Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bird of Prey, Type-R Bowcaster

I have been working on this blaster for a few months, getting it just right and Yes,  I have been reluctant to post this, why?  Because the build components just yells Blaster suicide.

25-32 Kg's of spring force.

A cutdown Longshot PT and PH fixed to a Star Shot Plunger rod.


4Kg's of trigger catch spring.

12 inches of Brass Barrel and a 9/16 coupler.  A first for a Cartaya Mod Works Blaster.

Seriously, I believed I pushed the Star Shot to it's limits with the Type M (Magnus tubed Bird Of Prey)....I was wrong.  I still didn't want to post it one week and then find the next it cannot work more than a week.

But here it is!

It can shoot darts as far as 200' flat, but dialed down to 160'-180' it is menacingly accurate!  More so than it's power, is it's accuracy really sets this blaster off.

Here is the first longshot Plunger tubed BoP, the Type-L with a 7 inch barrel and 24 Kg's and 55 cc's of plunger volume.  I am well beyond this now with 28Kg's 66cc's and 12" of barrel.

The other thing is, it's hella light, just over a pound with a 3-7x20 scope, it fits in a notebook computer bag with the barrel and stock removed and the last battle I played, nobody could even land a dart on me when I was using it.

More on this beast to come.  Until next time, Uzi Suicide time!


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  1. It's so beautiful....... if you don't visit my blog I'll be pissed