Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cartaya Makes Maniac Firestrike To Terrorize The World!!!

I'm sure you hear of the R-Spec Firestrike, before it had brass, any one could only imagine now.  As always it has twin springs, An 8Kg and A 4Kg spring. But it ended up to be too much for nerf darts and nerf barrel.

So now comes the Brass Barreled Firestrike, using a Crowned and machined 17/32nds Barrel and a 1x30 red dot sight.  The power in phenominal, able to drive an Elite dart some 200 feet ATG and 120 PTG, wow.  This is at leauge with modded airguns except....It only needs one pull of the mainspring.

So out of curiosity, I went to a nearby park, quickly to run into some fella that thought his brass Barreled Range Master was better.  So we had a 5 falls match, I won me 5, him 2.  And he showed me how to make a Range Master.   I was impresed, we even played another 3 falls match me boworing his gun, him mine.  He beat me 3 to 2.  

Obviously 1 pull rather than 8 pumps makes a difference, not only that but the R-Spec not only outranged his, it outranged  mine that I made later.  I do see some advantage however with the RM.

1.  It's a Rifle, Firestrike is a pistol and with the firestrike it is not as steady of a shooter at extreme long range.

2.  The trigger pull on an RM is much lighter, the R-Spec Firestrike has a Trigger pull heavier than the Double action of a Beretta 9mm, takes some practice.

3.  The R-Spec requires an all at once pull to prime it, the RM divides the effort with several pumps.

So with that said, the RM is a great gun modded, why doesn't Buzz Bee just make it that way to begin with?

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