Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Dart Development.

130's-150-s in the wind, and really accurate out of the wind, that's right campers I finally started playing around with darts. My NIC friend Castiel Angel traded me some stefans of all colors, INCLUDING that bitching HMA foam. They were all felt head darts but they game me ideas about a better dart to use with the Ultra Match type pistols. But honestly, I am looking for a shooting system, dart and blaster, people have stated to think that I believe I am playing the Nerf version of Death Race 2000.

 I am no Frankenstein, but it is all for the betterment of the sport of Nerf and my upperhand while I send Via airmail a package my opponent's will never forget. On thing I thought was wouldn't these suction cup darts work better if they had domes on them?

So I went to Home depot and got some 3/8th domes and went to work.  I then aquired 12 suction cup elite darts and it was off with their heads, made a flat surface with them, glued the dome on and presto, the future is murder!

Yes the music, a little loud but you get the drift of it, crazy domed darts.  But that wasn't enough, I had to test the fuckers outside in the heavy sea wind on a day that stock elites got knocked right out of the sky, did I dare? did I? DID I?  Hell yeah I did.

Wow! look at the power! indoors it's just over 18 parking spaces with an 8 foot clearance.

You may just want them, just may....


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