Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Video's Yay, Now Lets Rejoice And Steal A GTO!

I am sure you will all be quick to torment housepets and family members in a hurry after seeing these.

Enjoy, I'll See You In Disneyland


Monday, February 25, 2013

Things That Make Me Go GRRRRRR!!!!

#1  The new anti-camo Vortex Disks.

Ok, you got neatto disks, you got lots of plastic packaging and... YOU ONLY HAVE 10 PER PACK!!!!  DAHHHH  nobody is going to seriously buy them and use them.  They will buy 1 pack and say "No no no, don't use those disks, I only have 10 of them."  Maybe if you have, like weighted ones, ok identifyer, but who weights Vortex Disks?  It didn't seem to stop people from shooting the Pyragon Disks, but then again, you had 40 of them, and If you bought Twin Pyragons like I did, you had 80, and they were easy to see.  Maybe they want you to buy the cheaper, green ones that get lost in grass easier, what a marketing tactic!

 #2, The Tek 5

 The Tek 5?...........
You Have gotta be kidding me!  Lets hit this from a technical point of view 30 feet? Extremely moddable?, probably not. Who Cares if it's 5 bux, Sure a strongarm is $12, but a strongarm can do 100 feet arched, out of the box, slam mode, and carries 1 more ELITE DART.  A triad does 75 feet nicely out of the box, and you can stash it in your pocket and take it to school with you for only 2 dollars more at Target!  Twin Triads, oh hell man, my favorite backups, and even sometimes modded ones are primaries so far. So much so, that in a couple of games people wouldn't attack me in a game unless I dropped my 6 Kg twin triads and went for another gun.  So much so, I made twin, magnetic clap holsters for them. FYI on the Triads, Toys R Us has a buy 2 get 1 free sale till March 2nd and Black Tacticals V1 Retaliator spring makes the gun as fast as a Super Retaliator (around 140 FPS).  Get real man! This gun is made under the "Those Fucking kids will buy anything" clause.

#3 Those inanely expensive spare Firefly Tech mags.

"inane", not "insane"  as in empty and pointless, to go "insane", well you would have to buy some fine mod components from Xplorer to pull that off, or battle Basic Nerf with a Rayven or Stryfe, and hope to win.

So lets see here....

Kid 1, Goes to Target, Buys the Firefly Tech Vortex mag for $17.99, goes to the park.

Kid 2, Buy a Crappy Tek 5 for $5, goes to the same park.

Both battle, the Tek 5 guy wins!

No seriously, think of all the guns you could get for $18 Include but not limited to.

*A brand New Stryfe on sale also for $17.99

*A Strongarm

*2 Triads, no problem

I can go on and on, and for only twice as much money, the gun that normally comes with the mag, is only twice as much, save your money kiddies!

See You In Disneyland


PS, Yay a Strongarm 6 Kg Spring!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Things That Make You Go Himmm....

Hey, sorry to leave you for so long campers, but I have been busy, vacationing, writing a screenplay, and basically helping my best friend move.  Also however,  it has been slow, not like when the stryfe came out, and I have already tuned up my guns.  But still a Couple of things make me go himmmm...

#1. The 50 Round Drum That Refuses To Die!!!!!

We even have a patent for it in 2012, so why not 2010?  My feelings is that they couldn't get it to work, otherwise they would just go "patent applied for" and make it, and I did get that weird feeling back then that the 18 round drum and the 18 round sticks (which have become almost the standard for clipfeds in Nerf battle) were switched around.

 They better put this damn thing on a Hot Rod full auto or just don't bother. The gun better have a bullet-proof magazine catch on it and I say a big ass bipod.  Is it cool? yes, however I fear this would be like holding a Hail-Fire with 8-18 round sticks, very cumbersome.

Now what do I think? I think it's comming out this year, THE BIGGER QUESTION IS PACKAGED WITH WHAT!!! It could be some inventor at Nerf's quest finally accomplished and they just sit on it or could be really be a sign of something brutal around the corner in the clipfed Nerf world.  No way to tell right now

#2. Immortally expensive Xplorer Xpower mod kits.

What an excellent mod kit!  We're talking Stepans, Shooting 85-115 feet out of a retaliator and hey look! they even have a Mag for it, and optional longer barrel and new slide assembily!  The price?  Made me think of doing This to myself!  Let me get this straight man?  The gun would cost me as pictured, Plus the Direct Plunger replacement kit that I just can't go on living without!  $184 w/shippping US currency plus $25 for a new Retaliator!!!!  What the Hell Fuck man!  You are not making this easy for me to even consider going stephan, are ya!  Since the invention of stephans are meant to be cheaper, I feel the point is lost.  And to be honest!  I have made guns, that shoot just as far flat, with standard darts that have more drag and harder to throw out the barrel.

