Sunday, March 24, 2013

R-Spec Retaliator Retooling Pictures.

I figure since The R-Spec Retaliator is being brought back up in certian circles lately, I should show you some pics of me doing a rebuild.  R-Spec is the designation given to the most developed model an N-Strike Elite gun can be taken, the limit. That doesn't mean that there isn't an airgun that can shoot farther, or a stephan dart gun that can do better or that somewhere there isn't someone with a better mod.   Lets gather that concept a bit, "better mod" The R-Spec Retaliator Is likened to owning an Enzo Ferarri, Sure it's the best, but it constantly needs upkeep and is a pain in the ass, For example I Just bought an Xplorer Direct Plunger Replacement Kit, Because the Stock plunger made of ABS plastic cannot hold up to the stress of 11 Kg and was deteriorating quickly, as was the guns velocity, 185 FPS to 170 a few weeks later 165, and as you see after shipping and waiting 3 weeks for it, it is about the cost of a stock Retaliator.  When you got a gun that can best the Xplorer Xpower Retaliator with stock elite darts instead of stephans, you just gotta keep it workin man! (Hint hint, This mod needs the R-Spec power mod kit)

In all defense to Xplorer, their kit looks like an excellent one, my Version of the Xplorer Xpower one day will have this powerplant in it as the current R-Spec and i'm sure with stephans it will beat the R-Spec Retaliator I have now, probably 150+ feet flat.

So it was time to Retool the mosnster, The gun where every Performance mod, new type of dart, park and player claiming to have a better gun than me, gets tried on first.  As you can see The piston has a fatter Front lip and a nicer o-ring slot that responds better to teflon tape.

Next I tried a new idea, since this is the gun that always gets it first,  I broke outs some gunsmithing tools and countersunk a Retaliator dart bolt so that the load finger no longer drags on the dart on the way out, Shown Here on an aluminum bolt sled assembily

The result was wonderful, I did need to buffer the piston with a piece of felt and glue it i n there because it wasn't latching correctly at first, and I also filed some rough points off the piston (seam marks) and put in several layers of teflon tape. Worth the work however, this stuff is tough ass composite, most likely a strong thermoset casting resin like epoxy. Still working out some kinks, but it fires great.  Here Are some other pics.

In foam we trust, I'll see you in Disneyland.



  1. Hi,

    Do you remove the air restrictor from the breech or not?

  2. The AR is still in the gun, I wouldn't remove it unless I made it an angel breech.