Friday, May 24, 2013

Would This Be Considered Taboo?

So there I was, nephews Graduation from Saugus High, and in my coat pocket I brought a 12 Kg brass Barreled Triad!

Good gun, able to punch over 100 flat, but then this disaster happens....

My sisters family gets me stuck in the cheap seats!!!The podeum right in the middle of the 10 yard line and I SOOOO wanna blast the Principal with a foam dart since...

A. I Graduated From Hart High, rival of Saugus High.

And B. The Principal sounded like he was full of 'Ludes.
Oh it was awful, just ouside of effective range from an elevated position by only 30 feet!!!  And I just wanted to cap this guy without raising suspicion.  

But is this too taboo to do anymore?

With all the school shootings, the drama in the media, gun control lobbying, is it just too taboo?  Sure there were Sherrif everywhere, but I could have snuck by.  There were other targets, but...I...Just...wanted...HIM!!!!  But what kinda fear would occur if someone just goes out with a gun with 3 brass barrels, and opens up on em, I mean would everyone around me freak?

And yes, I understand don't blast bystandards, but school rivalry does not count in my opinion, and I was far enough it would not leave welts. 

Change of venue...

So it was time to pick a better shot opportunity,  So out to the parking lot, I ask a friend of my nephew what the principals car looks like, find it, wait for the principal hiding behind an SUV, around 10:00 at night, he walks by, BLAM!!!!  Got him right in the neck!! @60 feet away!!!  I run for it, thinking he's gonna go after me!! And all i hear is "you kids, i'll get you next time!"  What a sport, the guy just got nailed by a modded Nerf gun, and he was cool about it.

See You In Disneyland


Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Mod A Strongarm?

I mean honestly, I mean lets put it this way, I get some black Tactical springs, terrible, maybe a couple of Kg's better, I take out the AR, a little better.  I talk about it here.  I also play some lead Guitar in the vid.

So back to the story, I then break out a Pair of Holy Triads, BLaM!!! 90 feet one shot, 87 the other, both flat!  Why do I bother with this piece of shit?  Sure a Strongarm is 6 fire slam, but triad is 2 gun sneak, yeah that's more my style.

I just can't do anything with this gun, even i pull 120 arched, so what!  My retal does that almost flat in the right conditions, my Firestrike "Does" pull it off flat, in any condition,  a Stryfe has better ROF and with the right mods, range.

I just think the gun is too delicate.  The slide works off of 2, thin fingers of ABS, the catch spring is not universal.   But don't fear rockers, this is comming!!!

..and..they put out a 7 Kg  spring but, wait for this, honestly.  Will it be better?  Maybe but also the guns people mod better does, in fact, hinge on modder interest.  Obviously I don't care about this gun so obviously I am, well, not motivated.

In other slam fire news, love my 8.5 Kg EAT : )

Now a real slammer!!!!!!

See You In Disneyland....


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

R-Spec Firestrike, Ultra Match 16 Kg Firing Test.

Each Square is 20 feet, these were all flat shots, I have darts that shoot farther, but they weren't on me at the time, but honestly, this gives you an honest idea of what this gun can do.

....So what can't it do, well It can't quickly reload, it can't be used by kids, hell a kid can't draw this thing, it can't rapid fire.  But if your just in the mood to make em hurt.... 

.....who cares

See You In Disneyland


Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Centurion, A Closer Look...

Quite possibly the last, mighty, spring-loaded gun Nerf will make, up there with the Longshot.  Does it have that potential? Most def.  First off look how it comes in the box....

The...Front Barrel, not completly assembled with the rest of the gun, is OFF!!!  I was hoping for this, it looks to me that you can keep this off and only have the breach to make this a compact rifle or "Carbine".  I don't know if the dart loading post is in the barrel atachment, or it it comes off like a Retaliator and the dart post is in the rest of the gun, but it might be better without the barrel.

Or maybe not....

You see I use a Barrel assembily on my Retaliator's to stabilize the darts as they go out. Here just see.

You see I use a 2 inch Velcro strip, the hard side of it and trim it with a box cutter so that there is no play on the barrel, but only on the barrel.  If you look closely, there are 2 tabs cut out that make it so the barrel does not move side to side as well as 5/8th's of an inch of barrel filed off to remove excess air so that the dart flies freely.  The result...sniperland!!!  Without this, at 185 Feet per second, the dart Fires wildly all over the place.  These are great also for Rayven and Stryfes, especially Stryfes.

Yes folk's the barrel can make or break this,  without the barrel, no bipod.  But honestly, who ever stays put on a bipod on their gun in a serious Nerf battle?...But then again look at the darts...

Noooo....not the blue one smart ass, the pink looking red ones...  I really hope they are not pink, but anyways notice the whistler ends on em.  Remember the the Sonic Darts were the most accurate, but slowest before we all standardized to Streamlines (me being one of the first).  It could be just accurate out the breach without a barrel to begin with.

Overall however, I am excited about this one, serious potential just when all those styfers thought it was safe.....

I am gonna love modding this thing.

I'll see you in Disneyland....


And don't forget, I have a few models of modded Nerf Guns for sale made new out of the box.  Not cheap, but victory never is....