Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Ultra Match 2" In Prototype Stages, With Possible Ven om Kit Versions "Cartaya Veno-Strike" and "Magna Veno-Strike" In The Works.

The Mega Magnus plunger tube, with it's surperior 1.25 Diuameter and 1.24 Cubic inches per running inch of volume and a inner counter sealed barrel that can possibly be used to make a clipfed version later barely, with modification of the tube and the Firestrike shell.

The result is lots of air 2.6 cubic inches rather than 2.1 compatible with the same plunger with a new O-ring.  But there is more to this falls new versions of Firestrike insanity, let me explain.

First off, this prototype is using a brass coupler prototype for use with thinner grey darts, the new version will use a 9/16th brass barrel all the way to the Plunger tube but allow a 17/32nds coupler to be used for rear loading as this video shows.

These can even be pre/loaded as shotshells with me playing with the idea on the Bird of Prey.

It pulled about 80 flat each dart, not bad, but that's not all campers.

I am currently in talks with Master NIC Modder Ven om to help make the ultimate Firestrike yet.  3 types, the standard Veno-Strike which is his kit as he originally intended, The Cartaya Veno-Strike which uses the Ven om kits and possibly higher yields with an Ultra Match Firestrike and a new custom version which uses the largest plunger length a Magnus tube can be used in a Firestrike called the "Cartaya Magna Veno-Strike."  I am giving him proper credit and fair share part of the commission if it becomes a reality that they are to be sold as finished units.

But speaking of that, now were talking expensive, springs, taking apart a Mega Magnus Blaster, Ven om's commision and mine.  But think of it, no longer stuck to 1 yield of springs once installed, possibly more power (21 kg's or better) and a HELL of a lot more range with a system that is more user friendly and holds up better over time.

Until then, build more darts.

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