Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Failure To Launch.

Why won't any Nerf meets take off any more?  I started one yesterday, out of my busy days, and nobody showed.  Sure, I had no promises, I didn't feel bad, I though the lady with the cat in the baby carrage who sounded like a Man when I told her/him/it the cat was cute was facinating.  And also the guy from the city of Marina Del Rey all the sudden putting up 90 minute parking limit enforced daily signs up (free parking at the beach, hard to find) to be interesting as well since by some chance, he changed oyt the parking signs at Chace park that very day I was there trying to start a NIC war!

I am glad nobody showed, one, parking limits changed overnight and two, because the people at the park were a little...well weirder than even me!  It's a great park, nice layout, multi terrain, even a small tunnel, in the Marina where there are even docks at the park to boat slips.  I didn't mind being stuck there a few hours to wait for people.

Still however, it has become harder to start a game as of late.  I remember the good ole days where me and 3 of my punk friends would buy plastic disk blasters and play Spy Vs Spy al the while avoiding the mall cops!  It was so easy, here's the guns, lets play.  But now a days, there is always a hitch, some moron who tags a bystandard with a singled Titan, heavy rules and regulations, mod limits, and finding a good park to play in.  Let alone every one elses itinerary getting in the way trying to find a day common off to play.  And I did sorta tell everyone last minute.

Ahh well I will post my next game on here and FB next time much more ahead of time.




  1. Here's why no one showed up. You posted it with hardly any time to prepare, you posted it on NMW, and made it on a weekday.
    Every war I've been to has had at least a month of prep time before hand to decide on a specific date and give people time to prepare and make extra darts if need be. They have also been on N-Rev which will give your war more traffic than NMW ever will. Make an account and post there OR make an HvZ forum account and post there. If you want your war to work, give it time, and the traffic needed for it to work and make it on a weekend so those with jobs or school can attend.

  2. Oh I agree, It's just back in the days you would at least have a few show up.