Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My last dart Posted Pictures of the new Elite Alpha Trooper and guess what!!!  IT USES THE SAME SPRING AS A RETALIATOR!!! YES!!!!

However, I don't think this will do 100 Flat, Main reasons.

A. The orange trigger catch I believe might be inferior to the white plastic one on the Retaliator.

B.  The wire used to connect the pump handle to the bolt sled probably would bend past 5 Kg's of spring just like a Raider, Rampage, ect.

Just look...

The other thing is, that the First batch had hairline cracks on the back of the stock holder.  Honestly, I think you are fine, I also noticed the finger joints are backwards.  That can cause it, because remember, this part is not perfectly square, it has a little taper, and therefor if you put it on backwards, it will probably crack.

5 Kg's should be fine, be sure to use a stronger trigger catch spring and mod at your own risk.

See you in disneyland.


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