Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Public And Nerf!

We play, we have fun and sometimes if not careful, we terrorize!

In light of the Napa Valley College banning Nerf blasters at HvZ games, I wanted you to picture their side of things....

No no not that one, which actually was a promo pic of the game taken from the promo video, and no injury actually occured.  But i am sure we are all made to belive this guy got belted that hard durring an HvZ game and how terrible this game just MUST be.

Imagine you are walking though campus, a liberal anti gun man and a fan of butterscotch enemas, scared, shattered, shocked of all the shootings going on in the country and all the sudden, here are a bunch of guys with Orange Tipped, blue and yellow plastic blasters running from zombies that are so scarry, the bandana on their heads look so much like fake blood that you dive right the hell under the bench.

Could it be a zombie invasion?  Never mind this event was posted all over campus for a month or so, flyers all over lampposts, bulliten boards and maybe even over the P.A.  But nonono!  These kids are either nuts and think they are really shooting the dead down with foam blasters, or this is really happening OR "YOU" really just need something to bitch about today!

We will always run into these types, and pretty soon, we will be reduced to socks without proper precautions and public handling to stay out of their scrutiny.

1.  Where to fight.   As in any battle, where to fight means everything.  However Nerf is different, the people you fight are not your enemies, in most cases, it's the public and at the same time they might also be interested too in your battle and you don't wanna shun them either.  For example, me and some friends played a HvZ game at an urban park with a 10 minute time limit.  In the middle of the game, 4 members of a well established street gang show up, sit on the bench and watch the craziness of the last 2 minutes of the match.  One human left, 30 seconds to go, where does he bolt?  Right to the G's where 3 or 4 of us accidentally mow them down.  How did they take this? Like they were at a lakers game and Kobe sometimes just accidentally goes outta bounds, totally cool, I knew that, but still it was a problem, proximity to public.

Coning off or sectioning is everything, Reserving park space, buildings and staying away from kids playing or G's Vaping.  Common sense man!

2.  Avoid Stigma like the plauge.  Bullhorns, darts you fail to pick up, roudy guests, shooting civilians all are annoying to others, and annoyance leads to new rules, new rules lead to you don't play ne more.  All they have to prove is safety hazards and lack of responsibility.

3. Solve conflicts safely, effectively, and without a huge stink to others.  Everyone hates that stupid kid who dry-fires you guns, breaks them and says "not my fault" or the guy who picks up your longshot with 120 man hours and $300 invested in it and drops it.   But if the drama spreads outside of the game, the public looks down on you, and doesn't want you around.  Have good policy to deal with bad hits, breakage of guns by others, theft and an all dominating ban policy needs to be in place.  Ban trouble at meets or the public will ban you.

4. Have a good Dart pickup sweep policy, remember, losing darts are not only expensive, it can be considered littering by the Ralph Naider types or those hippie chicks with braided armpit hair that might say "Birdies are gonna eat them OH NOO"

I'll See You In Disneyland


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