Friday, December 21, 2012

Now for a REAL Nerf game, Spy vs. Spy Event Possibly January Or Feburary.

The Game: Spy vs. Spy
The Place: Chace Park, Marina Del Rey
Date: TBA

Objective: You are Given 5 Cards of different colors for each fall you are allowed to have, one for each fall you can be taken down with your Facebook Picture on it, that card, is randomly given to a secret opponent each round, Each time you are taken Down (1 fall) by an enemy with you picture, you loose one.  You win one back every time you take down your opponent who has your card, you loose one, if you are hit and the next preceeding card is given randomly to the next opponent till you have no cards left then you are out of the game.

The pics MUST be current and look like you.

Unless you have your opponents pic and firing at him, you cannot fire unless fired upon first.

Cannot Play in street or main parking lot and Minidao is out of bounds.

Blasters can only be front-loaded pistols, no clipfeds, It's all ex-3's Scouts, firestrikes and so on, standard Nerf Darts, however, they can be as powerful as you want with no mod restrictions, Lazer Pointers/scopes legal.

Guns must stay concealed, blending in is part of the game, if escourted out of the park by Harbor Patrol, Sherrif or Marina Del ReyPD, they can't arrest you, but are disqualified. Oh yeah, and i am not telling them about the event, upping the antee.  If they don't mind, then we will have a couple of admins, hassing you instead, maybe armed with stampedes or long guns.

This is to simulate Hitman type encounters, still working on it, any sugestions.


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