Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No More Monetized Vids And a Few Business Changes.

Not worth it man, I was running that for awhile just to see what kinda money I can make on the side and it's not worth the trouble.  I mean I am a struggling Nerf modder, on a fixed income, I want to give my audience the best I have, right?  Then why monetize vids, ads are annoying, Esecially people who just see my vids for the first time where the quality imagewise is ok, but the content is good.  So I am going though em, losing the ads and a few more things about doing business with me.

* To pay for a blaster, deposit up front (price of blaster) and shipping calculated and you pay that too, you must pay both to get the blaster.

* In person it will be cash up front, no exceptions, too many people owe me money and I hate having to ask people if they have money they owe me.

*Friend Discount is 10%, no more, no less, unless it's a used blaster, then I will deal.

*I....DO.....NOT....PAINT.....BLASTERS! It's actually a belief that I have not to, But feel free to if you want to.

*If you own one of my blasters you can mod it further to suit, just don't blame me if you fuck it up.

*The Price you pay is the price I get after paypal, not what you pay paypal.

*Some blasters do not have a how to vid.  Reasons possible is A. Confidentiality reasons such as selling the idea to another company.  B. Prototype and uncertianty about sustained performance and durability (e.g. Hammershot article).  C. Dangerous.

Well just a quick update, that's all for now.  I should have them all unmonetized by the end of the week.



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  2. For half the price of a go pro and tape you can get a ballistic chronograph. The liquid Image FPV cam is worth a look ATM as well, around the $ 120 mark and shoots 1080 p 30 frames per sec.