Saturday, May 24, 2014

When Zeee' Germans Lose, Look What Happens!

Murphy Ranch, back in the late 30's the Murphy Ranch was built by the Silver Legion (silver shirts) to wait for the Nazi's to take over Los Angeles.  They poured 4 million bucks of post Depression dollars to build a compound 1 mile from what is now Will Rogers Park.  The secret camp, was found not so secret because the day after pearl harbor, the mad men building this compound were taken away.  Spy's were all over this from day 1 as it would seem.  What was left was used by Hartford university for a time, later that grant was revoked and the rest burned down in 1978.  So me, Basic Nerf, our mutual friend Fujio (who scored me a Hydro Cannon and a UMB, to be seen later) Decided to see if it would be appropriate for an HvZ game.  Here is the video hosted by Basic Nerf's channel.

We had some fun, went down and back up several hundred stairs and had a battle to be seen in Part 2.

So what do I think of this place...

#1.  If you can't hike, you ain't tough, distance will weed out all the non hackers, I played HvZ 3 hours and 22 minutes with a Dislocated ankle for fuck sakes.  Part of the challenge in my opinion and possibly a great element of endurance for an HvZ game.

#2.  We can volunteer to clean some of the junk the week before to sweeten the deal with the Park Service.

#3. We can bring camping toilets.

#4. The place has a SERIOUS potential for a great "The Hills Have Eyes" kind of story to use in HvZ gameplay.

#5.  Some places will have to be called out of bounds or "no zombie zones" so people don't run in dangerous areas, e.g. the stairs straight up the mountain.

#6. We can also make a deal with the camp up the road, in return maybe they can help with a better place to get down the mountain and or supplies like toilets and heavy stuff like tables.

Did I regret only taking single shots and a brassed Retaliator (which wasn't used in battle)?  You will just have to see part 2.  Generally I like the Venue, but it needs to be fleshed out with a practice HvZ game or 2.

And...I didn't bring any booze to the hike, despite having a flask of Jack Daniels in the trunk, damnit!

I'll See You In Disneyland.


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