Monday, February 3, 2014

Who Needs A Triadstrike When You Got One Of These ;)

Yes, it is beautiful, and many amusement park patrons and cast members have felt it's wrath!

I don't bring this up to start a Triad contest of who built what first, but My Friend and member of the NIC Trent Augunas came up with the original concept of the Triadstrike as long as before I have been building Ultra Match pistols months back.  It is a twin stock spring Firestrike using epoxy to mount it to a Firestrike plunger tube. I so have been waiting for a chance to see it fire when out of the blue.

A very good modder named Andu Mijomiee's built this inline design which is all over the net.  Which is also very streamline and cool looking.

Do we see a trend here? People want the size of the firestrike with Repeat-ability of a Triad.  What should Hasbro do?  Make one thats 4 barrels and send me a promo copy for once.  Oh but we can't do that, He's Chris Cartaya :)

Peace out.


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