Friday, December 6, 2013

Life Is A Bitch, Then You Crossfire!

Lack of money, family being "family" making no place for me to seriously mod, death of family and friends, procrastination of Orange Mod Works Stage 2/3 kit (although I love the stage 2) and lack of Nerf events between friends cause my lack of posts.  But thank you for still seriously reading anyways, you guys are great!

So lets Start here, what am I curious about right now?

This one.....

Woke me out of coma, why?
Well you always get scoops here that go beyond new products and trendy looks and you bet this is a good one for modders.

If it is a Firestrike Plant, meaning uses a Firestrike piston and a Firestrike/Pink Crush plunger tube then quite possibly you could kill with this think since I have the springwork and plunger system worked out already to pull serious above 120 flat range with a Firestrike, just look.
Next, picture the repeater system on a Triad, I know from experience I can brass those barrels, like as seen here....

Now take this green crossbow beast and throw 4 17/32nds barrels, and you have a Mega Springger Hyper-gun possibly capable of a 120-130 feet PTG average with peaks in 140-150 land.  Wow how exciting!!  If the internals are nice, maybe more than even one of these....

But if built like a Roughcut...Not a chance in hell, exciting ain't it?  

Oh and BTW, I told you all so  about Bitcoin, yay for MtGox, Greenspan and China for dropping it $650 as of this writing :)  


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