What do I think?  They sell too few and have to spit costs with too few out the door so it costs more.  Unlike OMW that majorly mass produces mod kits, these guys look like a decent company, not fly by night or anything, but not an empire, not to mention, maybe they don't wanna sell alot.  Major drag man, I would love to play with one of these, but too rich for my blood.

See You In Disneyland


The Alternative To The Vest, The Bat Belt!

I ran into 2 people...ummm...with issues the other day walking in Venice Beach, and this is what they said.

(Robin Speaks)   Holy Shit Batman!!, The Joker has a belt of his own!

(Adam West)  That is no joker, that is just a guy playing Nerf With his Friends.

(Robin)  Well with that crazy hair, he could have fooled me!

(Adam West) C'mon Robin, lets explore the drains and figure out who's stealing all our water!

Think I am Joking?  This is Venice California, land of the eccentric! But what they were refering to is the subject of todays post.  One buys a Nerf gun, maybe a Stampede, a Retaliator and quickly you find need for a place to put all of your surport gear in battle.  Most pick a vest, usually the Nerf one, some actual military gear, some go to an airsoft store, buy a battle vest.  Me, I picked custom Duct Tape Holsters, made by me, and all put on a belt.   The Options include, but not limited to...

3x18 Magazine Holsters, Can Hold 54 rounds of your favorite happy fun elite darts, yay! That includes the 18 in the Retaliator, 18 in the Stryfe and 6 in the Triads as pictured for a total of 96 rounds!!

Spare Recon/Retaliator Mid Leg Holster.

Magstrike Mid Leg Holster. 

Magnetic Clasp Triad Holster(s), I usually go for a pair on this one.

Firestrike Holster.

Magnetic Clasp Stryfe Holster.

Strongarm Holster.

Between all of these, I set up my gear and what I am taking to battle with me.  It depends Highly on the mission how I configure it.  The reason I like this better is because it offers the user.

*Lower Encumbance
*Reasy Use and Reach

It makes it so you can customize every aspect of your rig.  Duct tape does indeed last longer than you might think, and how useful they are is all up to you.

Lately I have been playing with Neo Magnets and fast draw clasps.  These are designed  so that when you tug the gun out of the holster, it releases in a split second and brings the gun to action. I have been playing with magnet mounts since late 2008 and what I found is that you should let the holster hold the gun, but the clasps hold it "in".

With the use of these, I have found significant advantage in battle, take for instance this video with me using 
8 Kg Triads and Magnetic Clasp holsters, They are a complete advantage in battle...when it all works.

There's something to be said about making it yourself.

See You In Disneyland.


Monday, February 18, 2013

A Real Champion Rebelle Goes To Bat About The Rebelle Line.

I felt, this subject of Nerf blasters for girls needed an honest point of view of the subject, too many articles by men, no good ones I have seen from women.  So who did I seek for a opinion on the Nerf Rebelle line, 2 time, back to back, Southern California Humans Vs. Zombies MVP, Ferris Mcintyre.  Me and such friends as Basic Nerf and the Norwalk Regional Nerf Leauge encourage her to keep playing Nerf,  kicking ass, kill zombie heads, and just all out demolish her opponents with a Nerf Rayven.  So without further adue...   

A Rebelle's Point Of View, By Ferris Mcintyre.   

Many toy brands focus on either a boy or girl audience, making specific toys for specific genders. All of the time growing up, I would hear remarks about my love of playing with a "boy's toy." I never understood that these were separate, and I still don't. Today I play with Nerf blasters as often as I can and love it. I do admit that in someways having a line of blasters aimed at girls would be nice, but at the same time is it really necessary? If the guns were designed for girls some of the problems that I am experiencing could be solved, but others could also arise. I hope Nerf has some new ideas about the style of guns needed for the line, more than just paint. Although girls can and have played with the previously existing blasters, the new line could potentially help get more girls interested in Nerf despite the controversy it may provoke. 

                As the girls became older, they stop playing with “a boy’s toy,” to move onto what toys were available to girls, toys deigned for indoor play with long periods spent sitting down. The designers at Nerf have realized this and have decided to make a blaster line specifically for girls, but will it help them become equal on the playing field as they predicted? Some say that making the toys separate demotes the girl players, while others say it will encourage them. Whichever the case, I hope more players come forward and all are able to have a great playing experience. 

