Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Slingfire.

What can we do with the Slingfire?  First and foremost argument is that...."It's geared, oh no!"  yes it is geared and according to Awesomely Nerf's excellent photo's the weak spot is here...

Himm..a touque limiter assembly?  Why the hell do we need that?  Oh wait? to limit the weight springs we use on modding our blasters, no thanks.   The Grey plastic, that is what we need to know about, is it weak ABS or maybe stronger like  HDPE?  if it's HDPE or High Density Polyethylene or even better Delrin, we could be looking at as much as 12 Kg's of modding potential.  My guess is that it is the plastic they use one the Firestrike grips, and that stuff is decently strong.

I think stronger and why?  This pic says it all.  

Notice the weaker ABS bolt sled, obviously they needed a stronger plastic for the gearing, I guessing you fix the Torque limiter problem, you are in business.

Now the rest of it, mod it like an SV Retaliator and you are in luck, maybe I can even put an Xplorer kit in it or my very own version of the Orange Mod works Stage 1+2+3 kit.  A friend of mine Trix1204  Thought that it looks complicated, nahh it ain't that bad, a Stampede is much more a mess and I wouldn't lose the rear grip.  It is however nice it is modular.

Final Verdict:  

Modability: 8.4 
Better than an EAT but not as good as a Retaliator (9.1) or a Old Longshot (9.8)  depending highly on the durability of the grey plastic and the need of that torque limited. 

Rate of fire: 9

It's a lever gun, duh.  I predict nice reloading built for better sustained fire than a Rapidstrike and more stable than a Rampage.

Size: 7

This I give a lower score because the stock removal does not keep the grip by default, the blaster is too big to be a pistol, too small to be a rifle.  It's meant to be a carbine only really, sawing off the rear stock would serve nothing but a personal preference.  I see no use to minimizing it and quite frankly, I think it would look dumb if you did.

I say buy it when it comes out.

I'll see you in Disneyland.



  1. Hey Cartaya, great post!

    I got my slingfire and while it's nifty, I can definitely attest to the performance issues that others have noted, most notably in range and accuracy.

    I would like to mod it with a 5kg spring and a brass breech but you have noted that the bolt sled appears weak. Does the bolt sled appear interchangeable with anything from OMW, and if not, will a stronger spring and brass breech compromise the existing sled?

  2. FYI - a OMW Retaliator spring is a simple drop-in performance upgrade (at least for the Aussie grey trigger version). It's proven itself competitive in a local war and shows no sign of wear and tear on the gear train.
    The lever itself is of concern though, but not due to the increased spring, but rather the side-ways flexing that is probably weakening the thinner section that leads into the body of the blaster.

  3. I just wish it could do highert the advantage of a leverage would give even the smallest shooter access to higher yields.