Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Want My TrustFires You Bitch Bastards!!!

"The item (**************) left Hong Kong for its destination on 6-Dec-2012

To make further enquiry of this item, please complete the Online Enquiry Form or send the item number; the details of sender; addressee and contact information by fax to Mail Tracing Office. Our fax no. is (852) 2868 4723. You can also email or call our Mail Tracing Office at (852) 2921 2211 duringoffice hours.
Online tracking information on the delivery status of registered mail/parcels sent overseas is available for selective destinations. You can connect to the mail tracking website of the destinations below directly. For destinations not on the list, tracking information is only available up to departure from Hong Kong."

So waaa!! is it on a boat that takes 18 daize to get here from the 6TH!  I ordered 24 14500 type 3.7 volt batteries and a charger on THE 20TH OF NOVEMBER from Deal Extreme.  Now i understand the "HellA" Port strike, but this is affecting me, as can be seen here...  

What ever will I Duuuuuuu!!!!

Your Friend In Space....  


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