Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Sometimes it is good, really good, to wait and see what happens, what materializes, what transpires, before reporting a story.  Maybe this makes me slow sometimes, don't hear all the hot rumors you do everywhere else, go there if that's what you want.  But this makes this blog a little different, not just reporting, but a professional opinion from a professional modder.

Look what happened with the Centurion for example.

Great source from a Great blog, but the info he had to work with (in my opinion), seemed iffy and it was a mistake.  It does show to keep your eyes open, or you might not hear about it as it will be taken down once the mistake from Hasbro's PR is found, yes that's true, Keep your eyes glued to this one, he's a good source.  

But the quality of information once the blog community got wind of it, ACKKK, 

"100 flat" 
"electronic trigger must mean full auto."   

Once the little bit of information was out, it was like posting that Lions were loose on the streets of New York, mad speculation.   What am I happy about?  This is great! If mega ammo is 1" Diameter we have a one shot kill weapon in the form of a rifle, not a rocket launcher with 10 pumps, not a zing bow, not a big bad bow, A GUN FINALLY!

If it's not 100 flat, I will make it 100 flat, hell Already have More than one of those, and it is getting the Xplorer direct plunger replacement and plunger tube which I already ordered, probably in a few weeks.  But remember, that still takes 3 hits!

I sorta explain it here.  

See You In Disneyland


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