Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So lets see here, I am taking a couple of weeks off, hangin with my family, but still we are on the prowl.  I go my 24 trustfires, 12 of which my friends want to pay me back for, as well as my kick ass Recon Kit (OMW Unleashed 1+2) I must say it is pretty great, But lets back up a bit...

Saturday, My friend Basic Nerf Needed help with his Stampede, stampede being not a gun I usually mod, so I gave him mine with a 4 kg spring and some smithing.  Those things are such pains in the royal ass.

So what have I been working on? A little of this...

And of course I got this, Basic Nerf Provided the CS-6 Recon... (Thank you)

It's the Nerf Gun of my dreams!! an all metal internals Recon WOO HOOO!!!!  Sooo... after holding the snowman hostage I decided to give my favorite HvZ Blaster some decent eyewear!

Bitchin sight rig I found at big5 for like $10 off, Quad rectacle, adjustable intensity, butchin as hell and the best part.. all aluminum construction.  Does it naturally fit...NO, but im made it fit.  This gun got me 26 of my 39 kills last HvZ, it needed to be rewarded.

This of course is the gun I made Here, solid ass piece man!

Excellent, really shows you how much you shake the gun when you fire!

So soon you will hear more craziness, got a match on the 29th, hope to get good visage of the madman (me) up for you allz to see.

So this is all for now, take care have fun, blame your little sister, peace!

Your Friend In Space.


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