Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pre-orders Open On the Bird Of Prey 21 Kg Crossbow.

Here's a Video look at this crazy beast!

Derived from the Ultra Match Firestrikes, The Bird Of Prey carries a 21 Kg springload largely in part because of the Rebelle series blasters having a stronger plunger rod.

If you buy this blaster, I suggest you eat your wheaties.  The draw is heavy, so if you don't like blasters with an extreme draw, don't go for this one, I make blasters for a lot less money with less draw.

 The blaster shoots 130-140 average with 150's being typical with elite darts.  Strongly recommended are stephan darts made for 17/32nd inch wide brass, which is about a half inch in diameter.

The price is $119.99usd plus $10.99usd for shipping in the lower 48, International customers, inquire within.

It is important to know that I only plan on making 10 of these this year, in comparison to the Super Veloce' Retaliator which I will probably sell 50-60.  The rest of the R-Spec is still for sale and they are surprisingly great blasters and there will be a cpvc coupler version of the 16 Kg Ultra Match Firestrike soon Price TBA, but probably slightly cheaper than a standard 16kg Ultra Match.

So how does it shoot? well.......

With that kind of potential for power, how can you pass it up!  Should take about a month after pre-order is arranged to build and ship out.


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