Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hasbro (Nerf) is Officially On My Shitlist.

Yep, it's official now, since I am unbiased and I am a Modder, I did not get shipped a Nerf Centurion unlike countless friends who have blogs, youtube, lobby groups, dicksuckers who rally around Nerf.  Do you remember when I called bullshit on certian forums, bullshit that we worked out?  Well that's me unbiased, brutally honest.  How about the time my friend felt jiped by Xplorer, I helped him, they refunded and even changed the design after our encounter, helped make great parts greater, even if it is for a Longstrike first.

Well corporate America just doesn't understand I guess.  I have proposed theme parks, Shook Micheal Eisner's hand when  I subcontracted  for Disney's show and ride division.  And yes, not everyone should have a new Centurion before it ships, I agree. However is Nerf, division of Hasbro just trying to buy the Nerf press off by giving it to people they feel will agree with them and avoiding who wont?  One has to ask!

Now I know a lot of the players who got one, do you guys remember the Hail-Fire?  Hyped to the sky, sure it was a unique idea, a decent blaster and I know some who swear by it.  But from those who were bought off, I tell ya you could have sworn it was the next best thing since the fucking light bulb from what they said.

Now my friend, Basic Nerf, who by the way has nothing to do with this post or my attitude, this is my perspective from what is going on around me, told it how it was lately, proud of you kid!

"So I hosted an indoor Nerf War yesterday, and only managed to bring out the Centurion once to attempt to use. I don't want to spoil anything, but my first, and so far only, in game experience with it left me a bit sour towards it.

Also, the Elite Alpha Trooper, with it's design and new ranges is still solid after all these years. The Masterkey is still my favorite blaster to use.

I'll have more on all this, and game video, as the days go by."

Property of Basic Nerf, one of the best friends one can have : )  Have fun in NY.

I was at that war, and let me tell you, out of the box the thing is junk, it needs work.  An experienced modder can give it what we think it needs but otherwise, it jams, it messes up darts and I had no desire to try it in a war.

Do you see how Nerf is selective to who represents their product?  Well I am gonna get one and tell you how it is and help all those poor souls who felt compelled to buy one.



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  1. Great article man, love your POV and honesty - that makes you one of the few decent bloggers in the NIC.

    NOT sure why NerfHaven and NerfRev got an invite, and they're predominately homemade and mods.

    It might have something to do with Nerf Haven wanting to pick up the Tek Recon stuff and advertising it.

    Good counter advertising - except Langley hasn't bothered to do a write up and Nerf Rev didn't go!