 volt 14500 type Trustfire Rechargables.  It looks great, no frontloading, uses N-strike Magazines, and has second trigger rather than the non Litium-ion Friendly toggle switch the barracade has.  

But my question is, why bother?  If i have 2 Rayvens and a Hail Fire, and put in mind these are not even my primaries, why should i run out and buy em?  I can only name 1 reason, Size, but even then, anyone make holsters for there things?  Well I Can, Just look....

I also make...

*18 Round Mag Holsters in either 2x18 or 3x18 belt mounted configuration.
*Retaliator Pistol Hip Holsters.
*Accessory rail Mounted Guns, very useful and grip handles and backup weapon.

That would be a good use for the strife, looks to be thin enough and i would love to see it with 3 14500 type trustfires in em  Or maybe mounted to the barrel assembily of a Super Velocee' Retaliator using this thing.

Nerf Strongarm.

I am not a big fan of multi-chamber guns, they always act differently, IT is cool though, slam-mode, 6 shots so I need no reason to hate this except Nerf DAHHHH go back to design school!  Why the hell would i want a bandoleer bracket in the back of my slide, well i guess if you can't say anything nice.....

Nerf Firestrike

6Kg Orange Mod Works Stampede Spring + Firestrike + Human target = Generally Psychotic Behavior.  

Word up man, If you do not buy this and mod it in the method described or better, than I will question your sexual oreantation and fart in your general direction.  Thig gun would probably pull about 85 flat with that spring and 150 arched,  I like the fact that the sighting light is second trigger activated and that this gun will probably have, out of the box, practical use for it.  It's bound to be dead balls accurate, RUN HOUSEPETS RUN!!! 


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What is a "Long Gun"?

Chris Cartaya here, I used to blog some 10 years ago and now I am Back, I am at it.  See This gun, That is a "Super Retaliator, a Modded Nerf gun of great tactical advantage.  It's not just a spring mod and shoots far or just has that cool Scout Glued to it, uses a fuctional Sighting rig, no that is not all there is to it.  It is hand fitted by me internally and uses modified lockups for more accuracy.  It takes a lot to make it a true  an Extended range mod known as a "Long Gun"

Now lets say for example, you get a Nerf gun to go oh, 120, 140, 160 feet per second, which is fast for a Nerf.  It Can't be a long gun if it cannot reasonably go long now can it?  The problem is they are still foam and they will richocet on the air like a flat rock skipping over a pond and even worse, the gun's own air is the darts enemy bouncing it around the barrel.  You need to stabilize that Dart, surpress, but not cut off the air out of the barrel, and lock up and align the barrel so each dart perfectly lines up inside.  IIf i were to ever make em for sale, it would be Parts + Gun + 30%, I must use a brand new gun, that must be part of the 30%.

Let me tell you the Variants...

Super Retaliator---  5Kg Spring, A OMW Trigger Catch Spring, Half Cock ratchet Removed and a OMW     trigger catch spring used for the trigger lock cam (which also acts as a rear bolt sled lockup), Passive Surpressor on barrel attachment and lazer centering to ensure accuracy.  Recon sights attached to rear stock assembily to avoid it getting in the way and to provide a longer sight radius.  Performance..80 flat, 140-145 arched 105 max effective (5 degree arched)  135-140 Feet per Second

Super Retaliator Plus--Same as above built with an OMW Retaliator Unleashed ki.t

Super Velocee' Retaliator--- Same as the Super Retaliator with a 5Kg  and a 2.5 Kg stampede spring added for a total pull of  7.5Kg, a deeper Passive Surpressor and Lazer sight sighed at 90 feet.  My main outdoor battle gun.  95 Flat, 160 Arched, 120 Max Effective, this baby really shoots flat and cuts though the wind.

Ultra Retaliator,--- OMW 5Kg Retaliator Spring and a OMW 4Kg Stampede Spring, Aluminum Bolt Sled, OMW Retaliator Unleashed Kit, Lockups same as Super Retaliator.  Predicted ranges 110 flat, 175 arched and 135 Max Effective.

R-Spec Retaliator.--- same as the Ultra Retaliator with 5Kg and  6Kg Springs, 8.5 Kg and a stampede spring or a single 12-14 Kg spring, with or without a surpressor barrel assembily or with a built in active Spiral Surpressor.  Ranges,  125 Flat, 150 Max effective, 200 Arched and the word "Ouch" Often Muddeled by victims.

Your Friend In Space