Monday, January 21, 2013

Super Veloce R-Spec Retaliator Internals

Mod Formula:

* Black Tactical V2 Retaliator Spring and A 2.5 Kg Stampede Spring w/dual spring Retainer.
*Orange Mod Works Retaliator Unleashed Kit
*Orange Mod Works Recon Unleashed Stage 2 Bolt Sled
*Double force trigger lockup spring to make the bolt sled move more solid.  
*Nc Star 5 microwatt Red Lazer Sight.  
* Custom Recon Sight rig on rear stock as to not get in the way when gun in primed.
* Shimmed Barrel assembily w/spring loaded lockup and an inline surpressor.

Not a bad way to spend $75 in parts. Super Veloce is the same but with a plastic bolt sled, 1 mainspring, a V2 Black Tactical and no sights. 


Chronograph: 165- 185 Feet per second (a stock retaliator is between 75 and 80 fps), 

Flat Range: 100-105 feet, 85-100 (windy)
Range @ 5 degrees: 120-125 feet.  
Maximum effective range 140 feet @ 15 degrees 
Maximum range in perfect conditions and perfect 30 degree arch, 165 feet.

See You In Disneyland.

Chris Cartaya.


  1. Did u have to cut away at the the inside of the back of the gun where the ''fins'are to get the stampede spring to fit and compress?or can i get away with not doing it.

    1. Yes I did, but not as cleanly as I wanted, you have to do it or the stampede spring won't fit. Also a retainer like that orange part seperating the springs in the back really help, good luck.

    2. Does It help? like night and day helps. Totally keeps the springs from dancing around and misfeeding. Made from an old Retaliator piston that broke, the front part that holds in the O ring. One day i broke it entirely off, realized I can fit a stock stampede spring on there, Cut it in the right place, filed it, realized I can make this a spacer for a second spring and what I got was this.

  2. Another question if you dont mind. Does the black tactical spring feel much 'stronger' than the omw one? Ive got an sgnerf 8kg spring and it's rubbish, worse than the omw. Its about the same as a 5 kg vulcan. Im using a 6kg stampede spring only, in my retaliator at the moment. A little difficult to prime ( due to its longer solid length?)but better than omw. Hoping to get similar power but easier to prime.

  3. Yes, the V2 Black tactical spring is great because the Interior diamerter is the same a a stock retaliator spring and it's black hardened steel rather than plated steel. It feels like 9 Kg, but a friend measured it told me it was 8.5 The vulcan springs have smaller inner diameters and are shorter as are the Black tactical V1 retaliator springs, i don't reccomend any of those. I Have a Prototype that Uses a 6Kg Stampede spring, once i used the stock spring with it also, really flies. the trick to the stampede spring is how you carve out the ribs in the back to compensate for the spring. Mine is carved all the way back, all around and do put in mind that you need a stronger trigger catch spring (I use an OMW one) which needs to have few enough coils for the catch to go back and lock the piston and strong enough for the new, more powerful mainspring. I use a retainer on the R-spec, made of a broken piston head snaped to a stampede spring with the V2 Black Tactical spring inside keeping them seperate.

    If you mod with stampede springs already, this project is cake, just keep the inner and outter springs seeprated and remember 6kg stampede outer spring + stock inner spring= pretty dammed hot and do put in mind, if the inner spring is too big and hits the stampede spring, it will not lock back on the trigger catch because it will bunch together.

    Have fun modding, I always do, be sure to write back and tell me what you pulled off.


  4. I've been waiting on an 8.5kg 'stampede spring' which have finally arrived :) Outer diameter is slightly larger than the OMW 6kg stampede so easier to fit another one inside without interference. Only 9 coils so again less chance of interference and easier to catch. There really isn't too much difference in power between my 8.5kg and the OMW 6kg spring, just the last inch or so of compression, not sure if the gun is making use of it. I've put a stock retaliator spring inside and with your advice have a fully functioning and reliable 'sniper' gun. I tried putting a 5kg retaliator spring in too, which fired once, but unable to catch again after that. The gun seems to have 'modded' itself :) the plunger head now bypasses the 'buffer stop' and travels through the 'dead space'

    1. Take 3, 7/16ths fiber washers and bore them to 9/16ths, put them in front of the spring towards the plunger. And yes, mine bypasses the dead space too. And the gun makes use of the last inch of space if you tune it with the converted washers as i said. Besides that, what do you think? What kinda range are you getting?

    2. With the 6Kg spring, you only have coil clearance for a stock retaliator spring. 5 kg is too much. That 6 Kg stampede spring is a good spring, just wish it's ID was wider so I could put a 5 Kg OMW spring in it. I did make one with a 4 Kg stampede and a 5 Kg Retaliator spring, but I like what I got now better.

  5. I don't think I'm getting much better ranges after the 6kg stampede. I can feel the extra power in my new spring s( it's actually a 10kg spring), the OMW isn't far off that rating!) but the dart/breech 'seal' isn't good enough. Its like the recon stage 2 metal kit.... I've ground away an inch or so at the front/inside so the dart enters easily without ripping apart but the seal further down is great ( last cm). ONly needs a tiny proportion tight enough on the breech/dart to have a good seal, not along the whole length of dart which I think is a problem with some breech mods out there. My recon stage 1 and 2 fires amazingly well. Another recon with standard breech/stage 1 is garbage. Just need something like that for the retaliator or to push the dart further in another cm. I just dont have the time or patience to mod the breech. I've had a dart fly about 130-140ft flat on the retaliator but usually around 80ft consistant.

  6. I Have 2 Metal Kit Recons and 1 Gun where I use only the Metal piston and trigger catch because the barrel has a Venturi Nozle in the breach. I love them. I keep my AR in on the R spec, it actually works better and if my seal is lacking, I put some Teflon Tape Behind it (put in mind, not adhesive) To make teh seal have more contact. I have found it hard to find Retaliator replacement seals, but on that gun, it makes all the difference.

  7. Where did you get that orange retainer?

    1. It is a broken retaliator Plunger head that was cutoff with a friends dremel tool, fit a 7/8ths spring perfectly. also only go with a stock stampede spring because a retaliator spring won't fit into a heavier 'pede spring.