Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Selling My Brand New In Box Blue Nerf Longshot On Ebay.

Selling my sealed brand new in box blue Nerf Longshot on Ebay.  It's rare, not cheap, but I need it to Get my projects moving.  I figure I have 2 others if I were to get an Xplorer kit one day.

Here is the Linkage.  If you buy it, I will have many more projects to come.  Or you can always .....

To help me make new machines of dart blaster terror!!!!



  1. Chris, to be completely honest with you, NO ONE will ever pay that much for a NiB Longshot. Maybe for a Crimsons Series one, but never for a blue or yellow. If someone *does* buy it, it's because they're an idiot and they will be mocked and ridiculed by everyone in the NIC.

    1. Ok so I moved the Longshot from Ebay to here, It will be more of a reasonable price, especially without ebay fees. Thanks.

  2. ...And with that, the price goes up to $250, thanks for playing!

  3. Ok, so you are the Nerf expert, and you are, I have seen you thrift like crazy, have boxes and boxes of Nerf guns, and work on countless things, how much would you buy and sell for Bob?