Friday, December 21, 2012

Humans Vs. Zombies, The Game, The Myth, The Zoo!

It is fun, I like Baggin Zombies with a Long Gun, I like working as a team, I like Nerf events where I meet lots of people.  But to be honest, not really my game.

So I show up early, and It is Seattle rain in California, just misty rain and I test out my Super Firestrike, My Super Retaliator and My Ultra Reataliator.  But I did a bunch of stuff on the Ultra, Oh wait, I cando, well lets pull out my toolbox.....umm forget it, I am just gonna use a Super Retaliator, that's 70-75 flat, and I know poor aim and lack of shooting ain't gonna be my Achilles heel.  

What was really Cooking that day, Was the Super Firestrike, 6.5 Kg of draw.  It was pulling 85-90 flat, But it didn't see action till towards the end of the game, it's a fucking Zombie tack driver, where I got 26 out of 39 of my Zombie Kills.  The Number would have been higher had I broke out the Ultra, still pretty good.

But lets face it, It was wet, Nailed Zombies, sometimes in the head, a couple of times accidentally in the privates and you bet "no didn't hit me."   And I lost about $80 on darts.   

So lets play another game, when it is sunny, where I expect to loose darts and people now know better to run away from me!

Maybe here I say it better..

Have Fun In Zombieland!!!


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