Sunday, March 17, 2013

Xplorer Builds Model 82 Barrett Prototype.

Here it is and of course, it is very dramatic!  I think it might be just a personal prototype or what we modders call guns like the R-Spec Retaliator "personal use" or "Not for sale".  But honestly, think twice man, I can think of a ton of .50 Cal hopefuls that would love toget their hands on one and snipers like me, that even if I had to pay $400 or $500 for one of these, Would do it.  I left a comment stating just that, Ask Ronnie Barrett to sell them as replicas, hell could you imagine If Barrett sold these?

But bottom line, power, If it had enough power, say 200 flat, people would shell out the money, not only to do 200 flat, but to have a sniper gun that looks like a barret and not some stupid recon mod made to look like one.

Recently me, I have been working on a sniper pistol called the R-Spec Firestrike and a company made to make my line of modded guns called Cartaya Mod Works.  Check out the Firetrike, Not even stephans, bad ass.

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