Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where Art Thou Mega Elite Darts!

After Hasbro murderized the Nerf Centurion by having some guy in the back cut slits in the piston of each one, only one thing potentially stands good about the whole ordeal, the darts!

Imagine if you will WATHUD!!! as 1 inch of rubber tip slams into you and your ego!  I want this! Maybe some scotch 713 tape on the outside of the tip and land it into a brass barrel the same I.D, of oh...lets say..a Titan?  Panther?   Range Master, ahh hell a 650 cobra shitblaster with a big ass pipe on it!!! lets go kill!!!!

But one problem!  They are not in stores!!!  FUCK!!!  Why!

I see the Centurions...But no darts but what comes with it.  Who the hell is gonna wanna drop 50 bucks on a blaster you can't even get ammo for yet?   I mean when I shop for a blaster, I am looking for a serious shooting platform without x-tra ammo, what is the point.

But mostly I wanna take some Air engines and start JFKing my friends!  Will they still be my friends?




  1. I hear ya ...ToysRUs in Torrance has Mega Dart packs if you're desperate.