Saturday, June 14, 2014

Coming Soon To Kickstarter, The Ultra Match Mod Kit.

The Ultra Match Series, powerful, accurate, expensive to make, difficult to build, this wiki points out just how difficult, and the one shown is not even a ZDS version.

And this...

That does this...

This blaster should be an entry level stefan blaster to get people into better performing blasters, capable of being bought Turnkey minus for $40 and above.  If I had a practical way to offer this as injected molded parts with control of the materials used, It can be done.  Right now they are hand built, hand machined modded blasters that even the springs because I am not buying them in bulk cost $22.50 on an 18 Kg Pink Crush alone.

They are a work of art, but even if I had 100 orders, they just ain't doing me, my customers and myself justice trying to do it this way.

So I will seek the advice of the manufactures I know and find a way to start a startup company to build and sell these.

Current prices:

Ultra Match ZDS Firestrike 18Kg: $99, Pink Crush Version: $89
Bird of Prey: $119, with scope: $149

Compared to what is possible:

Ultra Match Firestrike 18 Kg's Kit: $30
Star Shot Ultra Match Kit: $40
And maybe even cheaper, to achieve...Magnum Force!


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