Saturday, March 15, 2014

...When a company actually starts making Stefan length darts and mags for the people.

It's about time, nobody really offers Stefans darts fully assembled. Many in the NIC make them, but consistency always suffers.  The advantages of Orange Mod Works making these is consistency of a Stefan made by a machine.  I made my new domes, doesn't really count as a stefan from scratch, they work great but lets face it, if made in longer runs by machine, they would be better.  Even the Xplorer X-Darts need to be assembled with silicone glue, but I have heard great things.

I don't know why Hasbro didn't do this from day one with the Elite line.  Less dart, smaller packaging, less foam, same price, maybe they aren't that greedy....Maybe.

Meanwhile, they are having a koosh dart fire sale, Have you heard of this?  Check that link and look at the mad fucking price, holy shit!   We're drinking Glenlivet this month.  Now not only is this a scoop, but is it a sign to come fellow campers? If the darts aren't good this may happen, especially the indoors one.  Advice OMW?  If we are going to shoot indoors, we will just drop down to stock blasters because this...

...may...suffer...the...same...FATE!  So if the koosh darts are a hint, AND I WOULD TAKE IT OMW DESIGNERS!  Lose this design^^^^

It's like no matter what, a blaster like this, hurts, no getting around it.

Now that^^^! that is crazy^^^, what kind of Psycho mods a stage 3 kit? umm.....a discerning one....ME! 

And this is Crazy me shooting it....

...and the darts are crazy.  I have to shoot elites, but have no fear this is what OMW is coming out with also!

Give me a HELL YEAH!  possibly the best thing they came up with yet!  With a genius double stack system this will sell.  But if your solid Stefans suck, man don't bother.  If you don't have a steady flow of darts for this, you will have sales, but not as great as they can be.

Good Luck OMW, wish you would let me R&D some stuff for you, like I did with the Stage 3 Barrel on my own curiosity and my friend's suggestion and help.  Offer still stands to make you one if you ship me a kit.

See You In Disneyland.


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