Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Ted Nugent Called, He Wants His Blasters Back ;)"

No you are not in the 80's or the 60's for that matter. Take a look at Mattels New Blaster Lineup for the Summer of 2014.  In particular, this blaster seems to be the big talk of the lineup.

I think they are ugly, but some people dig the looks for is "Cosplay evil villain looks" and with their most expensive blaster being...

*Air powered.
*Selective Fire (semi or full auto, switchable)
*Store replaceable magazines unlike the AS-10 Magstrike which was a major drag!
*Darts with Grooves that possibly can take 9/16ths O rings, (time to make a 9/16th bore Ultra Match).

It could outdo the Magstrike and maybe even...I dare say it...A Rapidstrike!

But it all depends, there are many things to consider.

A new dart system:

Do you really want to switch darts? It was hard enough for me to switch to Stefans, and I am still not quite there for my main battle blasters myself.  Since it is full auto, you better have at least 300 darts and 5 magazines to use it as a primary.  Also if nobody else is using it, picking up darts in battle is hard and if it is not a common battle platform, could be tough.


How tough are they?  For example if the Retaliators were not tough, I could have never gotten a 14 Kg spring in the blaster, or 21 Kg's in a Star Shot may be even a better example.  These look a little weak and remember, these are the first Mattel is making, first of anything always has the most problems.


What is the tank on this thing?  big? small? solid? could I just plug the overpressure regulator? does it even have one? and where is it, the pump? the tank?  Can I get it up to 100 flat in Full auto?

Do you just have to have it?:

Congrats, most people like you end up in rehab or hoarding something dumb like collecting vintage tampons.

Can the clipfire be Ultra Matched to achieve "Magnum Force?:

Possible, all depends on the plunger rod material, plunger head and trigger catch.  I like that it can fold and be concealed (My mom just notions to me, "Crap, trouble at Knotts Berry Farm, please not again Chris!")

See You In Disneyland.


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