                Despite this forward movement for the girl blaster-loving community, there are several problems faced with the transition from boy to girl blaster models. The first one being size and shape of the gun, another being the types of guns available and the last being the accessories needed for the new girl blasters.

                Some of the blasters already in circulation have thicker, heavier handles than are wanted in a blaster specifically for girls. In the Rebelle blasters I have seen online, this has already been changed to improve the handling and use of the guns. The second change for the Reblle blasters would be to move the release button for clips closer to the clips themselves. As they are in the N-Strike, I either find it hard to reload without using both hands because they are too far apart or are too hard to release while pulling the clip out. Nerf should not be afraid to make Rebelle blasters with a clip system in it, as long as they consider the target audience’s attributes.

                The simplest way for Nerf to create a new line of girl blasters would be to not create them at all. If they just used the same models in different colors that would be enough right? Wrong. If the Rebelle line had the exact same blasters, even with the helpful modifications, it would not be enough to motivate little girls to buy them. Many of the girls who would be interested in the line most likely already have a Nerf blaster or two. What girls really want (especially me) would be a line that is created for them, with separate blasters in all different styles and options, without giving up any of the power the N-Strike blasters have.  

                 Lastly, if you are a serious Nerf player, and a girl, you have come to realize that there are some complications when playing. One of which, is finding a place to hold your primary and secondary gun. Normally I find players have a type of vest to hold everything. I am not a very big girl, reaching only 5'1 on my best days and no more than 105 pounds, so carrying a heavy vest with a million clips, a secondary gun and everything else needed for a good Nerf game on my shoulders would not be very productive. Also considering the older group of girls who may be playing, this is not possible due to their body shape. What I suggest instead is a new style of vest for the older girls. However, this is just not likely to take off because of the odd style and awkward feeling it would give, so a belt holster or a leg holster would work much better. Think of how amazing a police style belt for the secondary gun would be. The leg holster I have already seen on a girl who made it out of tape and cardboard. It survived the whole game that way and got her out of a few situations. I myself would love to see these take off with girls and guys who need more room for gear. 

                I hope that as a serious Nerf player the people at Hasbro will consider the thoughts of both young and older girls when creating the new line. The changes in these blasters have been long awaited and will be appreciated among the true players of the game. I can now pass down all of my Nerf guns to my young girl family members and know they will be loved. So many young girls would be happy to see this take off, almost as happy as all of the older girls who have waited for it all this time, will be. 


Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Nerf Rebelle Line, Once again, Girls Get The Short End Of The Stick!

A friend of mine My Last Dart, went to the toy fair not long ago and got to see what was up for the new Nerf line.  He couldn't tell me anything, and honestly since I have been involved with projects in the past Subbing for Walt Disney Show and Ride Division , Disney's MAPO Division, The US Army (fiberglass for M1 tank simulators) for example, I am no Stranger to NDA's and rules of confidentiality.  One of those things he saw must have been the new Rebelle Line, what is that do you ask?

Yep that's right! A Darling Girl shooty shooty line.  The design scheme appears to be pink/purple/orange in bird type looks, 3 guns a Bow, A Triad type gun, A crossbow.  Very cool because they are not just rehashed Retaliators, Rampages Rayvens and so on.  My favorite is this one so far as looks goes, the heartbreak bow.

Now here is where it gets sad, sure to fail, why? Because the product is too much into looks and too little into firepower,in this case,  rate of fire.  It is geared for the power girl 6-12, with no power.  Would Liz Taylor shoot one of these, hell no! She'd shoot a Rayven!  Most likely If it were between this and a Longshot, If a girl wanted to own An HvZ game, they would get the Longshot, Rayven, Stampede solution!

Go ahead, Go ahead!  Picture it Girls on one side with their bows that Shoot, silly rumors say 40 feet, but even at 75 feet, single shot, Boys on the other that shoot 75 feet or better, also have clipfeds, with rapid fire, Yep the Darling Deer Little Women are sure to lose, Go to Wal-Mart, Get an Elite Rayven, ask (demand) their bigger brother for Trustfires, and get revenge!

So What is the solution?  I propose that Rebelle Needs a Flagship gun, like the retaliator or Rampage. I however feel a Flywheel gun would be best Who Cares If it's a repaint, you already have 3 nice looking originals, and even if you reshelled  it with a girly chasis, a stryfe/rayven/stampede Internals would work.  But it must have...

*Rapid Fire
*75 Feet of Range
*Girl Color mags (personally I say white, also go with elite guns well)

This would even the line out and give it a chance to stay.