Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cartaya Mod Works Is Up! First gun, Holy Triad.

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?", Where?  I make them, my friend Billy, Helps sell them.  Since he has a zany Toys and Comics store, well how fitting that they will sell Nerf Guns you can't get anywhere else. and My friends at the Norwalk Nerf Leauge borrow them and tell me what they think.   Cartaya Mod Works is unoffically up, still a lot of work to do, New Blog, Build Prototypes, make video's of their use.  I have spent the last 6 months comming up with mod Formulas and this is what is comming out.  They will come out 1 or 2 at a time on a 3 week lead time order basis and will always be available for ordering.

Holy Triad

This gun is excellent, especially 2 of them, especially as backups.  Except these have 5Kg Retaliator power and excellent range.  This one has no paint or "Holy Triad 8Kg" writing on them, but can have them by request.

You Can also see them here in battle, with yours truely behind the triggers.

R Spec Firestrike, (shown With Optional Scope (+$40))

Power to zap people flat across the street, but it will not come cheap as Modding this gun properly is very involved. What you see here is a prototype, 12 Kg, lots of power, Very nice gun to throw on a Holster.  An 8 Kg Super Veloce Firestrike will also be available for less $$$.



Super Retaliator:  5 Kg of spring, quick reload, about 80 flat 135-140 ATG with brand new darts, Optional Retaliator Unleashed kit (+$10) Gives it more reinforcement and a metal trigger catch.

Super Veloce (SV) Retaliaror,  8.5 Kg of spring, 90-95 flat 150-160 ATG with brand new darts, darts hiss as they fly, available with such options as an Xplorer Piston and plunger kit (+$35), OMW Retaliator Unleashed kit (+$10), Red Dot sights and Lazer kits.   My favorite gun to battle with.  

Holy Rampage: 5 Kg of spring with the kick of a Super Retaliator.

Alpha Trooper Packages:  

Cartaya Mod Works Plans to take this one to the limit,  5 Kg Springs, Red Dot Sights, Green Lazer sights, Paint jobs, possible reinforced handle rods to take this gun to 160 ATG! @ 8.5 Kg.

Stay Tuned



  1. I just bought a Holy Triad from you and its amazing! If you would do a modded Strongarm I would totally buy one from you again!

  2. I am so glad you are happy thanks. Let me get a few springs and make a good mod. Hit me up on my email addy and we will get this moving, plus some other stuff i wanna grant you since you are my first ebay customer.

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  4. Wanna talk about build these snap holsters, write me, I will gladly keep your comment